Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

JULY 2005   

Mother Ceres is Angry

by Maya del Mar

As we come into July, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor submits a surprise resignation from the court. Now we see the focus in the U.S. of many of July’s energies.

Most apparent is the Mars-Jupiter opposition squaring the U.S. and Bush Suns. On July 1, Jupiter did square Sun in the sky to set the tone. Mars in Aries is the challenging energy. Jupiter, especially in Libra, represents judges. There will be huge fights over Bush’s selection for replacement. With good reason. The stakes are very large.

Justice O’Connor was the swing vote in many decisions. One of the most notable was the decision to stop the Florida vote recount, and to declare Bush president. But she has also supported the legality of Roe vs. Wade, and of affirmative action.

Justice O’Connor was born with Sun in Aries, which speaks to her being the first female Supreme Court justice. That Sun is right on GW’s Vesta in Aries. She certainly did vitalize investments for him with that Florida vote decision.

This is a “9” year for O’Connor, a year of completion. It is also a “9” year for Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who is expected to resign, and probably will do so soon. His Sun sign is Libra, opposite that of O’Connor’s Aries.

The strong asteroid action in early July represents, for one thing, women getting mobilized around this Justice issue. Let us also watch the parts played by the Juno-Ceres opposition and Juno-Mercury square in this Court conflict.

Fixed signs prevailing after July 16 will only solidify conflicting positions.