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September Special Section: Mexico

Mexico's Destiny

Mexico's Next President?

Wal-Mart in Mexico

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Mexico's Destiny

1821 was the time of Latin America’s liberation from Spain, in a continent-wide revolt led by Simon Bolivar. It was also the year of a historic Uranus-Neptune conjunction, representing a major change of consciousness.

Mexico was part of that revolution. The Independence chart most used by Mexico is set for the time when General Iturbide made his triumphal march of liberation into Mexico City, on the evening of September 28, 1821 (view chart).

The Uranus-Neptune conjunction dominates the chart. It took place around the 0 Cardinal Point of Capricorn, one of the most significant points in the zodiac, which we celebrate as Winter Solstice. We are ending one cycle of history in Sagittarius, and beginning another in Capricorn. We are ending one year, and beginning another. We are moving from the visionary to the practical. This was the time of year when the Druids at Stonehenge made astronomical observations and prophecies, and when fortunes were cast. This cusp, says Gary Goldschneider, may be called the cusp of Prophecy.

(All of the Latin American independence charts contain this conjunction. I think about the leftward, democratic movements now sweeping the continent. Prophecy?)

This chart holds two other major conjunctions, an indication of unusual influence. One of them is Pluto-Chiron, again a significant cuspal conjunction hanging around a cardinal point, 0 Aries. This is the rebirth place. Pluto in Pisces indicates mystical, intuitive power. Chiron in Aries shows a preoccupation with assertive energy. Aries Chiron, together with Pisces Pluto, add up to a macho image.

Aries and Libra, the polarity of balance and of relationships, are the dominant signs in this chart. Aries shows a pioneering and independent direction, and Libra a desire for peace, beauty, and getting along with others. This is like a male-female split, and shows the definition of sexual roles.

The importance of sexual roles, and the conflict between them, is also shown by Venus and Mars both in fixed signs, squaring one another. Again, sexual stereotypes are encouraged. Venus, with Moon, is in receptive, magnetic Scorpio. Mars is in outgoing, fiery Leo. They are both in chart angles, showing the importance of male-female.

Venus and Mars are also major expressions, together, of creative energy, which is abundant in Mexico.

Juno sits in another angular house, the 10th house, in Capricorn, the sign of the establishment. There is partnership with institutions, such as church and state, and also abuse within those connections.

And finally, the Ascendant and 1st house are strongly marked by the sign of Aries. Aries reaches out for what it wants, and goes through thick and thin to get it. Aries is idealistic, and principles are important.

Here we have a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aries. Those are the two big planets which together run society. Jupiter is the visionary risk-taker, and Saturn is the cautious builder. They meet every 20 years to begin a new cycle in socio-economic conditions. Their meetings are in the same element for 200 years. Thus in 800 years they cover all of the elements.

This was the last meeting in a fire cycle, but in the first fire sign, Aries. The theme of rebirth repeats. (Now we are experiencing the last meeting in an earth cycle, and again in the first earth sign, Taurus.) There is a lot of import to these particular conjunctions.

Mexico’s progressed Sun is at 11 Aries, about 5 years past the big opposition turning point in the nation’s direction. That great shift was in 2000, the year when the people rejected the longtime ruling party, PRI, and voted for Vicente Fox (PAN party) for President.

Mexico’s Scorpio Moon and Venus are extremely compatible with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. The Mexican people—Moon—see him as an authority—Saturn, to whom they can relate. Both Venuses in the same sign give them similar values and priorities.

Lopez Obrador’s Moon in Aquarius harmoniously trines the Libran Sun of Mexico. His Mars conjoins that Sun to inspire and stimulate it. And the Mexican Mars squares his Saturn and Venus to induce creative, but sometimes conflictful, action.


Two general features show that this will be a very stimulating year for Mexico. One is that all four of the chart angles are in cardinal signs, a sign of striving towards goals. The second is that many of the planets are opposite or square their natal positions. These are action aspects. (View 2005 Solar Return chart.)

And yet—Sun, which shows the nation’s vitality, is in the 12th house, hidden from view. The most common meaning of this position is that this is a preparation year, with much happening behind the scenes. Next year the Solar Return Sun will be in the midheaven, showing that the nation is seen by the world.

Natal Sun is in the 6th house, a place of work and service. The 12th house, its opposite, is also a house of service, now with a compassionate motivation. Mercury and Jupiter are also in Libra in the 12th house, showing high ideals, and help from the angels.

Libra rises as well, indicating a need for partnership. Pallas Athena is in early Scorpio, close to the Ascendant, a prominent place. This shows tremendous strategic ability. Pallas conjoins Mexico’s natal Moon—the people—and Lopez Obrador’s Saturn-Venus conjunction, also a very strategic, and paternal, combination.

Venus in Scorpio is also in the expressive first house. It conjoins Lopez Obrador’s Sun, showing the people’s love and appreciation for him.

Mars is in Taurus in the 7th house, opposing Venus (and AMLO’s Sun), indicating enemies and opposition. Mars is stationary retrograde, a very potent moment. This seems dangerous to me. It does add to the vulnerability already shown by the 12th house.

In the 10th house of the public is a Moon-Saturn conjunction in Leo, the sign of Mexico’s natal Mars. Saturn-Moon can mean the people’s taking their own authority, but it can also indicate sadness. Natal Mars in that same sign again indicates strife.

Neptune in Aquarius is in the 4th house of foundations, showing a visionary and altruistic base. Neptune also dissolves, and this position shows that old visions are going, and new visions are emerging.

This is the season of the stressful fixed grand cross, which often is expressed through drastic action. There are also grand trines, and the combination can move and change social patterns. Mexico is changing rapidly, and it has a vital future.