Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


April 5


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

We have one planet changing direction this month, but it’s a big one—Saturn, which turns direct on April 5. Saturn is the planet which insists that we take on our earthly responsibilities and lessons, that we learn how to properly live on this planet, that we follow our correct pathway. It is the teacher through experience. Ultimately it is wisdom. I see its many rings as representing those parameters which are the boundaries of life on earth. Saturn rules natural law. It is the most important planet for us earthlings.

Saturn relates to the concepts of karma and destiny. We reap what we sow, and this does in fact become our destiny. Saturn defines that path.

Saturn is associated with authority, inner and outer. Thus parents, teachers, the law, and all institutions fall within its purview. Saturn builds—everything from bodies to homes to bridges to social hierarchies, like governments and corporations. Saturn is the Builder, and it insists on building correctly, so that its structures endure. It has charge of bones and skeletons, for instance. Saturnian professions include science, engineering, and architecture.

Saturn can be a hard taskmaster. But following its discipline leads to strength, skill, and autonomy.

During the months that Saturn was retrograde, we have been developing our inner authority, in contrast to following someone else’s guidelines. We have been building something of our own. Now we can step out into the world with our new building projects.

Since late last July, Saturn has been traveling in Leo. Leo is the Sun’s sign. It is a take-charge sign and it is where our personal creativity thrives, where we show off who we are, where we shine. In Leo we must follow our heart’s desire. It is time now to find a stage where we can do just that, preferably with an audience who appreciates us, or at least notices us. Saturn in Leo insists that we express ourselves; we cannot bypass Saturn, the gate-keeper.

But Saturn may be uncomfortable in Leo. Saturn is a slow, cool energy. Leo is fiery, hot and fast. Saturn requires patience. Leo may not have that patience. Saturn brings on insecurity—we worry that we might make a mistake. Leo is naturally self-confident, and not accustomed to those concerns.

Saturn always requires work. In Leo part of the work is developing the inner faith to follow our path, even if we feel insecure about it, or there are obstacles in our way. (Saturn is adept at finding obstacles.) And part of the work is being patient. Saturn needs time to build a good foundation. Leo does like to work, as long as it’s in charge, and in this way Leo has a natural affinity for Saturn, who also likes to be in charge.

Saturn in Leo has the potential to build a magnificent structure. It can also get carried away with ego, meet conflict, and be ultimately unsuccessful with its ventures.

Problems of Saturn in Leo can be Leo problems of arrogance and overconfidence, arising most likely from insecurity, or the need to prove oneself. Poor timing can also accompany this placement. Also we can watch for dictator tendencies. Everyone now needs to be treated with dignity and respect, and thus rebellion against indignities grows. People born between 1946-48 have Saturn in Leo, and many of those people have power positions. They are now beginning a new cycle of destiny, and for many this means a shift in their power standing.

Hitler was born with a prominent Saturn in Leo. His life clearly shows its possible pitfalls. Leo is a very strong sign, and any planet placed in Leo can dominate a chart.

When Saturn turns direct, on April 5, there are powerful planetary configurations in the sky. This means that Saturn’s direct journey is extra important. It is riding the wave of the zeitgeist. (Saturn turns retrograde again, still in Leo, on December 5.)

Energies indicate that the U.S. is pushing ahead very strongly to establish its authority in the form of permanent institutions, particularly the military, at the expense of U.S. basic values. Saturn does rule governments, and Saturn now sits on the fateful North Node of the Moon in the U.S. chart. The North Node shows where we are headed. The U.S. is headed for Leo command. But it is as yet unfitted for this position, and taskmaster Saturn as it moves through Leo in the following months will sharpen awareness of the problems and pitfalls facing the U.S.

At the same time transiting Saturn will also be crossing GW’s Ascendant. Saturn there will force accountability from Mr. Bush. In fact, Saturn will be pushing Bush’s buttons for most of the remainder of 2006.

Saturn in Leo can also indicate greater consciousness of global warming.

There are powerful energies at the time of Saturn’s turning, and they set the direction for Saturn’s 8-month direct journey. Sun and Moon are now at First Quarter, always a crisis point during the month. Cancer Moon conjoins the U.S. and Bush Suns, putting them at the heart of the crisis. Sun is in militaristic Aries, and Moon conjoins Vesta, showing that security needs are in conflict with the Aries militaristic stance.

Saturn itself opposes Chiron in Aquarius. This shows authority opposing freedom and independence—or identifying with it for its own Leonine ends. Saturn last opposed Chiron during the entire election season of 2004, but then in the government-business polarity of Cancer-Capricorn. Chiron’s function is re-alignment. Now, in Leo-Aquarius, we are looking at a re-alignment of the balance between government and the people it is tasked to represent.

Mars opposes Pluto, exact in a couple of days. Here we have assertion opposing power—or power usurping the Martian aggressive energies. This can act like a sudden eruption of great energy, such as an attack, or an earthquake. Saturn, in fact, relates strongly to earth. This opposition is at its most powerful in Washington, DC. (Things are looking bad for the Bushies. Time for another 9-11?)

There is now an easy-flowing kite formation, which integrates much of today’s energy. It is directed by Pallas Athena in Capricorn, which indicates that government strategy is powering a good deal of emotional energy, in the service of security. The Ascendant, which is where direction comes from, conjoins Dick Cheney’s Pisces moon.

The water element dominates this moment of turning. This tells us that pursuing our Saturn responsibilities will keep emotions running at a high pitch. As will all Saturnian situations, such as the behavior of government and other authorities. Also, water itself will most likely be the source of problems.

Saturn means work, and our year’s work begins now. Leo rules the heart, and we can best be guided by heart energy.

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