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September 2001 Moon Report
by Maya del Mar

LAST QTR MOON IN GEMINI, September 12, 2001, Mexico City. First of all, I wish I was home, sharing these critical days with my countrymen and women. Yesterday we watched television all day, but today we haven’t turned it on. I only know that the wreckage is terrible, and that my heart goes out to people, not only in the United States but throughout the world.

We are in the midst of the grand turning of the epoch. Watching those proud buildings crumble like cookies makes us all aware of how superficial and fragile is our current technology and our outdated ideas of security. The toxic dust and debris will linger awhile, and this too is symbolic of the physical and psychic cleanup ahead of us.

This attack, devastating as it is, will be a grand boost to increasing our security in spirit, which is our only real security. Connecting with spirit is the positive use of Neptune, which has been so prominent in the skies all year, priming us to make this shift. Destruction of the old order may be necessary to make way for a new spiritual emergence.

This attack occurred on the Last Quarter Moon energies, a releasing time.

For Last Quarter Moon energies, refer to Calendar entry for September 10:

"It is time for a change of consciousness ... how do we adapt to change ... how do we use power effectively ... Mars in Capricorn suddenly becomes a major player ... release of old forms of aggression. This could mean either war or peace...."

That day, September 10, we had an eclipse of Saturn, the fourth this year (with four more to go this year). This eclipse was visible in the US. Today, September 12, there is an eclipse of Jupiter, visible in most of Europe. The attacks occurred yesterday morning, exactly between these two eclipses. Jupiter and Saturn together refer to the social contract, the social order, the social structure. Jupiter brings vision and benevolence of spirit, and Saturn brings the restrictions of forms and boundaries. They are those two big gassy balls in the sky which together run society in its normal commerce and consciousness.

All eclipses shut old doors and open new ones. Things will never be the same in the United States. Eclipses move things along in the direction in which they are going. For the US government, the direction has been increasing isolation and militarization and decreasing civil rights and social supports. For the US people, the direction has been towards increased spiritual consciousness.

Mercury in Libra at last quarter moon on September 10 exactly squared the US Sun. Information and perception challenged the US. At the attack moment, Mercury was exactly rising on the eastern horizon, and it was exactly conjoining the US Saturn, bringing new information about balance of powers to the administration.

Pluto, Lord of Evolution, strong and fresh from its direct turn in August, is making its last exact pass over the US ascendant, transforming the identity of the nation. It now is opposed by Saturn and Vesta, both focused on protection of territory and of investments of all kinds. Powerful Pluto threw them for a loop yesterday.

This Moon Cycle began with the August New Moon in late Leo.

The New Moon which started this cycle was on August 18 at 27 degrees Leo. This degree opposes the US Moon in Aquarius, and has been sensitized by eclipses in both 1998 and 1999. Moon refers the people. The Lunar Eclipse of last July 5 opposed the US Sun, the nation’s identity. These eclipses, involving both Moon and Sun, are harbingers of great change in the basic fiber of the nation.

The Grand Cross of the Full Moon opened the door for a huge energy shift.

The Full Moon of September 2 made a grand cross which starkly illuminated these energies of change—powerful Pluto, determined Saturn, and Vesta, guardian of the turf. (See calendar entry for September 2.) As the week moved on, Moon and Sun squared and vitalized this powerful Pluto-Saturn opposition. (Refer to September calendar entries.) In the meantime, Mars in well-directed Capricorn has been approaching the Moon’s South Node, a destiny point from the past. It is exact September 13. (See calendar entry.) Mars is the warrior, and ancient aggressions are now being released.

Current transits and progressions emphasize Venus, Goddess of Love.

Moon’s North Node shows new directions. North Node now exactly conjoins US Venus in Cancer, a channel for the future. Venus in Cancer loves security, family, home and country. This US Venus exactly squares the US Transpluto in Aries, which shows the potential for a brand new kind of family, a new type of security, and a new type of defense of home and country. Aries also has a special affinity for the military. (Colin Powell was born with Sun in Aries.)

GW’s Vesta in Aries exactly conjoins the US Transpluto, a resurrection principle.

Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth, is concerned with home, safety, protection, and securing the borders of her territory. In a chart she shows our greatest personal focus. Vesta in Aries people have a strong need for independence, and are motivated by their personal needs. Demetra George says that alienation occurs if they become too involved in the vortex of their own activities. Vesta in Aries can indicate a focus on war and warlike activities.

