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Jupiter-Saturn Square, June 22, 2006

Jupiter-Saturn Square, October 25, 2006

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The Jupiter-Saturn Square, June 2006


Last Call for Jupiter-Saturn Square

by Maya del Mar

This is a rare one.

Jupiter and Saturn are the two big planets which together run the normal workings of society. We have Jupiter, the CEO, and Saturn, the CFO. They conjoin every 20 years to set in motion a new cycle. During 800 years, they go through all 4 elements, about 200 years for each. This means 10 conjunctions in each element. With 3 signs in each element, we have 3 or maybe 4 conjunctions in each sign during that overall 800-year cycle.

Each 20-year cycle has the usual 4 phases, like the Moon-Sun cycle: new, first quarter (square), full (opposition), and last quarter (another square). This, then, means there are 3 to 4 instances of each sign’s phases, or aspects, during an 800-year period.

For instance, we had the final (for 600 years) conjunction in earth signs in May of 2000, in Taurus, making a grand trine with the U.S. Neptune and Pluto, which could be interpreted as exploiting foreign oil for the benefit of U.S. business (2nd and 9th houses). (The last Taurus conjunction was in 1940, when we came to dominate the world.) This, then, six years later, is the first quarter square. It is a time of breaking through obstacles to move towards the fruition of the conjunction’s purpose.

This is an extraordinarily powerful square. For one thing, it has lasted all year. For another thing, it is a fixed grand T-square. I could not find a first quarter square throughout recorded history which had these uniquely powerful qualities.

It means that something very big is breaking through which will change the social workings of the world permanently. It is social crisis time—bigtime.

For the U.S. that social crisis is certainly connected with the nation becoming a “rogue” nation.

The consequences of the rogue identity are yet to be realized. It could begin with an attack on Iran, which would be a plunge into darkness. Saturn here is in the U.S. 8th house, the house of crisis and of birth and death. The Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio is in the 11th house of Congress.

Juno, in mundane charts an energy of terror, abuse, and disenfranchisement, sits exactly at the top of the U.S. natal chart. It dominates the scene now for the U.S.

South Node of the Moon conjoins the U.S. Neptune, and in the sky, Pluto exactly squares the Nodes today. We are seeing that the emperor has no clothes, and before we are through, the world will see it.

Certainly the identity of the U.S. is being profoundly changed. This is echoed now by today’s Saturn conjoining the U.S, progressed Ascendant, which is where we project our identity. GW Bush’s Venus also sits at this location.

I close this with a very sinking feeling.