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A U G U S T   2 0 0 4   F E A T U R E   A R T I C L E

The John John Team

by Maya del Mar

How will John Kerry and John Edwards work together? To help us understand this pair, I'm going to explore briefly the charts of Kerry and Edwards, and the composite chart, which is a combination of both charts, and describes the relationship itself.

Our birth data gives John Kerry's birth of December 11, 1943 in Fitzsimons, Colorado as 8:03 a.m. We have John Edwards born on June 10, 1953 in Seneca, South Carolina, at 7:02 a.m. They were both early morning babies, rising into the day and into the world.

Kerry has a birth path number of 22/4, which is a master number, with the ability to bring spirit to earth in concrete fashion. It is called the Master Builder. Edwards is a 7, the number of the mystic, the Seeker, searching for understanding of life and the universe.

Gemini dominates.

Outstanding in each chart separately, and in the combination chart—as well as in the U.S. chart—is the sign of Gemini, the sign of the Twins. Gemini energy, in fact, needs a twin—if not a born twin, a sibling, a good friend, or a mate. John-John, then, as this team is being called, is quite appropriate.

It's interesting that President Kennedy, Kerry's idol, was a sun-sign Gemini. And that he had a son called John-John,

Gemini is associated with Mercury of the winged helmet, Messenger of the Gods. Gemini is a mutable air sign, meaning that planets in this sign must communicate, and that they are quick, flexible and versatile in making connections. This is a lively sign, bubbling with ideas, full of curiosity, and in tune with the freshness of the moment. Gemini connects with the nervous system, and planets in Gemini must be on the move. It is a restless sign.

We can expect, then, that there will be a stream of ideas and communication bursting forth from this pair.

Gemini is always searching, most at home with duality, yet looking for the unity behind the duality. Perhaps the two Johns find this unity together in working for their country, for John is a Cancer name, and they are identifying with a Cancer nation.

It's super interesting, and I'm sure totally relevant, that the transit of Venus over Sun on June 8 was in the sign of Gemini. Not only that, but at 18 Gemini it exactly conjoined John Kerry's Moon, and was only 2 degrees from John Edwards' Sun. The next transit of Venus over Sun will be in June 2012, at 16 Gemini, and perhaps if this pair is elected now, they will remain in office until 2012. (For more about the transit of Venus over Sun, see the feature article in the June issue of Daykeeper.)

The Johns complement one another.

Planetary placements in houses show that Kerry's chart is a relationship chart, and Edwards' chart is a self-sufficient chart. These complements attract and fulfill one another. Their composite chart puts most of the planets in the bottom hemisphere, which creates a very strong foundation together.

John and John's Moons' Nodes are opposite one another, showing that they have a natural attraction, an ability to work together, and co-operate in fulfilling one another's destines. Their nodal polarity is Leo-Aquarius, the polarity of humanity. Leo and Aquarius are both individualistic—Leo because they know they have a right to be, Aquarius because they feel everybody has a right to be an individual. Kerry's North Node is in Leo, conjoining the U.S. North Node, in the sign of the star, or of the ruler. Edwards' North Node is in Aquarius, conjoining the U.S. South Node. This shows that his direction is to become democratic, one of the group. Their respective birth families indicate that they were each born into the environment which they needed to fulfill their destinies. It's most appropriate here that Kerry is the leader. And between them, they perfectly express the U.S. spiritual direction, past and future together.

Kerry's Moon in Gemini conjoins Edwards' Sun in Gemini. This conjunction between two people is a tight glue that firmly binds them. Edwards expresses Kerry's instinctual lunar self, and he also fulfills Kerry's Gemini needs for communication, partnership, and variety.

Their Suns are opposite, with Kerry's in Sagittarius and Edwards' Sun in Gemini. This is perfect for Gemini energy. They can really see one another, be aware of each other, and toss ideas back and forth. Sometimes they will butt heads, other times they will agree, but always they know where the other is coming from, a tremendous asset for a relationship.

The ability to "see" one another is heightened by their Mercurys also being opposite one another's. Kerry's is in sober, ambitious Capricorn, and Edwards' Mercury is in the emotional sign of Cancer. With Edwards we have emotion and intellect wedded. With Kerry, we have purpose and intellect together.

