G. W. Bush, A Planetary Snapshot
by Maya del Mar

George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946 at 7:26 a.m. EDT in New Haven, CT. This was two days after Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter were married. It was during a time of great world changes when, in fact, dynamics for world politics of succeeding years were set into place.

Ken Starr was born a couple of weeks after George Bush, and Bill Clinton was born 6 weeks later. All three of these men express some of the energies that were in the ethers that summer of 1946.

The Cold War was beginning then—partly, it turns out with new information being released in June 2001, due to 4,000 Nazi ex-soldiers who were military spies against the Soviet Union and were secretly hired by the nascent U.S. CIA. Europe was poverty-stricken and was looking to the U.S. for aid.

The U.S. economy, and women’s crucial role in it, was completely overturned by returning military. I was 18, and it was a very new world then, in every aspect. It was social upheaval on a massive scale. When George Bush was born, I was preparing to enter college where, for instance, I was one of 3 women in a chemistry class of 500 men, mostly ex-GI’s.

On July 1 atomic bomb tests were held at Bikini Atoll. The bomb destroyed 5 ships, heavily damaged 9, and damaged 45 others.

It was a heavy time, and one of enormous transition. Perhaps, for a sensitive Cancer, it was a frightening and confusing time to be born. George Bush, in fact, was born with his Sun very close to that of the U.S., and thus has a strong psychic connection to the fate of this nation.

Mr. Bush’s Sun is in the twelfth house. This is the house of hidden things, secrets, fantasy, and connections to the great unseen worlds. He can put his tender Sun-self—which is our identity—away there and not expose it to the harsh world.

As the first child, and male, he was given a royal welcome into the world, as shown by his Leo Ascendant. Mercury, Pluto, and Venus were also rising in Leo at that time. They endowed him with a sense of personal power and entitlement. Pluto is a law unto oneself.

Planets in the first house, the house of the Ascendant, show our consciousness of ourselves. We express them strongly. Leo, the natural sign of the sun, is a very strong sign. It is a fire sign and thus visionary. It is a fixed sign, and thus very stable and persistent in holding to its visions. I have seen many charts where one planet in Leo—any one, and only one—dominates not only the person’s life but the lives of those around him/her.

Thus Mr. Bush has a built-in protection for his vulnerable Cancer Sun. With his Leo Ascendant he comes on strong, and as though he is in charge—Leo the King. With Mercury there he communicates his own perceptions and visions, with Pluto they are thoughts of power and communicated powerfully, and in Leo’s dramatic way. With Leo, the "play’s the thing." Pluto-Mercury is also a natural manipulator, and with Venus there is an artistry and an appeal to his self-projection. There is a star quality to Venus in Leo, and people are attracted to him.

However, Sun is in charge of Leo, and thus the most important planet in Mr. Bush’s chart is his sensitive Sun, hidden away in the complex, mysterious, ungrounded twelfth house, full of dreams and images. It feels to him like coming from a base of shifting sand.

This is also a past life house, and a karmic house, and shows how connected he is to other times, places, and experiences, particularly in connection with the United States. I picture ghosts of past power whispering to him in his dreams, and finding live expression in his vital, very present, Leo Ascendant and planets.

He gives them the Leo stage on which to replay their dramas.

That those shadows from the past, and underground images of the present, carry authority is shown by Mr. Bush’s Saturn also residing in the twelfth house. Saturn shows where our real work is, where we need to ground ourselves ("grow up"), and where we develop our own sense of authority. Hidden away in the twelfth, Mr. Bush’s authority is ephemeral, not of this world. It lives in a world of secrets, and resides in memories of the past, in dreams and fantasies, and particularly in relation to family, for his Saturn is, like his Sun, in the family sign of Cancer.

Mr. Bush’s family is, in a unique and special way, the United States and all of its history.

Not only does his Sun conjoin the U.S. Sun, but his Saturn conjoins the U.S. Mercury, which is retrograde in Cancer, natally predisposed to live in the past. Thus Mr. Bush’s Saturn, or sense of authority, is imbued with the thought patterns of this nation. At the same time there is a continual search for real direction, something more tangible than hidden recesses of the past.

We SEE our nation’s strivings for power and authority in the person of George W. Bush. His Leo Ascendant does, in fact, conjoin the U.S. North Node in Leo. This is a point of destiny, and shows that the U.S. has always been moving towards being King of the Mountain. And that George Bush’s projected personality manifests that direction.

Moon is especially important to Cancer. Mr. Bush was born with his Moon in Libra in the third house of the mind and of siblings. Moon represents the past, family, and Mother, and many planets conjoined his Moon show a great concentration in those areas. A search for balance is Libra’s path.

Libra Moon is in First Quarter phase to Cancer Sun. During first quarter we have built the form, the vehicle, and now at the quarter we need to let go of our supports and push that vehicle into society. This is called the "crisis in action" phase, and for one born at this time it is his/her life state, and it requires the continual rebirth of courage and pushiness, on a daily level.

Busteed says about this phase,

"Although deep emotion will not become habitual until after this phase, the native, with an anxiety and restlessness natural to an air sign, doubts himself and looks to the world for validation. Thus, he may attempt to organize experience according to some vast, elaborate, and comprehensive philosophy which, if traced to its source, turns out to be a mirror image of the organic order which he has begun to sense in himself. In this way he feels safer in a world from which he feels ever more distinct, and which he fears may overwhelm him at any moment and restore him to his former subordination."

"He is strengthening the boundaries of his identity, which were first laid down by Saturn. Whatever cast he sets now will grow ever harder. Whether we see him as casting a future mold for the society he inhabits, or pre-forming the conditions of his own life, in either case he must make decisions of the greatest consequence."

"Phase 8 is a relentless test of strength for people who realize only through incessant conflict that they possess within themselves the resources necessary to surmount any difficulty."

In sum, Mr. Bush’s chart shows that individuality is obscure and difficult for him to grasp. Rather, he finds himself as a vehicle for acting out underlying historical threads of the United States. As he works with his own conflicts, he shows the logical continuity and consequences of national patterns. His innate Libra mirroring ability makes it possible for the citizenry to see clearly those patterns, and to make choices about continuing or changing them.

Just as every moment of his life is a personal crisis in action, every moment of his Administration is a national crisis in action.

George W. Bush is a mirror of the United States. For those who are frightened of Mr. Bush, let us look within ourselves and our nation for the source of those fears.

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