by Maya del Mar


Elections are determined by the state of the electorate, and the heavens around election time tell the story of the current energy flow which pulses through all of us.

The election occurs Tuesday, Nov. 7. A noteworthy astrological event occurs that day: Mercury is nearly standing still in the sky as it turns from retrograde to direct. It is in a very unusual position at that time. Early on election morning, Mercury retrogrades from Scorpio into the very end of Libra, sits still in the last degree of Libra for the entire day, turns direct at 9:26 p.m. EST, and returns to Scorpio the next day.

Voters will mark their ballots in that few hours of an extraordinarily powerful Mercury changing direction in the balancing sign of Libra. Decisions will not be easy, and many voters may not know for whom they’re voting until the ballot is before them. Others will change their minds at the last minute.

On this fateful day they will want a President who will enhance harmony and balance, and work for peace and justice. I think of Al Gore’s (3-31-48) book, Earth in the Balance, as an omen of this moment.

George Bush (7-6-46) loudly supports past wars, battle-ready U.S. troops, a huge budget for the Pentagon, revving up the proposed missile defense system, and he has as running mate a hawkish former Secretary of Defense. (Richard Cheney was born 1-30-41.) This attitude may have played well with the American people in the past.

But no longer. All during September and October we have been experiencing a grand air trine, enhancing ideals of the dignity of humankind. This creative triangle has revolved around the great healing-transforming Pluto-Chiron conjunction, and people’s attitudes are shifting towards a focus on creating a better world for human life. Al Gore is the far more balanced candidate.


During the three weeks before the election, Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio, encouraging us to think deeply about the use of national resources, and perhaps to revise some of our ideas. On this journey Mercury combines Aquarian idealism with Scorpio shrewdness, as it squares both Uranus and Neptune.

Mercury represents our minds and our perception. It turns retrograde in Scorpio on Oct. 18 within a few minutes of squaring Uranus in Aquarius. Uranus gives it a whiff of revolution, and suggestions about needs for change and reform. This is a degree that has been part of the fixed sign eclipses of the last two years, and thus is already sown with the seeds of change.

Mercury will also stimulate another of those fixed sign eclipse degrees in this Scorpio-Aquarius review trip. This degree brackets the Sun-Neptune square, keynote of the Scorpio New Moon of Oct. 27. The energy field for the entire Scorpio Moon cycle is set now, and it is realistically idealistic, as Scorpio Sun and Moon are infused with Aquarius Neptunian visions of the future. Neptune’s ideals include brotherhood, sisterhood, humanhood, community, and a fair deal for everyone.


Idealistic Neptune in Aquarius is thus the major chord of the New Moon preceding the election.

Neptune is Al Gore’s keynote energy. When he was born it opposed his Sun, thus setting him on a visionary life path. Whenever Neptune-Sun aspects occur in the heavens, he is highly stimulated.

Neptune is very potent now because it just turned direct on Oct. 15, and because it is on a sensitive eclipse degree. This is the same degree as that of Al Gore’s Aquarian descendant!

This means that Neptune is crossing over his descendant and is emerging into the public arena for the first time in his life. For the next 35 years Neptune will be traveling upwards in his career sector, gaining public support as it moves along.

Because Neptune opposes his Sun, it is Al Gore’s primary life path influence. At this moment transiting Neptune is finally emerging from the dark side of his chart, and breaking into the light of day, where the public spotlight will shine on it for the rest of his life. This is the moment for which he has been preparing for his whole life!

Al Gore’s Neptune, holder of visions, is welcomed into the world now.

There are two Sabian Symbols involved here: "A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers," and "A Council of Ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader."


Al Gore’s Jupiter ascendant line runs through Los Angeles. Jupiter does, in fact, rule politics, and fortune shines on him there. At the New Moon before the election, Venus is associated with Jupiter, thus adding a halo effect to Jupiter connections.

George Bush’s Pluto ascendant line runs through Philadelphia. Pluto is power, yes, but it tends to be underground, hidden, and often isolating.

Moon on election day is in Pisces, Neptune’s sign. Both Ralph Nader (2-27-34) and Joseph Lieberman (2-24-42) were born with their suns in Pisces, and are favored by the Piscean mood of the public. Ralph Nader is also favored by the Aquarian reform consciousness which has been building.

The election begins a new 12-year Jupiterian cycle for Sen. Lieberman. With the current Jupiter-Venus influence, it will bring to his life what he wants, particularly in the fulfillment of ideals.

The planets now are opening the gates of destiny for Al Gore, and for the nation.


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