Communication is further enhanced by Edwards' earthy Venus in Taurus trining Kerry's earth Capricorn Mercury. Even further, Kerry's emotional Venus in Scorpio trines Edwards' emotional Mercury in Cancer. This gives them understanding and appreciation of the way one another's minds work. Furthermore, together they add emotion and practicality to intellect. It's a golden combination, very well balanced, and grounded as well. This is especially important for such an airy pair, who could get carried away by ideas.

Saturn, the energy of grounding, responsibility, and of government, is connected to each of their Suns and Moons. Saturn in Gemini conjoins Kerry's Moon and opposes his Sun. Saturn in Libra trines Edwards' Sun and widely trines his Moon in Gemini. This importance of Saturn gives them each a personal stability, integrity, and ability to deal responsibly with reality. The ability to govern, one can say. Their Saturns trine one another, which means they can agree on purposes, and work very well together.

Edwards and Kerry each have Moon and Mars in Gemini.

Their modus operandi is similar. In both cases their actions—Mars—spring from their emotions—Moon. They are each sensitive, reactive, and quick on the trigger. Gemini means that both feelings and actions are motivated by their perceptions and thoughts. The U.S. natal chart also has Mars in Gemini, and this shows that Kerry and Edwards identify with the actions of the U.S. public. Mars is the warrior, and they both understand the psyche of the U.S. warrior. Kerry fought in a war against the Vietnamese, against the war policies of the U.S. government, in the courts as a prosecutor, for a seat in Congress, and in Congress to promote his interests. Edwards fought in courts against corporate exploitation, and for a seat in Congress. They each were excellent on their fields of battle.

Mars-Moon is a wild card, for Kerry much more than for Edwards. Mars, who wants direct action, is not naturally at home in flexible air sign Gemini. It is distractible, ungrounded, and subject to being guided excessively by ideas, which may not be good ones. Edwards has naturally helpful guidance, for he has Sun and Jupiter between his Mars and his Moon.

Kerry's emphasis on the military at the Democratic Convention was not only a gimmick or a vote-getter. He is likely, in fact, to have a large focus on the military. He is talking about enlarging the military, and getting better weapons, as well as treating veterans well.

Kerry's and Edwards' Moons in the same sign give them an instant and deep understanding of one another. However, their Moons are in nearly opposite phases, which gives them quite different approaches to life. Kerry was born when the Moon was almost full, giving him the searching, relating, Full Moon personality. Edwards was born when the Moon was almost at the end of her cycle, showing that he is an "old soul" with much collected wisdom, and no longer has the need to glorify himself.

One of my favorite books (which I reviewed in September 2002) is Phases of the Moon by Busteed, Tiffany, and Wergin. (My Gemini North Node is showing here!) This is an extremely perceptive interpretation of moon phases, based on Yeats' A Vision. To demonstrate the different approaches of Kerry and Edwards, I want to quote a bit from this book.

Kerry's full Sun-Moon phase is number 14. According to the authors, phase 14 has Leo energy, with Sun and Mars as co-rulers. (Add Kerry's Jupiter in Leo to this mix, and we come up with the warrior-ruler.)

Yeats' symbol for phase 14 was,

"'While seeming an image of softness and quiet, she draws perpetually upon glass with a diamond.' This image communicates the gentle reserve and acute power which co-exist in this phase. The native rarely appreciates the enormous impact of his PERSONALITY upon others, so consumed is he with the constant activity of discovering himself in every action. [This is Sun-Mars. And in fact, Kerry has Mars opposite his Sun.] While relatively tranquil in manner, he leaves an indelible impression upon the world from having mobilized all of his energies behind each successive act of self....

"The native leads a charmed life. Since he has no concern for self-gain, but every concern for self-expression for its own sake, he appears to want nothing. Yet before long it becomes obvious that he receives everything at the hands of others. [Look at Kerry's other-oriented chart.] Rather than manifesting as deliberate action on the part of the native, the energy of Mars spontaneously appears around him. As a result of his fidelity to purpose, he projects his ideas upon civilization so strongly that others come to identify his will with their own deepest desires. [Kerry has Neptune on his midheaven, leading to exactly this phenomenon.] Time will bear full witness to his excellence, even posthumously…His work will have a universal appeal, enabling it to survive change."

Then we have Edwards' balsamic Moon at phase 27.

