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N O T E    F R O M   M A Y A

Note from Maya

by Maya del Mar

Mars has really been rampant the second week of April. How many people do you know who are in conflict with someone? Well, we are in the Aries moon cycle, and Mars is the planet associated with Aries. Aries is the first sign, telling us all to go for what we want, no matter what. My teacher characterized Aries as saying, “I want what I want, and I want it now.” Mars, the Warrior, is well qualified to carry out Aries’ vision. And Mars is always especially important during April.

Planets in Aries stay on the trail, wear blinders, and do not really see others along the way. Mars has this tendency, no matter what sign it’s in. So what happens when everybody is in Aries mode? Conflict, of course. But generally fruitless conflict, because Aries’ major aim is not winning, it is to go for its goal. So it tends not to listen, and just to keep moving on and running over the opposition. Aries is the opposite sign from Libra, who is very conscious of others. Many people now are feeling disrespected and unheard. And this is a correct perception.

During this time of conflict, Mars is in Gemini, a sign of intellect, perception, information, and using the mind. Gemini is also a sign of making connections. It is also a dual sign, and can switch from white to black, or black to white.

Mars conflicts, then, would tend to be arguments about different ways of perceiving. “I have a right to my way,” we say. Well, we do. But during Aries time, we forget that others have rights to their ways, and problems ensue.

Last week two movements occurred in the sky which aggravated Mars’ natural April feistiness.

First, on April 5 Saturn turned direct in Leo. (See Retrograde article in this issue.) This is a very big deal. Saturn in Leo says that we each must take responsibility for fulfilling our own creative destiny. Saturn turned early in Leo, and it will spend most of the rest of the year plowing ahead to almost the end of Leo. Thus, it now undertakes a big and important journey, and we all feel its pressure. With Saturn, we feel we must be thorough and we must be right. And this, too, is accurate. Saturn is a strict taskmaster.

The pressure is on, then, for responsible self-assertion, with the needs of self (Aries) being central. Leo is an ego sign, and these needs are associated with ego. (Oh oh!)

So far this seems doable—if we remember that others have different needs.

But…just after Mars got this extra burst of support, it ran smack into powerhouse Pluto opposing it. Normally during Aries time, Mars would just push right ahead, ignoring obstacles. But Pluto cannot be ignored. It is the ultimate authority. Pluto says, “Whoa, there.” But that doesn’t stop Mars, ever the warrior. Mars just continues to try to shove through, and power struggles ensue, some of them mighty. Neither Mars nor Pluto tend to be quitters—or co-operators.

We can see this dynamic in our own and in our friends’ lives. We also see it in the public arena, e.g., Bush and the people, the U.S. and Iran, Israel and Palestine, and in many civil rights areas in the U.S., e.g.the plights of immigrants and of New Orleans. “As above, so below.”

Libra Full Moon comes up this weekend, hopefully just in time to save us from ourselves. Libra reminds us that we do need others in order to accomplish our goals. Thus even self-motivation asks us to listen to one another and to work towards cooperation. Libra also is very aware of injustice, and some of the unfairness uncovered by the week’s dynamics can be sorted out now. It may, however, be Libra time, in the autumn when we can work most effectively with issues of fairness and justice.

(This time is, of course, U.S. election season.)