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O C T O B E R  2 0 0 2   F E A T U R E   A R T I C L E

Notes on the US Administration
by Maya del Mar

George W. Bush’s planet map shows his Mars Midheaven through Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Historically, U.S. Presidents’ Mars midheaven lines show where they go to war. Bush’s Mars nadir line—a complement to the midheaven—runs throughout the Rocky Mts. On this line we find the headquarters of the U.S. Air Defense, the heart of electronic surveillance, and much of the Star Wars development. During this last year, this area has been regularly stimulated by the outer planets, especially Pluto, the power planet.

GW has a Leo Ascendant, containing Mercury—communication, Pluto—power, and magnetic Venus. On his location map, this assortment is on the midheaven over eastern Europe, eastern Africa, and the Middle East. Midheaven shows where we operate in and are seen by the world at large. These places are where Bush’s persona is apparent.

More specifically, Venus is through Moscow, Tehran, and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Bush would be expected to get along with those nations. Pluto and Mercury run through Israel and Cairo. Those are areas of manipulation and propaganda.

Bush was born with his Sun in the twelfth house This is the house of hidden things, and planets there work best behind the scenes. There is timidity here. Midheaven Sun line shows where this hidden personality is exposed. Bush’s line goes through Oslo, Berlin, Geneva, Tunisia, and Nigeria. (Interesting that the Germans are vociferously against him.)

Bush’s Saturn was also in the twelfth house when he was born. His authority is thus not apparent. However, it does show on his midheaven Saturn line—through Stockholm, Belgrade, Athens, Libya, and South Africa. Missteps on a Saturn midheaven line are caught quickly. Nelson Mandela of South Africa has spoken out firmly against Bush’s policies, and at every summit in South Africa, Bush has been roasted. No wonder he didn’t want to show his face at the "Sustainability" Summit in Johannesburg.

Birthdates of Bush’s special cohort are:

Dick Cheney
(view chart)
Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Sagittarius Mars
Donald Rumsfeld
Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Mars. Secretary of War, longtime promoter of U.S. total military dominance of space.
Colin Powell
Aries Sun, Capricorn or Aquarius Moon, Sagittarius Mars. Secretary of State, principal architect of Bush plan for total U.S. military dominance of world.
Condoleeza Rice
Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Aquarius Mars. National Security Adviser.
John Ashcroft
Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Mars. Attorney General, who has basically put himself in charge of repressing American civil society.
Paul Wolfowitz
(I haven’t yet found his birth data.)
Ass’t Secretary of War, and had major input into the U.S. military world dominance plan.

Note the Mars placements. The Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius Mars are all quite adventurous and not very concerned with consequences. But I would expect GW’s Virgo Mars to know better. Both Sagittarius and Gemini Mars across the U.S. horizon enhance the nation’s fighting energy.

The Composite Chart for GW and Dick Cheney together is a chart destined for war. I wrote about it in a prior issue (February 2002), and called it the Bonnie and Clyde combination. That pair cannot be stopped.

Instrumental is an exact Cardinal T-cross whose 4th corner is exactly completed by the U.S. Pluto, the nation’s power. A cardinal square must be continually active, striving for goals—which tend to be at cross-purposes with one another (thus the contradictions, such as economy vs. war).

The four planets which create this very dynamic square are Sun in Aries, the sign of the challenger opposing Mars, the warrior, in Libra. Jupiter, the generals, are in Cancer, the sign of the homeland, and then we have the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, the signature of the Plutocrat, directing the show.

Foggy Neptune in the Composite is on the U.S. midheaven, articulating deranged dreams of world unification through the military. Juno in Virgo in the Composite opposes Neptune in the U.S. chart, aiming ideas of terrorism right into the imaginations of the U.S. public. Neptune is also oil, and Cheney and Bush together are probably dominated by fears of not enough oil.

Misdirected, this Composite chart shows devastation.

However, like all charts it can be turned around. The hope here is the people. All of the planets holding the square in place also directly aspect the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, the independent spirit of the people. If the people become strong enough to take control of this tight square, they can break it open, and use those potent Bush-Cheney energies in the service of Aquarius’ desire for democratic reform. We might look at this pair as providing us opportunity for much needed reform-revolution in this country.