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JULY   2 0 0 5   

Pallas Athena, Congress, and Iraq

Let’s hear it for Pallas Athena! She turned stationary direct on the U.S. Neptune in June, and has been slowly traversing the U.S. Progressed Neptune since that time. She last connected with Pluto, and she was an integral part of the fateful First Quarter Moon on June 14.

June 16, as the first quarter moon action just began to manifest, was a historic day in Congress. It represents the beginning of the end of the Iraq “War” AND the very public airing of the Bush-Cheney cover-up in regard to the war—which could lead to impeachment.

Four Representatives whose political views span the gamut introduced a bipartisan resolution (bill) providing a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. It may not be followed up in Congress, but they do expect it to take off with the public, thus creating pressure on the Congress to consider the bill.

This follows in the wake of Rep. Lynn Woolsey’s (California) resolution for the U.S. to withdraw from Iraq. She introduced it a few weeks ago, and was surprised by the wide support it received in Congress.

And it follows more recently on a similar resolution, requesting a timetable, introduced by Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California.

But the big drama this day was the public hearing called by Rep. John Conyers of Michigan to discuss the Downing Street Memo, publicized in Britain on May 1, just before the UK election. This memo is the smoking gun which outlines Bush’s plan to invade Iraq—in July 2002, well before the changing litany of reasons to invade, before the UN presentations, and before the invasion itself, which occurred in March 2003.

The hearing was lively, and explosive. Representatives asked astute questions, and knowledgeable people gave truthful answers. It became a forum for people, who had been involved in the governmental process, to speak out. Retired CIA and embassy people in particular had much to say. For the most part, they had retired because they couldn’t live with the recent lack of integrity in the institutions and government which they served. They wanted to see this corrected.

Representative Maxine Waters of California informed us that the House had created a special caucus to discuss and publicize the Administration’s behavior in regard to Iraq. She said that they had already established liaisons with many non-governmental groups, and that the caucus was just beginning its action.

“Watch us,” she exclaimed, “Things are about to happen. We are hitting the streets!”

Reread the First Quarter Moon for June 14. It was a Virgo Moon, dominated by savvy Pallas Athena, and Virgo wants things to be right. “The truth shall set you free.”

I had mentioned that May and June both showed this complex, integrated relationship of the planets, which required adjustments, and which indicated a lengthy process. We see now in Congress (the House only) a momentous manifestation of this process.

“We want to bind up and heal the nation,” said the four, introducing their resolution. They were Representatives Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii, Ron Paul of Texas, Walter Jones of North Carolina, and Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. It was Walter Jones who wanted to change the name of French fries to freedom fries when France didn’t support the Iraq war.

Virgo is a great healing sign. And perhaps the greatest contributor to healing right now is Chiron, freshly into Aquarius.

At the time of this historic hearing, and the healing resolution, Chiron was squaring Juno. Juno, above all, wants fair and civilized relationships.

(This earthquake in Congress was underscored by two big earthquakes that week, in Chile and in California, as well as scores of smaller quakes.)