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January 2002
Table of Contents
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GWB and the USA
2002 Completes Our Millennial Initiation
Crystal's Full Moon Prayer Bundle Meditation
February Daily Success Guide--SUBSCRIBE!
Daily Success Guide
January 1 - 31
General Astrological Influences for January
Maya's Ode to Saturn
Goddess of the Month: Themis
Retrograde Watch—Vesta and Mercury
General Sun Signs,
January 2001
Moon Report
January Skywatch
Sissy Blue: A Secret Meeting of the Houses
Using Wisdom to Transform Fear
Book Review: The Saturn-Pluto Phenomenon
Sign of the Month: Capricorn. Learn about your sign in Maya's Sun Sign Archives

January Highlights:

The Charts of GWB and the USAKarmic connections abound in this fateful partnership

2002 Completes Our Millennial Initiation Maya's reflections the on practical, earth-oriented, rebuilding year ahead

NEW! Turn to the Great Spirit Within—Release Your Fears with a Native American Prayer Bundle during this Full Moon window

Saturn: Maya's ode to the Great Teacher

Goddess of the Month! Themis, mother of the Fates

Vesta and Mercuryone turns direct, the other retrogrades this month

LibraSign of the Month: Capricorn
Learn all about your sign in Maya's Sun Sign Archives
Maya del Mar photo February Daily Success Guide—available now!

Maya's January Daily Success Guide—change calls us this month, but resistance is strong—subscribe today!

Astrological Influences for January:
By the end of the month, great healing is possible
Sun Signs Sun Signs The monthly lowdown for your sign.
Moon Report Eclipse Full Moon; Last Quarter Moon in Libra Sharing in order to allow change

Skywatch Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Sirius, and the "Crystal in the Sky"

Sissy Blue Eavesdrops on a secret conversation among astrological houses

Book Review: a workbook for these times—The Saturn-Pluto Phenomenon

Winter: Using Wisdom to Transform Fear with Joseph Odom's Health Through the Seasons

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