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Pluto and Saturn
by Maya del Mar

What does astrology tell us about the energy connections between G.W. Bush and the United States? Through comparing their charts we can see some of the hidden links between them, and better understand the nature of the Bush presidency.

Check out the charts:

G.W. Bush: July 6, 1946, 7:26 a.m., New Haven, CT

United States, Sibly Chart:
July 4, 1776, 5:10 p.m., Philadelphia, PA

Conjoined Suns show similar purpose

A very basic similarity is that they were launched about the same time of year, just after Summer Solstice, when Sun begins its decline, and Moon’s rule is beginning its rise to winter ascendancy.

Their suns, in fact, are less than half a degree apart. They are both at 14 degrees Cancer. The ego dynamics, and the life challenges of George W. Bush, then, reflect the ego challenges of the nation. Cancer is emotional and sensitive, and feels vulnerable. Security and protection are priorities.

This co-incidence is emphasized in their composite chart, made of midpoints between their respective planets. A composite chart is a powerful technique for showing the essential dynamics and purpose of a relationship. In the composite chart for GW and the U.S., the Sun is, of course, also at 14 Cancer.

In addition, this composite Sun exactly conjoins the composite North Node, a destiny point—in the tenth house, at the very top of the chart—another destiny point. The tenth house, and especially its cusp, shows the purpose of the relationship. Thus we see purpose, destiny, major challenges, and ego joined in this relationship. Fate is writ large here.

A tenth house Sun in Cancer shows that this relationship is to be seen and recognized by the world, and that its highest work is to nurture and care for the world. However, an insecure Cancer can lapse into a grasping and defensive mode.

The joint Cancer North Node not only adds great support to this common purpose, but these Moon’s Nodes are channels for the unconscious, and thus there is an obsessive, driven, blind quality to a planet which joins one of the Nodes. In this case it is Sun, which corresponds with ego, or conscious sense of self.

In the moon-ruled sign of Cancer, focus is on the Moon

Cancer is a sensitive, emotional water sign, often dominated by feelings, in touch with the ebb and flow of the Moon’s journey. In a Cancerian chart we turn to the Moon to better understand Cancer Sun’s motivations.

The United States has Moon in Aquarius. Its essence is awakening to new ideas which help humankind progress on its pathway. An unbounded faith in the possibility of a better life has been a constant ideal in the U.S. Aquarius is an idealistic air sign.

George W. Bush’s Moon is in Libra, another idealistic air sign. Libra wants the ideal partner, and Mr. Bush has found his partner in the U.S. nation. With both Suns in subjective, watery Cancer, and both Moons in idea-oriented air signs, the energy flow between Mr. Bush and the nation is very compatible.

However, these two elements—water and air—are both flowing, water with changing feelings, and air with mental chatter, and together they can be undirected and ungrounded.

Fire provides the spark for ignition

Mr. Bush and the US—both with air moon and water sun—would each look for spark—fire—to direct them, and earth to ground them.

Fire has the vision, and nothing stops a fire sign from going for that vision. Fire is in constant motion and, as we know, can be very dangerous as it burns up everything in its pathway.

Both Mr. Bush and the U.S. have fire ascendants—G.W. shows royal Leo, and the U.S. sports traveling Sagittarius. This is another fine energy affinity between them. They each not only have their own spark; they spark each other as well. Sagittarius has the vision of spreading the truth—the crusade—and Leo’s vision is to be king of the mountain.

In addition Mr. Bush has his midheaven in Aries, the third fire sign, so between them they have a grand trine in fire. Aries vision is the heroic quest. Aries is ready to venture into the unknown to fulfill the hero’s goals, and to meet all challenges head-on. Aries is the quintessential warrior. The midheaven is where we meet the world, and thus GW meets the world as the Arian challenger, ready for a fight.

The fire signs all represent immediate, unmediated action, and none more so than Aries, the ram, the first of the zodiac animals, who butts his way through life. Fire is hard to stop. So are fire signs. They are attuned to their own inner light, which can blind them to input from others or from the world around them. Fire just keeps burning, and destroys or transforms everything in its path.

