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Cruz Bustamante

Arnold Schwarzenegger

S E P T E M B E R  2 0 0 3   F E A T U R E   A R T I C L E

Arnold, or Cruz?

by Maya del Mar

Who will be the next Governor of California? Last month we discussed Gray Davis, whose chart showed that he is undergoing sudden, disruptive changes which will leave him a freer man. This seems most apt to happen with a successful recall.

Then, as columnist Robert Scheer puts it, will it be "arrogant Arnold or capable Cruz?" This is a good nutshell statement. Check out the charts. Both charts are sunrise charts, which set the tone for the subsequent 24 hours.

Earth is the practical element. Cruz has Sun and Moon in earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, harmoniously trine one another. He also has Jupiter in the third earth sign, Taurus, which gives him a grand trine in earth. This is an unassuming, magical configuration. Earth is not flashy, but Cruz can figure out how to make whatever he wants to do work, and attract the resources to make it happen. With Moon in Virgo, he instinctively wants to solve problems, and to be of service. With Sun in Capricorn, his path is that of developing authority, and government is a natural milieu for him.

Jupiter in Taurus trine Sun and Moon gives Cruz a lot of long-range stability, luck, and the ability to attract the kind of help he needs.

Chiron exactly conjunct his Sun shows a wounding to his sense of individuality, and a need to incorporate healing into his life. In Capricorn, it gives him a sharp sense of destiny, and a willingness to step outside the box. I would guess that wounding might be in being raised in a humble Mexican family in the San Joaquin Valley, and wanting to help his people to find equal respect in society.

Cruz’s North Node of the Moon in Aquarius supports his taking a political direction to fulfill his Chironic role of healer. Aquarius is a sign of a desire to see a better society. His spiritual direction is to move from the South Node in Leo, the king, to the Aquarius North Node, the democrat, where all have an equal voice in social decisions.

Arnold’s North Node is in Gemini, and his South Node is in Sagittarius. These are the nodes of freedom. It is the same nodal polarity as that of President Clinton and GW Bush. These are my nodes, as well, and I understand the very deep feeling of "don’t fence me in."

Arnold’s Leo Sun conjoins Saturn and Pluto, and this gives him the willingness to work very hard, and an almost ultimate power and strength. Saturn-Pluto is a heavy authoritarian, the signature of a policeman, and this shows Arnold’s background in a Nazi family, and his feeling of affinity for right-wing organizations, such as U.S. English Inc. (He says he will sever his membership if elected governor.)

Arrogance can be a Leo problem anyway, and Arnold does have it bigtime. Arnold’s Moon is in Capricorn, and this gives him a natural sense of authority, and executive ability, but can add to his arrogance. He wants to be in control, and he is. People automatically allow him to take charge.

His Chiron is in Scorpio, and this shows a wounding to his sense of power. So, in fact, does Saturn conjunct Pluto. Arnold’s healing is directed towards coming to terms with power, and he has the chart to do it. Jupiter in Scorpio also gives him success with power, but the means he uses can be ruthless.

Arnold’s chart is more focused, and Cruz’s chart is more balanced. Arnold’s planets are predominantly in the personal signs from Gemini through Leo. Arnold’s attention is on himself almost exclusively. Cruz has most of his planets in the universal and social signs, least in the personal. His mind is on social conditions and human relationships.

What about the transits now? The major one, as you will read a few times in this issue, is Saturn in Cancer opposed to Chiron in Capricorn. This is a startling moment for Cruz, because Chiron in the sky is exactly conjoining his Sun-Chiron conjunction. It is his once-in-a-lifetime Chiron return. Chiron throws us into new spaces, and with the Chiron return, that space is much vaster and more spiritual than the domain in which we lived before. With Chiron-Sun, his destiny is to live in that vast realm.

And this IS Cruz’s moment of destiny.

Saturn is his Sun’s ruler, and the Saturn opposition adds to this fateful moment. Furthermore, Saturn now conjoins Cruz’s Uranus, ruler of his North Node, giving him personal authority for his spiritual direction.

As if this wasn’t enough, transiting Jupiter conjoins Cruz’s Moon, and will trine itself and his Sun, Mars at this extraordinarily powerful Mars time conjoins his Mars to begin a very special new cycle for him, Uranus is about to conjoin his Venus, and Venus is about to conjoin his Saturn.

Cruz Bustamente will win this election. It is his time.

And it is time for the nation to make changes. The Chiron-Saturn opposition in the sky is asking, Can we make needed changes in society’s structures and at the same time retain our traditions? Cruz’s chart, with his Chiron-Sun in Capricorn opposing Uranus in Cancer is made for this. He can hold the institutions of the past at the same time as he embodies higher frequencies which can reform them…and are now insisting on doing so.

Saturn, Chiron, and the Reformer Uranus are all energies with which Cruz has worked intimately his whole life. Sun in Capricorn’s job is to develop authority, and this is exactly where Cruz Bustamente’s authority lies. He begins now his new, expanded path. And he will do it well, because he does things well.