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November 1
Juno retro

November 14
Mercury retro

November 14
Uranus direct

November 18
Vesta retro

November 22
Saturn retro


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

There are five directional changes in November, keeping us on our toes. Juno, Mercury, Vesta, and Saturn turn retrograde. But Uranus, always going against the norm, turns direct!

Juno turns retrograde with the New Moon on November 1. As Jupiter’s wife, Juno was Queen of the Celestial Pantheon. She worked hard to have a happy relationship, but Jupiter was constantly unfaithful to her, and Juno was often an angry goddess. She had been raised by the seasons, and when she was angry she could bring on storms and earth disturbances. Juno shows a concern for a committed relationship, but also the disappointment and victimization that arise from abuse. An example is Juno (with Jupiter) in the first house of Pres. Clinton’s chart, and in the 7th house (of partnership) in the chart of Hillary Clinton.

The Juno cycle is essentially about relationships. When Juno turns retrograde, we rethink the equality situation in relationships. Fairness is a goal of Juno.

Along with Saturn, Juno is a major locus of fear in a chart, e.g., a conjunction with Moon shows a fear of mother. (GW Bush has this.) At a Juno station, there can be a frightening event. Or an event which dramatically illustrates injustice in relationships. There can also be a weather disturbance.

At Juno’s station, she is opposed Pluto (exact on Nov. 4, indicating her event will last for several days). Pluto represents enormous power, and Juno either harnesses it or fights it. Juno conjoins the U.S. Mars, and injustice related to the military is likely—its treatment by the U.S. government, as well as its exploitation as a torture instrument. Juno with Pluto can also indicate stormy weather. Basically, the opposition means a power struggle.

Juno is retrograde for 3-4 months.

Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks three times each year. It takes turns with the elements, so that we get to review how we handle each one. This year, Mercury turns retrograde in fire signs, and then dips back into water signs. Fire is the spirit to initiate adventures, and water processes feelings. We might say that emotions get us into motion. And it is time to review that process in the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio, fire and water.

Mercury turns retrograde on November 14 at 11 Sagittarius. That is a magical spot for it, for it forms a grand fire trine with Saturn in Leo and with North Node in Aries. Something permanent is being set into motion. However, Mercury immediately backs off and goes back to check feelings. Are feelings right to pursue this adventure? It also rechecks strategy with Pallas Athena in Scorpio (on November 26-27). It’s best not to sign contracts while Mercury is retrograde. There are apt to be glitches which show up later. This is particularly true with retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius, for it is very distractible. It can also be an accident-prone position.

Mercury turns direct on December 3. By December 10 it has returned to the location where it turned around. It still can make that grand fire trine, and by now Pallas Athena has caught up with up it. Looks like she’s the behind the scenes advisor for Mercury’s Sagittarian adventures. And risk-taking Mercury can use an advisor!

Uranus, being Uranus, turns direct at a very exciting and powerful moment. Leave it to Uranus to make the best of opportunity!
Uranus makes its turn less than an hour before the potent Full Moon on November 14!

Uranus is about freedom, especially freedom to explore the worlds of ideas, to loose the bonds of this material plane. Since it is not into following Saturn’s earthly laws of predictability, Uranus can upset the applecart, and act in ways which surprise us. Uranus in spiritual Pisces is quite free, and many strange and wonderful things will appear during the next four years.

When Uranus is retrograde, this rebellion against the status quo occurs more on inner planes, and we develop further in our individuality. When it turns direct again, as now, we turn towards like-minded others, and form groups, “groups against the grain,” I call them.

When Uranus makes its station, readying to turn direct, it is right over Washington DC, beaming its power for freedom down on the corrupt body politic there. There will be a revelation which sets the wheels of freedom rolling. And with Full Moon, we will all be aware of it. Vesta beginning to station on the U.S. Mercury shows that we are seeing illuminated a very central issue in the U.S., related to our security as a nation.

Mercury and Uranus are both mental energies. Mercury is often called lower mind, and Uranus higher mind. Mercury gathers information on earth, and Uranus gathers information from all planes, times, and dimensions. They work well together.

Mercury and Uranus make stimulating squares to one another twice this month, on November 5 with Mercury direct and Uranus retrograde, and on November 21 with Mercury retrograde and Uranus direct. At the first square, Pluto is opposing Juno. At the second square, Ceres is opposing Juno (with Pluto nearby). Ceres is the mother, Juno is the wife. Ceres is nurturing, Juno is relationships and victimization. Pluto is ruthless power.

We may feel like nervous wrecks! But notice those two squares in your life, and their differences in expression—November 5 and 21. Mind and relationships are the subject matter. Again, we have a long-lasting issue on our radar screen.

On November 18, Mars squares Saturn, a difficult square.
This is the prelude to Saturn turning retrograde on November 22: stable Saturn jazzed by Mars. In fact, when Saturn makes its turn, the square is still in orb, for both planets are moving slowly. This, too, indicates a long-lasting situation.

Vesta, the keeper of the hearth, guardian of security, is central to this situation. She stations, and turns retrograde also on November 18. With Vesta retrograde, we turn inward and examine what security means to us personally, instead of what we are told is security. Again, Uranus, so full of surprises, is right over Washington DC when Vesta makes her turn.

Vesta conjoins the U.S. Mercury. We in the U.S. are aware of what may be felt as this threat to our security. Perhaps it comes in the form of sudden news. And we are stirred, for Moon in Cancer is on the Ascendant now.

Sun and Pallas Athena now conjoin at the Galactic Center, the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. The Galactic Center emits massive amounts of infrared radiation, which Philip Sedgwick describes as arousing the subconscious portion of the brain, and promoting retrieval of information from the past. Our many retrograde planets can help in this process.

Saturn represents authorities, government, institutions. Crumbling, we might say, for Neptune, the dissolver, is also in the picture. Saturn now conjoins Moon, the people. Mercury is retrograde, and it is likely that our ideas concerning the authority of the U.S. government are shape-shifting before our eyes.

With Saturn retrograde, we turn inward for our authority, rather than searching for it outside of ourselves. Politically, Saturn retrograde and Uranus direct is a great combination for progressive movements. Let’s see what happens after Mercury and Mars turn direct in December. What will we be motivated to do?

In the meantime, at Thanksgiving let’s include gratitude to the planets, and their help in opening consciousness.

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