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DECEMBER 2005   

Centro Engel Update

In November I revisited the amazing health services of Centro Engel, and its dynamic founder, Maria Engel, in Mexico City. Crystal took me there for my first visit last summer, and I wrote a rave article about the center for the July Daykeeper.

This was my second visit, a progress report and feedback, and I am more than ever impressed with the efficacy of Maria’s work. Maria Engel is a scientist, a chemist and a nutritionist. She truly knows the body, and knows how to help it function more optimally. She uses extensive lab tests, and knows how to read them. She formulates many of her own supplements, and knows what works. She also understands the body’s need for pacing, and moves it gradually into new routines. Diet is also part of her regime. She uses the blood type diet, which I was already following because it felt good to my body.

After two weeks on her regime, my digestion worked well. We also did a minimal start with the hormone upgrade.

In the interim between visits, I was down with pneumonia, and barely ate for a month, let alone take supplements. I also ran out of her supplements. With those setbacks, I didn’t expect to show much improvement.

However, I was very surprised to find that my hormone levels had gone up from 4 to 7 times! And I had lost 7 lbs. of fat, and gained 4 lbs. of muscle. It was like a miracle. Plus my digestion was still working fine.

Now we have started really working on the hormones. It’s a slow, gradual process, but I’m confident that positive changes are occurring in my body, and it’s exciting!

I can’t thank you enough, Maria!

Centro Engel,
Telephone and Fax—011-525-55-280-5054

P.S. Maria studied nutrition at Cornell, and does speak English.