"This is the next-to-last step towards self-loss. [Edwards has Sun, Mars, and Mercury in his 12th house, the place of surrender.] He is relieved of the burden of self-consciousness and thus able to stand upright before all of life. He no longer faces a blinding light (the Sun) and consequently hasn't the terrible responsibility of judging himself against its intense background. Instead, he is grateful to be enveloped within it. [Edwards has 3 asteroids and 4 planets, including optimistic Jupiter, in the spontaneous, non-judgmental sign of Gemini]....

"His attention centers on humanity rather than on himself. At most, he regards himself as one among many. (Aquarius North Node.) He consciously experiences the unity of life beneath its many individual points of focus. [Most of Edwards' planets are in the 11th and 12th house, which promise this immersion in the group and in spirit.] …The ability to formulate and communicate ideas with exceptional clarity singles out this phase as an excellent vehicle for the study of human nature. The native is able to embody within himself and relive the experiences of any other person.

"The 'universal man' (Aquarius) lives turned inside out and in utter simplicity. His chief concern is Everyman as every man relates to the ongoing process of life.... Without in any way trying—merely by forgetting himself—he demonstrates the meaning and proves the value of human relationship.... Friendship is linked to sacrifice, for in laying down his life for his friends (nearly everyone)—in death, or less dramatically, in lifelong service—he fulfills his intended purpose. He exists for the sake of all that surrounds him because this totality constitutes, at root, one's life."

How true to character are these descriptions! Such a contrast are these two men whose charts have so many similarities!

Composite charts are made up of midpoints between two charts, and they describe the dynamics of the relationship itself as a third entity.

Kerry's and Edwards' composite Sun is in Virgo, the sign of problem-solving, service, and dedication. It is in the sixth house, which corresponds to the areas where we do Virgo activities. Thus a double dose of service is indicated by this team effort. As a team they can dedicate themselves to service. Kerry himself has a sense of service to the nation, and Edwards a sense of service to humanity Together they can solve many problems. This is the house of health and re-orientation, and they will be able to re-align the nation in a healthier direction.

Sun squares Mars, which means they will work very hard together, and they may argue as well, with Mars in Gemini. Moon also squares Sun, which gives an air of constant tension to the relationship. With Mars the strongest planet, aspecting both Moon and Sun, this tension can be resolved with activity. Indeed, they will be very, very busy!

Sun has a lovely sextile to Jupiter, which gives them optimism, luck and success as a team. Jupiter, in fact, is close to the U.S. Sun, auguring well for the nation. They can inspire the nation, and move it forward. However, Jupiter can be a military planet, so we see militarism as a repeated theme. However, the same energy expended for militarism can also be used for activism towards other goals.

Uranus is close to the bottom of the chart. Uranus' position indicates that both Johns need independence, and that they are apt to emphasize freedom as being important to the nation.

Fortunately, Saturn, the grounder, the realist, nicely aspects what could otherwise be the erratic Gemini planets. Sun is in practical earth, as well, to help them stay on course.

Mysterious Pisces is rising, and we are not apt to recognize who this team really is together. For sure, though, they are psychic. Neptune rules the chart, and it, along with Mercury, are the only planets above the horizon. Mercury and Neptune are together in Libra, which gives a strong idealism to this team. Kerry's natal Mercury in Capricorn will be useful to temper that high-flying idealism, as will Capricorn on the midheaven. With Mercury in Libra, they will aspire to social justice, and they can also be excellent peacemakers, as well as warriors.

Mercury, the energy of thinking, of intelligence, is super super strong in this composite chart. It's fortunate that it is in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, and that it conjoins cosmic Neptune, who lends it imagination, compassion, and the ability to tune into spirit. However, Neptune can also show delusion.

The timing is apt for a Pisces-rising chart, ruled by Pisces' planet, Neptune, for the U.S. progressed Sun just entered Pisces for the first time in our history.

This composite chart has many, many major aspects, which gives it much integrative power. Dominant are squares, which show challenges and tension, and sextiles, which indicate productive work. The difficult and the easy aspects combine to create a mix of challenges, creativity, and productive results—through hard work. Most of this goes on below the horizon, where we, the public, are not apt to see much of it. However, most of the planets in this composite chart are in the houses of communication, in communicative air signs, so there will be much discussion, along with open communication channels.

It will be up to us, the people, to stay alert, to participate, and to use those channels to communicate our needs and desires.