GW’s progressed chart at this time shows a subjective feeling of happiness and success. He has an exact conjunction of Venus and Moon in Libra, showing very loving feelings. Furthermore, his progressed Jupiter—good fortune— is on his nadir, showing that he feels the gods are with him now and that success is his.

In two months, GW’s progressed Moon will be on that nadir, conjoining Jupiter, showing a major change in his foundations. At that time we have an eclipse in Sagittarius at which Venus and Pluto conjoin on the US ascendant, showing love of power, and also the power of love. This eclipse activates the aggressive potential of the natal US Mars-Neptune square. This eclipse also opens the door to bring in higher octave vibrations into the US ethers.

Venus and Neptune were opposed at the September 2 Full Moon. Now, with the Neptunian compassion elicited by this attack, they can work together to lead us into unconditional love.

The above is just for starters in regard to Venus showing up all over the place. For the US, Venus is the big actor in this dramatic scenario. Venus is about values. Venus is also a magnetic force; it attracts what it desires.

Venus is also an energy of completion. The strong Venusian energy at this time tells me that we are completing an old way of structuring our consciousness of the world, and entering a new one. Our values are making a huge shift. Greed, clinging to one’s comforts, and insecurity are negative expressions of Venus in Cancer.

Positive expressions of Venus in Cancer are a recognition of the brother and sisterhood which we all share, and a desire to nurture all of humanity. In this context, people of African ancestry are under the aegis of Cancer. Perhaps their role as bridges to the natural love energy will increase.

Venus is also about love, and this is a major opportunity for all of us to heighten our love feelings. Here is a simple exercise. Put your hand on your chest. Feel the heat. Focus your attention there for a few minutes and feel the heat expand. Feel the light that goes with the heat. Let it grow. This is the heart of love that you can give to yourself as well as radiate out to the world. If you do this a few times a day, your love energy will grow.

Prayer is another way of loving, and prayers are increasing enormously now. Increasing prayer power means increasing love power. This can be a great gift from Venus and Neptune in our lives now. Crystal provides some beautiful guidance in her New Moon Meditation.

Fear puts obstacles in our path. Love overcomes them. We can know that love is in us and all around and through us, asking only to be recognized.

The victims of this attack shall not have died in vain if out of the chaos a new, authentic spiritual impulse is born.

PISCES FULL MOON. See Calendar for September 2. Indeed this Moon was exciting in my neighborhood! We have a Moon group, and one of our Moon Goddesses birthed her baby on the Full Moon! Little Lei Yanna Pearl was born in the early morning with Cancer, the sign of the Moon, rising. Right above her as she was born, guiding her destiny, was Pisces Moon. She is indeed a Moon Baby.

Virgo is the sign of the Great Goddess, and it is a time filled with soul connections with women for me—from joining in memory the priestesses of Avalon to appreciating my dear little granddaughter from Spain, Isabel, arriving here with her lovely mother, Clara, for a visit. Men, too, joined us—all of them generous, loving and appreciative. Pisces Moon was filled with gifts from the abundance of spirit.

Our CAPSS—Citizens for an Alternative Public Safety Structure—gathers more and more active support and expertise. We are working on many fronts. At Full Moon we sent out letters to all of the voters in Sausalito explaining what is happening. Full Moon illumination in action.

The conference against racial injustice in Durban, South Africa has captured the headlines for the last week. It seems that no nation feels they have—or is willing to take—the platform to fully discuss their position. Emotions have the power here—anger against oppression and injustice on the one hand, and self-righteousness about perpetrating it on the other hand. Polarization reigned, and compromise is so far proving impossible. Perhaps had Colin Powell been allowed to attend, as he fervently wanted to, he could have served as a bridge between colonizers and colonized, and not only salvaged the conference, but given the U.S. some stature in the world. He could have added both statesmanship and personal modeling. Instead the U.S. refused to participate and stormed out like a sore loser.

The grand cross was in full swing. Pisces unites everyone as part of one great spiritual force. Virgo is willing to work to make that happen. Together they represent service and purification. The Sagittarius-Gemini axis, on the other hand, is often filled with the sound of its own voice telling others its views and trying to convert them. It is a polarity which is active, outgoing, and confident—usually speaking out rather than listening. (Newt Gingrich has a Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon.)

Our local CAPSS is another example of working the four arms of this mutable grand cross—Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

I’ve also received both technical and spiritual help in the orb of this Full Moon. That help represents Virgo and Pisces working together. (I have this mutable grand cross in my chart, and thus am very responsive to it.)

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