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HR 6166, 9/27/06

OCTOBER 2006   

Worse than 9-11

Amazingly, there seems very little in the media about Black Thursday, September 28. (I had mistakenly written September 29 as the date. September 29 was when I first heard this news featured on Amy Goodman’s program, "Democracy Now.")

Or Black Wednesday, September 27. It was then that the House of Representatives passed HR 6166, the “Military Commissions Act,” 253/168. This is the bill which approves torture, repeals habeas corpus, and much much more. On September 28 the Senate passed it by a large majority, and then Bush eagerly signed it, to make it law.

The Military Commissions Act is an incredible assault on human rights, the rule of law, and personal liberty, core values which have guided the United States since its beginning. It states an intention to carry out war crimes against defenseless victims, any of which could be you or me. There are no more safeguards against the government doing what it chooses to anyone.

Congress supposedly acts as a representative of the American people. Is this what the American people want? There was a rush to pass this bill before election adjournment. It is supposed to be a vote-getter? What has happened to our moral values? We used to excoriate dictatorships all over the world for this kind of treatment of their citizens.

The chart for 4:45 p.m. EDT on September 27, when the house passed HR 6166 (note the 666), shows delusive Neptune in Aquarius rising, and Moon in early Sagittarius exactly over Washington. The rulers of those signs are Uranus and Jupiter, in Water signs Pisces and Scorpio. They make a grand trine with the U.S. Sun in Cancer.

Grand water trines cannot be stopped; they are like a flood current flowing around and around. If the emotions which they are holding (water’s job) are destructive, this can be an exceedingly destructive formation.