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Condoleezza Rice’s birthday is November 14, a very big day this year. She was born in 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama (view chart). Her Chiron is in Capricorn, and it is appropriate that she had her Chiron return as she was elevated to Secretary of State by GW Bush. Capricorn is associated with government and administration, and Condi’s North Node, her destiny place, is also in Capricorn.

Condi, like Rove, has her Moon in Cancer, which gives her a very close emotional attachment to Bush. Her Sun, along with three other planets and two asteroids, is in Scorpio. Such a grouping gives her a single-mindedness, again like Rove, with his gang in Capricorn. Her Moon and Sun are trine in water signs, and this makes it easy for her to express her whole self.

Scorpio is a sign that is most at home in crisis situations. Bush probably feels that in a crisis he can count on Condi. She will support him emotionally (moon) and practically.

Scorpio is also at home with power and, in fact, craves it. Condi has always been close to powerful men; they attract her like nectar does a bee.

Also like Rove, Condi has her Mars in Aquarius, a sign of politics. It squares her Scorpio stellium, showing that politics really juices her. Aquarius and Scorpio are both fixed signs, and Condoleezza Rice is right in the jaws of the current fixed grand cross. During the coming January, Neptune transits Condi’s Mars for the third and final time, a difficult transit. Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches.

Neptune is in late Libra, and conjoins Condi’s Mercury in early Scorpio. Mercury is mind, and Neptune puts it in fantasyland. This is a bad combination for clear thinking.

Condi shares this mind-Neptune connection with other neocons, e.g., Bush has Neptune in his third house of mind, Rove has Neptune square Mercury, and Cheney has Neptune quincunx Mercury. Once Neptune gets hooked on a fantasy, it tends to hang on—like addiction, also ruled by Neptune.

Pluto is the powerhouse, and an especially important planet for Scorpios. Condi’s Pluto conjoins Bush’s Venus, exerting a magnetic fascination on him. Her Pluto in Leo also squares her sun, adding to her drive for power and control. And her sun squares Bush’s Venus.

And let’s not forget that Scorpio is a secretive sign.

My chart program does not print the birth times on the charts (Io Edition), but as I recall Condi’s birth time is 11:30 a.m. At any rate, this chart is correct. It gives her Aquarius rising. This makes Uranus her chart ruler. Neptune also has a very close square to her Uranus, adding further confusion to her life. At the same time, that square increases powers of intuition, and adds to her creativity.

With mostly fixed signs, change is particularly difficult for Condi. She has no planets in mutable signs to enable her to switch her focus as circumstances change. I see her like a train going full steam down the track, but unable to change roads. This does not seem appropriate for working in the State Department, where diplomacy requires compromise.