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Update on Haiti

by Maya del Mar

A reader corrects me: "I have worked closely with Haitian artists and the Haitian aesthetic, as well as being a student for many years of Haitian history. ARISTIDE WAS NOT THE FIRST DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED LEADER OF HAITI. MANY OF HAITI’S PRESIDENTS CAME TO POWER THROUGH FREE AND OPEN ELECTIONS. Even Duvalier, when he first became President, was elected fair and square. And there are many others. This is a very important point. Anything less implies that the Haitian people have no experience with or affinity for free and open elections." Thank you, Haitian Student.

Memorial Day weekend: Aristide has found a temporary home. I hear that he has just been welcomed by South Africa. Transiting Jupiter is now approaching Aristide’s Virgo Moon. With Cancer rising, Moon is his ruling planet. South Africa understands well Haiti’s struggle. The transit of Venus over sun is exactly conjoining South Africa’s Venus, and is visible in South Africa. Aristide also was born with Venus in Gemini. Watch Aristide and South Africa especially for effects of the Venus transit.

There is still mayhem and murder in Haiti

Haiti Information Project reports that in Port-au-Prince, on May 18 Special Forces units of the Haitian National Police (which has an unsavory history), acting as part of a larger U.S. Marine "peacekeeping" force, killed at least 9 Lavalas demonstrators, as U.S. troops stood by and watched. Lavalas is the Aristide-supporting party.

Marchers had written permission from the police, and were not violent. Eyewitnesses said the U.S. Marines seemed to be coordinating the carnage, and stood by with heavy artillery in case the population tried to stop the killers.

Later reports indicate that the U.S. Marines began further reprisals against Lavalas supporters once darkness descended on Port-au-Prince.

Transiting Uranus has been conjoining Haiti’s Pluto in Pisces since mid-April. Uranus puts the pressure on this month as it stations to turn retrograde. It will continue over Haiti’s Pluto until mid-August, and then return for its last hit next February. Uranus is a disrupter, but it also brings truth, in this case the immorality of Haiti’s power structure.

This from Pacific News Service: An extensive interview with the Milo Mayor, Jean Charles Moise, describes current frightening conditions in the Haitian countryside. Milo is a district of about 50,000 people near Cap-Haitien. Here are a few excerpts, which are an illustration of the lawless carnage being created by the reborn killers of other coups, especially the Haitian Army, police, and released prisoners. Their aim is to exterminate supporters of Aristide. This is an impossible goal. But in the meantime, fear of speaking out has become endemic.

(In late February, Juno conjoined the Capricorn Haitian sun. Juno has been transiting Haiti’s other Capricorn planets since then. This process continues through November.)

"In late February, my district came under attack by anti-Aristide forces and I fled for my life—I am now hiding in the woods. The old Haitian army is back. Those they don’t kill, they lock up in containers, because they burned down the jails. The kind of containers you put on ships.

"In Cap-Haitien you have the former Haitian military. There are no police anymore. They come into your home. They take you, they beat you up, they kill you. They burn down homes. They do anything they want because they are the only law in town.

"The journalists are in Port-au-Prince, but here in the north no one is reporting what’s going on, that the former Haitian military is killing people. They are killing about 50 people a day in Cap-Haitien.

"Since this whole thing started, I haven’t seen my wife and my children. I have been in hiding. This cannot continue. This is a catastrophe for the people of Haiti.

"Why is all of this happening? Is this because we used to have only 10 public high schools but now we have over 150? Is it because we made a democracy where people could go in the streets, protest, and be free to say whatever they want? Is it because black people in the country now, people who were poor and always kept out of the political life of the country, they have come out and have been participating in democracy?

"Is it because the United States blocked international assistance to Haiti to make people rise up against the president, but they never did? Is it because people here are continuing to support their president? Is that why we are getting all this repression?

"We wonder whether it is because the army, that used to exist before, was disbanded by President Aristide. Instead of defending the people, that army used to carry out a war against us. Is it because that army is no longer there that someone has rearmed it and brought it back to Haiti with very powerful weapons?

"Now the old army is doing what they used to do before, except with more powerful weapons and with helicopters. They are drowning people in the sea. The press is reporting the looting that is taking place in Port-au-Prince but they are not reporting about schools that have been destroyed. They are not reporting on the burning of the airport in Cap-Haitien and all the other things that were built under the government of President Aristide for the Haitian people.

"These are the questions we ask ourselves as we hide from those with the guns."

Haiti is the story of a U.S. engineered coup at our back door. Are we surprised? Do we care?