Mercury & Change
by Maya del Mar

I confidently predicted that Al Gore would win the election. Well, it turns out that winning the election—at least winning the popular vote— and becoming President are two different things.

The United States people have tended to elect presidents with Saturn or Capricorn figuring strongly in their charts. This is appropriate, for Saturn does in fact represent the administrative head of government.

Al Gore has an exceedingly strong Saturn
(thus his stiffness)—in Leo in the first house conjoined with Mars and Pluto. In addition, he has a Capricorn Moon.

George W. Bush, on the other hand, has a weak Saturn—in Cancer in the twelfth house. I just never thought that one with so little personal authority would ever be elected President.

However, I did not take destiny into account, in the form of the Moon’s North Node. The North Node does represent destiny, in an individual’s chart or in a nation’s chart. In the sky, the sign through which it transits for an 18-month period shows our collective destiny.

George W. Bush’s Saturn does conjoin the U.S. progressed North Node in Cancer, showing that he is perceived as an instrument of destiny for the nation at this time. Furthermore, his Ascendant conjoins the U.S. natal North Node in Leo, echoing that perception and creating a fated attraction.

In addition, the Cancer North Node in the sky has been transiting through Mr. Bush’s twelfth house during the summer and fall, between his Saturn and his Sun, pulling him into the current collective destiny.

He was meant to be President, and he has known it and acted throughout as though he was. He has been a great example of clear intention and acting "as if."

Mr. Gore, on the other hand, was born under a fatal flaw. In his tenth house, the area where we project life goals and purpose, he has Venus at 26 Taurus. His Venus conjoined the fixed star, Algol, considered since ancient times to be associated with destruction. In fact, in the way he carried on his campaign, it was as though he were in a self-destructive trance.

During the election period, transiting Saturn in the sky has been conjoining his Venus, increasing the limiting influences.

I had looked at this transiting Saturn as his summons to authority, which it usually would have been. I gave Algol the benefit of the doubt, especially since in certain of its phases it does not have a malefic influence, and discounted it. Until the election results came in.

Princess Diana was born with her Venus (in the fifth house of romance) conjoined Algol. O.J. Simpson had Algol overhead when he was born.

In retrospect I feel that fate determined that Mr. Bush would be President, and it chose a very constructive way for it to happen. It gave the American electorate a deeper look at their political process, and re-energized the fight for democracy.

There will be unpredictable as well as predictable consequences of a Bush presidency. Our job is to be alert for opportunities to make a better world, and they can be found under any Administration.

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