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Age of Aquarius?
by Maya del Mar

Well, probably not, but it’ surely another big step into the Age of Aquarius. I speak of the USA progressed Sun now conjoining the USA natal Moon—for the first time in history!

The U.S. is a young nation, too young to have undergone a complete Pluto cycle and too young to have experienced its progressed Sun conjoin its Moon. But now, at the same time that transiting Pluto crosses the U.S. Ascendant for the first time, to begin a 250-year cycle (see archives for this discussion), progressed Sun joins natal Moon to begin a 360-year cycle for the U.S.!

The U.S. is beginning not one, but two, centuries-long, transformative, cycles now! We are joining the world in a new way, and it looks like the nation is using the same mode in which it was born—making war. Only instead of being the underdog, fighting against tyranny, we are now on top of the heap, able to bomb the world to smithereens, and showing our muscle by some practice bombings here and there.

This time is momentous. We are beginning now to plant new seeds, to set new patterns in motion which represent a "new birth of this nation," as Abraham Lincoln said 140 years ago. Will it be, as he asked, conceived in the idea that "government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth"?

This possibility does, indeed, exist. U.S. natal Moon, now joined by U.S. progressed Sun, is at 28 degrees Aquarius. This progression is exact around February 1. The new moon which sets these wheels in motion is the Aquarius New Moon on February 12, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

However, it appears that we have another fight to wage at home to reclaim democracy. This struggle may go on for a long time. We do, after all, have 360 years to develop the best of our Aquarian expression as a nation.

The whole planetary scene for the U.S. now is very Aquarian. Aquarius is concerned with the larger social picture, and with social reform. It is also a sign of freedom and independence. A social order which provides a dignified niche for everyone is Aquarian. Indeed, despite many circumstances to the contrary, that ideal is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world.

But Aquarius has other qualities. One is an absolute fascination for technology, just for its own sake and because it represents progress and something new. Science too, with its new discoveries, falls in this category. Moon in a chart represents the people, and what attracts them. Indeed, freedom, independence, and technology are vital in American life as it is lived.

We can get carried away with technology and "progress," and lose sight of human beings and the quality of life. Aquarius is a sign which can focus on the social order at the expense of the individuals who make it up.

Other Aquarian qualities are strong will, stubbornness, and insistence that it knows what is right for social progress. These are good qualities for getting big jobs done, and Aquarius is good at that. When confronted with a crisis, whether national or individual, this Aquarian Moon nation is much more apt to say "I can" than "I can’t," and then go ahead and do it.

But these same qualities can get Aquarius stuck in its track—which may not be the best track for everyone. Or even for Aquarius, as times and circumstances change. These qualities can also make Aquarius autocratic, and go into dictator mode.

It is now vital to ask questions concerning the people and the scenarios now on the stage, as we open a big new chapter in U.S. history. For we are planting seeds now. They have 90 years to take shape before they push through the ground at First Quarter. But it’s those seeds planted now which we will see sprouting then.

Addressing these questions is, and will be, an ongoing theme of Daykeeper.

This an extraordinarily powerful time, and a period of unparalleled opportunity. The cast of seed-planters includes not only the people in the news, but everyone on this planet right now, visible and invisible. Each of us makes a difference in creating the future. Every choice we make, every thing we do, has significance in raising or lowering the vibrations of humanity. We are all connected.

In the Cheney article we looked at three men who are influential—Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld. They are planting seeds to rule the world through military technology. This is one possible Aquarian future.

This vision stems from fear. We all have fear in us, and often are, indeed, controlled by it. Pluto brings those fears to consciousness, so they no longer need to control us.

Plutonic upheavals lead to new birth.

We have Pluto, that great agent of evolution, now helping us uproot the old, just as we enter this baby-new cycle. Pluto in the sky is transforming the identity of the U.S. as it crosses the U.S. Ascendant. Mr. Bush’s personal Pluto on his Ascendant, like the transiting Pluto on the U.S. Ascendant, makes him an appropriate agent for U.S. expression now.

Furthermore, Bush has a long history of connection with insiders, who are the Pluto power people in the U.S. He does represent them, and the whole country can now get a better idea of Pluto’s excesses. (Not to speak of the U.S. Pluto connection generated by the Bush-Cheney team, as described in the Cheney article.)

Pluto goes to the bottom of reality, and brings up both garbage and treasures. It is associated with sewage plants, garbage dumps, all toxins, the Mafia, and volcanoes. It is also associated with death, destruction, catharsis, birth, a seed in the earth, the greatest healing, and the highest religious inspiration. Pluto follows the power, the power of forces, the power of inexorable evolution.

We are now undergoing a plutonic upheaval as we enter this new Aquarian cycle. With Aquarius ideals growing through the centuries, ultimately, the people of the world can be joined in brotherhood and sisterhood. Destruction is always an opportunity to work with our fears. The ultimate fear is that we, I, will be destroyed. Now we get to work with our fears big-time.

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Aquarius is most appropriate as we take a long look at history:

"A TREE FELLED AND SAWED TO ENSURE A SUPPLY OF WOOD FOR THE WINTER. Knowledge and skill used in its natural surroundings for the satisfaction of vital basic needs. In meeting the hardships inherent in an existence close to nature, strength, efficiency, and intelligence are needed, but they are incorporated in a life in which every act can be part of a harmonic and beautiful ritual permeated with deep significance. INTELLIGENT FORESIGHT."

For the immediate future, we know that these next 20 years are initiation years, and will be turbulent. We have to change old paradigms, which is happening now. Big social changes are chaotic, as people move along at differing rates, and they take time. Even so, new realities are quickly overtaking us.

Coming decades will be jam-packed with changes for the United States. "May you live in interesting times" is said to be a Chinese blessing-curse. Let’s remember the blessing side, and use the times for growth into the light. This is truly the "Ascension" process about which we have been hearing for decades.

Let us choose to ascend.

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