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October 2001 Moon Report
by Maya del Mar

Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio. See Daily Success Guide for October 10. Focus was on the U.S. Cancerian need for protection, for this Last Quarter Moon conjoined the U.S. Sun and Bush’s Sun. Transitting Jupiter in the sky conjoined both the U.S. natal sun and this Moon, thus expanding its Cancerian expression and giving it the authority of the King of the Gods.

Fear was sown throughout the land, and at the same time in the U.S. government, secrecy and surveillance expanded exponentially:

Bush says intelligence information will not be given to Congress, an unprecedented shutdown of information, even in "wartime."

Security Adviser Condeleeza Rice asks the media to censor themselves re bin Laden’s speeches.

The Senate passes a huge anti-civil rights bill.

The Senate and House pass bills greatly expanding surveillance of everyone. CARNIVORE is one of the electronic tools, which can spy on any one, whose use will be expanded.

The government buys good satellite photos of Afghanistan to prevent them being seen on the American media.

The government decides to create its own secure Internet system.

Secretary Ashcroft writes a letter to various government departments saying the Justice Department won’t back up challenges to the Freedom of Information Act, so they can go ahead and deny information on any pretext.

House offices are closed due to the anthrax scare.

Interestingly, it is news media being hit by the anthrax threat.

In addition, that’s what's featured in most publications, in place of some real information about world affairs. This is another way of withholding information.

Hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in the streets all over the world against U.S. bombing of Afghanistan, including 50,000 in London and 50,000 in Germany.

General Colin Powell announces that the U.S. might attack 12 other countries.

As for me, it was business. Susan and I met for our periodic review of our work with Daykeeper, always a pleasure. And I finally got myself a working connectiion on my modem, and began to catch up on my e-mail.

FULL MOON IN ARIES. Check Daykeeper's Daily Success Guide entry for October 2:

"The keynote of this Moon is action…Jupiter and Mars together are the quintessential warrior….This is not a peaceful Full Moon….The major action for Washington occurs in the money sector."

Reference to this month's General Influences tells about an emphasis on Jupiter and Mars, along with Ceres, showing aggressive energy connected with food. And now we have the U.S. dropping bombs along with food on Afghanistan.

Also in General Influences, the Vesta-Pallas opposition on October 6-7 is discussed. Vesta is the guardian of hearth, home, turf, and investments. She deals with safety. Pallas is the strategist and defender. On this energy wave, Bush proposes a big tax cut, the Fed cut interest rates, and the U.S. and Britain bomb Afghanistan.

"Together these two goddesses—Vesta and Pallas Athena—will work to protect and defend home and territory. Opposed, as they are here, they may have different ideas of how to do that."

In the face of a great barrage of war propaganda in the nation, a peace movement is burgeoning. New York City is a major center. As one of the rescue workers put it, we want "justice, not revenge."

It’s interesting that Great Britain is leading the war charge. It is a Capricorn nation, and we now have Mars in Capricorn. It’s also ironical that the first reports of bombing casualties are of four UN Aid workers.

Planets in Libra are a call for justice, and there is such a call: Osama bin Laden, who says that for terrorism to cease in the U.S., the U.S. must get its soldiers out of the Middle East, particularly Arabia. This does not seem unreasonable to me. Would we like Arabian military bases in the United States?

Personally, this has been a strong family time, perhaps expressing the last of the Cancer-Capricorn Nodes.

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn. See Calendar entry for September 24. Hard work and focus were the crux of this First Quarter turning point. Social transformation is at a peak.

I felt this power in connection with our local campaign to prevent the building of a monstrous public safety building in our small village. Now we are being listened to. We filed an appeal to the decision to go ahead with the building, and the Council held the public hearing on it in a very large auditorium. Even so, it was crowded, and all the speakers, mostly against the building, could not be accommodated in one long evening. We meet again to finish the testimony on the Full Moon.

I also had a full weekend with friends and family—my personal support team.

GW Bush is getting his support team together. This includes paying some of the back dues which the U.S. owes to the UN. It also includes getting Ambassador Negroponte confirmed to the UN. He had a very bad human rights record in Nicaragua, and was convicted of a criminal cover-up under the Reagan Administration. He’s definitely not a man whom the world trusts.

The Administration is also working to abrogate many civil liberties. Bush established an office of Homeland Security, headed by his friend Tom Ridge who, as governor of Pennsylvania, runs neck and neck with Bush in executions.

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