Mercury & Change
by Maya del Mar

In the October issue of Daykeeper I wrote a feature article on the importance of Mercury on election day. Mercury has been retrograding backwards in Scorpio since mid-October. On Nov. 7 it returns to the last degree of Libra, stops, and turns direct. Thus the last degree of Libra is super-emphasized.

The great potential of this degree to catalyze change is shown in two ways not mentioned in that article.

Firstly, 29 degrees of Libra squares the natal United States Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto shows where power lies, and Pluto in the business sign of Capricorn is a position of a Plutocracy, or an Oligarchy. We can translate this aspect to say that consciousness of justice challenges the controlling financial interests.

Some years ago I was turned on to the power of the position of Black Holes by Alex Miller Mignone.

Alex says that Black Holes depict areas of susceptibility to dramatic, intense, sometimes violent and usually unsuspected shifts in the status quo reality. They also show points of energy influx, or energy drain. I found this to be true in my research.

29 degrees of Libra is the location of Black Hole Pele, the ancient Hawaiian goddess of volcanic fire.

This degree was first stimulated by Mercury on Sept. 28, the day Ariel Sharon took his walk on the volcano of the Temple Mount.

The Sun opposed this degree at both the Oklahoma City Federal Bldg. Bombing, and the Waco debacle.

Pele also conjoins the Neptune of the New York Stock Exchange, and the Libra Jupiter of the European Economic Community.

These may be activated now, with the current (2-year) eclipse cycle stimulating changes in business and financial structures. The U.S. and Japan have recently stepped in to prop up the EURO. But the U.S. dollar supply is built largely on speculation and the Federal mint churning out dollars. And Japan has suffered huge bank bankruptcies. There are big weaknesses in this controlling financial network.

Pele also conjoins the Jupiter of the Communist Yugoslavia. Milosevic’s fortune may have run out.


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