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AUGUST 2006 

Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

by Maya del Mar

There are a myriad of astrological connections to the current horror in Lebanon. The gateway occurred in June, both on the ground and in the sky. A very good way to understand the current planetary vibrations is to read Daykeeper’s General Inluences for June.

(Each of us also entered that gateway in June, initiating change in our lives. What was it for you?)

I’m publishing some of the relevant charts of the principals for you to play with. You’ll see many connections between them, especially between Olmert and Bush, two peas in a pod supporting one another in delusionary war aims.

Amongst all the charts, a dominant sign is Leo, and a dominant planet is Jupiter. Leo, like all fixed signs, is stubborn. It is the sign of the ruler, and has a great tendency to arrogance. Saturn, the control planet, now transiting in Leo, adds to its need to be on top. Leo is the Sun’s sign, the center of the solar system. Any planet in Leo can get carried away with that sense of being king of the mountain.

Leo is a fire sign, and Jupiter is a fire planet.

U.S. progressed Moon conjoins Israel’s natal Moon in early Leo. Bush’s progressed Saturn sits on them both to lend authority and structure. Olmert’s progressed Mars joins this Leo party to really give it a kick. The whole Leo complex trines Bush’s Vesta in Aries in his 9th house, another fire sign in a fire house. Bush finds security by putting on a macho front for the world. Sinking himself into all of this Leo energy gives him a chance to strut his Aries stuff.

Jupiter is the largest planet. It is the only one which emits energy, thus emulating the sun. Jupiter was King of the Gods, and has a natural entitlement. He can do no wrong.

This great Leo-Jupiter energy is like a huge fireball, burning and destroying all that it touches. It’s deadly.

Bush was born with Jupiter close to his 4th house (the “silver spoon” marker), and his progressed Jupiter has been crossing his nadir, and slowly moving into his 4th house during his entire presidency. This explains his apparent untouchability, no matter how criminal his behavior. He is the King.

This combination is not a make-nice story. But even worse, the U.S. Mars is stationary retrograde conjoining Bush’s Jupiter. It will be in this position for years.

Mars and Jupiter together make the quintessential warrior.

Bush’s own progressed Mars is only two degrees behind that of the U.S. They are slowly moving by progression to meet one another. Bush is certainly the manifestor of current U.S. energy, and the connection is only growing stronger with every passing moment.

Bush’s progressed Mars conjoins his natal Moon-Juno conjunction. Moon refers to the people; Juno to victims. Mars-Moon is also an emotional desire to fight. (Israel’s progressed Moon and progressed Mars are also conjunct.)

We have a great bundle of dangerous, unrestrained aggressive energy here. And it is especially dangerous because Neptune has a big say in the action. As we have seen, Neptune engenders confusion, delusion, illusion, and denial. It is the principle of imagination. Conjoined to Mercury, it can be a marker of psychosis. Olmert has Neptune conjunct his Mercury, and Bush has it in his 3rd house, the house of mind.

These are just a few highlights. There is much more to explore.