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D E C E M B E R  2 0 0 2   F E A T U R E   A R T I C L E

A Time to Revise Consiousness
by Maya del Mar

There is a thick layer of fear around the world. The U.S. is afraid of terrorists, Europe is afraid of the U.S., the Israelis are afraid of the Palestinians, millions of people are afraid of starvation, and almost everybody is afraid of war.

But in their past, humans have faced bigger catastrophes than any we can conceive of now. Memories of these catastrophes are in our blood and bones, in our cells, in our subconscious, and in the collective unconscious. Deep deep down we all carry a huge load of unprocessed fear, which is easily triggered, and easily manipulated.

In her book Catastrophobia, Barbara Hand Clow talks about this fear, its source, and how it has changed humans’ relation to the world as they came to distrust natural processes.

Barbara, who is a true seer, assures us that catastrophes were in our past, not our future. She feels that mass hypnosis is our only real danger now, and that the more we know about our past, the easier we can access the great creative souls which we truly are.

Her book helped me to do just that—to lay my fears to rest, to feel my greater nature, and also to be at peace with my place in the universe. This is a book for our time. Read the review in this issue of Daykeeper. Then read the book. It is unimaginably enriching.

Another important article in this issue of Daykeeper, which I especially recommend, is the December 4 Solar Eclipse description in the Daily Success Guide. This is a major Eclipse, a big step in our entry into the Third Millennium. With it, we are letting go of old pictures of the world, and the relationship to it which we have known.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde now, and this is, indeed, a time for rethinking and revising our roles in society. Barbara’s book in particular helps us take a new look at human evolution, and where it is now.

Jupiter and Saturn are the planets associated with our goals in the world, and how we outreach into the larger society. What do we believe and see as our functions? They are the only two planets now retrograde, and thus are emphasized this month… but in their retrograde, reflective phases.

Perhaps when Saturn turns direct at 23 Gemini, on February 22, the U.S. may begin its "war." At that time GW’s progressed Moon in Scorpio squares his Pluto in Leo. Pluto tends to consider itself a law until itself, as we see clearly in George.

At that time also, GW’s progressed Venus is exactly on his nadir. This means he feels very good about himself, and goodies and help come to him. (George’s progressed Jupiter was exactly on his nadir on 9-11-01! This gave him similar personal satisfaction and good fortune.)

Saturn turns direct conjoined the U.S. Mars and square the U.S. Neptune, and shows that the nation will shape up its fighting forces. That Mars-Neptune combination represents (among other things) the U.S. oil complex.

Jupiter, Saturn’s partner in running the practical world, turns direct on April 3. It turns at 9 Leo, on GW’s Ascendant, bringing blessings to him. Transiting Pluto is on GW’s South Node, indicating the end of the past for him. This could be the end of the preliminary Iraq campaign, and George can then put his revenge for his father to rest.

After April 3, Jupiter and Saturn will both be traveling direct (until autumn), ready to resume running the world’s affairs. They will finish what they’ve begun this last year, and by summer Jupiter and Saturn will move into new signs, ready for new business.