Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal - May 2006: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

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NYSE Birth Chart

NYSE 2006 Solar Return

MAY 2006 

Happy Birthday NYSE

by Maya del Mar


NYSEMay 17, 1792 is the classical date for the founding of the New York Stock Exchange, time unknown. This in itself is interesting, because the development of the NYSE took place over a period of about 150 years, and had several other major markers which a historian could pinpoint. The form of the stock exchange itself first occurred in Philadelphia in 1790, when Alexander Hamilton, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, issued bonds for payment of Revolutionary War debts. The rules and constitution were not written until 1817.

Wall StreetThe May 17 event, which took place on Wall Street, under the Button Wood tree, was an exclusionary agreement signed by 24 brokers who agreed to keep the group exclusive, to set market rates for trading stocks, and to trade stocks preferentially with one another. One of the members of this group was one John Bush. This brief agreement was called the Buttonwood Agreement.

We might term this event the first codified policy statement of stock trading in the United States. The exclusionary nature of the group, and the commercial power which it assumed, were set in print and in history.


I used 10:00 a.m. EST for the natal chart and for its solar return, but that is only a guess. I have not researched the history, and astrologers use various times.

We see Sun in the money sign of Taurus, and Moon in the action sign of Aries. This is a self-centered combination which tends to be ruthless and domineering. It would make a good hit man.

Saturn conjoined Moon adds to self-absorption, and also denotes a business mission. Saturn and Moon opposed Jupiter and Neptune in Libra show a see-saw tendency, and a need to work for balance. They also show a complete enmeshment in the workings of society

Neptune, the image-maker, is the lever planet in this chart. It almost exactly opposes Saturn and quincunxes Sun, which are the two planets of responsibility. It also closely quincunxes Mercury, communication, and trines Pluto and Juno—power and powerlessness—as well as conjuncting expansive Jupiter. Thus, sitting at the bottom of the chart, and reaching out, it has dominion over five of the ten major planets and one asteroid.

The other four planets also aspect Neptune. Moon and Venus widely oppose it, and their midpoint almost exactly opposes Neptune. Lots of illusion here—and big-time illusion, with Neptune conjoined expanding Jupiter. The two final planets are Mars in Virgo, and Uranus in Aries. They each have a hard aspect to Neptune, which shows both stress and volatility.

Thus every planet in the chart aspects Neptune at 28 Libra. Remember that Neptune rules oil and drugs, both big money-makers for Wall Street. Neptune also rules illusion, which is the basis of the whole speculation game.

And this Neptune almost exactly squares the U.S. Pluto, the home of the plutocrats. Most appropriate. In the U.S. chart, Pluto rules the eleventh house of Congress. It does look like destiny is written in the stars.

Mars in Virgo, meanwhile, conjoins the U.S. Neptune and squares the U.S. Mars, giving much energy to U.S. Neptune, propelling it far and wide, swathing the world in the U.S. image culture.

Most propitious of all, the NYSE Sun in Taurus completes a grand earth trine to the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Virgo. This is like magic—drawing money out of the universe. It speaks to the wealth of the U.S., and to its natural gifts of resources. And since this is the NYSE chart, it also speaks to those resources being used as commodities.

Further adding power to the U.S., the NYSE Pluto in Aquarius and its Neptune in Libra trine the U.S. Mars in Gemini. The arms makers and dealers are favored here. The magic extends to them.

Venus at 6 Taurus is the final governor of this chart—a money planet in a money sign. In the chart she squares Vesta, guardian of investments. Greed and caution can oscillate.


The Solar Return for the NYSE is its birthday chart, showing influences for the next year. This is a Mercury return, as well as a Sun return, which gives it extra emphasis.

The majority of planets are in fixed signs, showing stability. However, all four of the fixed signs naturally square one another, creating a pressure cooker effect. Power bases of the system will be challenging one another, with none ready to give. “National security” could be the concept which tenuously holds them together.

This is an 18-year Nodal opposition, which shows rebalancing through letting go of something. Notice that the NYSE Nodes conjoin the U.S. midheaven and nadir, indicating that the directions of both are congruent. But the opposition shows that this year the goals of the NYSE and of the U.S. may be opposed to one another.

Moon, the people, is in the freedom sign of Aquarius, as in the U.S. chart. It challenges the NYSE greed signal, its Venus in Taurus. In the SR, Moon widely opposes Saturn, and conjoins a powerful stationary retrograde Chiron. Absorbing new and different vibrations is a mandate and a challenge. How do all these fixed signs flex to respond appropriately? If they can’t, there emerge big cracks in the structure.

What about other stresses? Saturn, which can be depressive, has a strong place. Saturn traveling in Leo now conjoins the NYSE Vesta, investments, and squares Venus, money. Saturn in Leo can be a limiting influence on those two money planets.

In the SR, there are two Fingers of God, stress aspects which require continual adjustment. Five of the ten planets, and three of the four asteroids are included in this trapezoid configuration. This means that most of the energy of the NYSE is tied up here.

Pluto is the apex point of a very close Finger of God. Pluto quincunxes Mercury in Taurus, and Vesta in Cancer, both very concerned with maintaining financial security. Adjustments will be necessary. There are and will be losers, as shown by the NYSE natal chart Juno, which is opposed by this transiting Pluto, and is therefore the outlet for the stresses of this configuration.

The other Finger of God has Vesta in Cancer as its apex, and brings in the energy of Ceres and Neptune in Aquarius, as well as Pluto. Its outlet is the U.S. Pluto, which represents the plutocratic power of the ruling class.

So the powerless and the powerful are the two outlets for these very strong Fingers of God, or yods. How can they be integrated? They can be joined through Pluto and Mars in the U.S. chart, which is a warlike combination. However, this combination is also good for business and trade in general.

The NYSE Solar Return aspects many planets in the U.S. chart. Notable is Saturn on the U.S. Leo North Node, showing a need for accountability for its rulership on the part of the U.S.

The yod planets aspect the U.S. Aquarius moon, which represents the people’s need for freedom. They also aspect the U.S. Pluto, Mercury, and progressed Neptune, perhaps leading to a new consciousness on the part of the public.

The solar return has a cardinal cross, which means impulsive action. At the stress point is Venus in Aries, which does not delay in going after what it wants. Its assertiveness is greatly increased by this position. This looks like aggrandizement tripled, thanks to the focus on “national security,” spearheaded by Mars conjoined Vesta, both in Cancer.

There is a close water trine in the solar return, between Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces. These two planets create a close grand trine with the U.S. Sun in Cancer. There is a boundless emotional freedom here, with compassion likely. This trine can be excellent for both social consciousness and for business. It also means much water. Water-related industries should be good investments.


Many of these aspects begin to manifest in the autumn. For instance, Pluto will return to its solar return place in November, just as Mercury and Uranus are turning direct. Pluto will be traveling in direct motion then, and will activate the Finger of God. Neptune will have just turned direct at the end of October. Also in November, Mars in Scorpio in the sky squares both Neptune and Saturn, dynamite configurations.

And to add to the mix, by November the U.S. progressed Mars will be slowly turning retrograde for the first time ever. It will then be at 19 Libra, opposite the NYSE Moon as well as the Solar Return Venus.

November will be a firecracker month!