Mr. Bush has his own grand fire trine in his chart. He is a steamroller in his own right. Fire thrives on air; it needs air to burn. Air provides the ideas which fuel the vision. GW also has lots of air, so he is constantly on fire, in motion. Action is his mode. Fire also likes games. Remember that before he became governor of Texas, it was sports teams—football and baseball—which most interested him.

In relating to Mr. Bush, the U.S. hooks into his grand fire trine, and is swept along as he burns his way through the challenges of world leadership. Both the U.S. and GW charts have a lot of air, so there is more than enough fuel to keep going indefinitely. They feed each other.

The Moon of the composite chart, which shows the intimate relationship between GW and the U.S., is also in fire. All fire moons instinctively respond to life by acting. This Moon is in the missionary sign of Sagittarius, with a vision of spreading the truth, and its action is to crusade, adventure, and gamble. The world stage is a big gaming parlor.

The composite Moon, at 22 Sagittarius, is in a pivotal place. For starters, it is eclipsed by the Dec. 14 Solar Eclipse. Furthermore, it exactly opposes the U.S. Mars, thus bringing the nation’s fighting spirit into its crusading vision. In addition, it conjoins Mr. Bush’s South Node of the Moon.

The South Nodal connection shows both that Mr. Bush and the U.S. have a long history of crusading together, and that that relationship may now be at its end. South nodal connections help us to let go of the past.

We look to earth for grounding

Water, fire, and air all need earth to be real, to manifest, to work appropriately on this earth plane. Without earth any of them can run amok. "Common sense" is an earth quality.

The three earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Mr. Bush has one earth planet, Mars in Virgo, and thus all of his practicality is focused there. Virgo is a sign of service, and it is associated with the "services," the military—particularly, as here, when the warrior sign of Mars occupies it.

The U.S. has a grand trine in earth, and thus manifests readily. It makes a fine vehicle for GW, who is short on earth. (Remember that business associates of his always lost money.) First in the U.S. trine is Pluto, power personified. It is in Capricorn, the sign of business, government, and authority. Pluto in Capricorn is the essential plutocrat.

Next is Neptune in Virgo. Neptune spreads things around the world, especially ideals. It unifies and dissolves boundaries. And it is associated with oil. Neptune in Virgo works through service, which includes the military.

Vesta in Taurus, the third earth planet, is about accumulating and protecting one’s investments and territory. Vesta was goddess of the hearth.

This grand trine describes the corporate globalism now dominating the U.S., with oil at its center. GW’s Mars in Virgo, the same sign as the U.S. Neptune, helps promote it. Mars is goal-oriented action.

There are many other powerful connections between GW and the U.S.

The nodal connections are most important, for they are destiny points, as well as showing past history. Nodes come in pairs. They occur in opposite signs, with the North Node showing where we’re going, and the South Node showing where we’ve come from. Nodal connections tend to operate at unconscious levels, and are considered "karmic."

We’ve already mentioned the enormously powerful North Nodal Sun conjunction in the composite chart, showing the shared destiny of GW and the U.S..

The U.S. natal North Node is in Leo, showing that its destiny is to direct the show. This node conjoins GW’s Leo ascendant, which is the persona he projects. This shows that in his very person Mr. Bush is an instrument for projecting the national destiny of leadership. Much of the nation is hypnotized by the Leo Ascendant-Mercury-Pluto-Venus which GW dramatizes through his very presence. Leo, the king, is in fact GW’s major sign, and he carries an enormous sense of personal entitlement as he expresses his—and the nation’s—royal Leo.

The U.S. progressed North Node is at 27 Cancer. This Node conjoins GW’s Saturn, showing that Mr. Bush is now the authority, the father figure, for the nation. GW’s Saturn is also very close to the U.S. natal Mercury, retrograde in Cancer, showing that he focuses the nation’s consciousness, and makes it take responsibility for its Cancerian need for security.

GW’s North Node is in Gemini, and is conjoined by the U.S. Mars. Thus the military might of the U.S. is the aspect of the nation which stands out for him. He groks it at a deep level.

Karmic planetary connections between George W. Bush and the United States abound. This brief foray into how the elements intermingle in their charts shows us the energetic matrix which supports their fateful partnership.

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