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Rove Still A-Roving

by Maya del Mar

Karl Rove was born on Christmas Day, 1950, in Denver, CO. He is a strong Capricorn, the ambitious goat who lets nothing stop him from climbing the mountain. The important thing for goats is to choose their mountain with care, for they can become scapegoats. Benjamin Franklin’s mountain was creating a federation, free from England and free from elitism, with a government that functioned for the people. And, except for the issue of slavery, he succeeded.

Karl Rove wants to create total political power over the U.S., and he is succeeding remarkably. He may not have become a scapegoat in the eyes of the law, but he is certainly that in the eyes of much of the public.

He has Sun, Venus, Mercury, along with Ceres and Pallas, in Capricorn. He is very focused. His moon is in Cancer, close to the Suns of the U.S. and of George Bush. This gives him a close emotional connection to Bush and to the nation. It also speaks to patriotism, and to defending an in-group. The combination of Cancer-Capricorn is canny, and can master strategy.

Saturn is important for a Capricorn sun, and Rove’s Saturn is in Libra, helping him maintain a balancing act. His Saturn trines Mars in Aquarius, a combination which gives him an interest in politics and government, and intelligence about that sphere. Aquarius looks to the future, and this balances nicely the Cancer-Capricorn focus on the past, and what has worked in the past.

Rove’s Saturn conjoins Bush’s Neptune, which is in the third house of his mind. Bush’s third house also contains Chiron, Moon, Juno, and Jupiter. He does, in fact, have a very busy mind. But his mind lacks focus. And Karl’s Saturn there provides an essential focus for Bush. It is probably literally true that without Karl he couldn’t function in his role. Karl Rove means political survival for George Bush.

And then there is Dick Cheney, whose Pisces Moon exactly conjoins Rove’s North Node. At North Node we absorb energies wholeheartedly and unconsciously. Rove may be Bush’s strength, but Cheney’s emotional outlook runs Rove. He is like a parent to Rove (who may have had problems in that department, with Uranus meshed with his sun and moon).

Rove’s Neptune conjoins Bush’s Jupiter, showing that Rove feeds Bush’s fantasies of grandeur.

This Administration has been very Neptunian, characterized by fantasy, deception, and dissociation from reality. Its crumbling is timed by the direct turn of Neptune. We get to see what is behind the magician’s curtain.

Uranus, the surprise element, turns very prominently direct in the middle of November. Let us see what it brings.