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S P E C I A L   M E S S A G E   F R O M   M A Y A

Mars as Spiritual Warrior

by Maya del Mar

In 2003 we had Mars the closest to earth it’s been for tens of thousands of years. It was also the brightest I’ve ever seen it. For us in the north temperate zone, bright orange Mars sat seemingly still in the early evening southwestern sky for months. It was eerie and awesome, night after night, like an inescapable, inexorable eye in the sky.

During this time, Mars was in the tropical sign of Pisces, and for much of that time, in the sidereal sign of Aquarius. Both of these signs have connections to the larger universe outside of the solar system. They bring "new" consciousness into the world. Aquarius brings knowledge and inventions. Pisces opens up direct connections to spirit.

Mars thoroughly absorbed those energies, and I believe it will no longer have success acting in the purely personal ways which are its wont. It is pushed now to use its great warrior energy in the service of the collective. That is by no means to say that all is love and roses. It is to say that aggressive behavior is ultimately tuned to a distant drummer.

Mars gathered enormous power during its long retrograde journey. It traveled in Pisces for six months—instead of its usual five to six weeks in a sign.

In the seed charts for 2004, Mars is the most strongly represented planet. It begins 2004 in its favorite sign, Aries. In addition, Aries is the starting point for all planetary cycles.

MARS IS THE PLANET OF THE YEAR. Mars is energy, and this shows that energy is the subject of the year.

This also means that there will be a great deal of aggressive energy unleashed during the coming year—personally, nationally, and internationally—intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

2004 is the year for us to take a big leap in learning how to use energy constructively. Mars is now guided by spirit in a unique way, Our challenge is to help Mars minimize its ancient custom of using, and wasting, much of its energy in battle and conflict, and helping it to open to the light of spirit.

There are a thousand ways to work on this, right now. If we set our intention to use Mars beneficially, and we ask for spirit guidance, we begin the journey.

This is my hope for the year—for myself, for the nation, and for the earth—that by 2005 we will have made major steps in developing the use of our energy for our higher good, and for the earth’s as well.