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by Maya del Mar

LAST QUARTER MOON IN LEO, Nov. 18, Sausalito, CA. The last quarter is the time when we evaluate and sum up, decide what to leave behind, and what to take with us into the future. Here we are working with Scorpio—power and regeneration—and Leo, our central command centers.

This is an important Moon, whose late degrees pull in solar eclipses of the last 27 months and build on those actions. I, for instance, had met someone special 27 months ago, in August 1998. This weekend I decided to let go of that attachment.

At another of those eclipses, in February 1999, Crystal and I collaborated on writing a book, and I got my iMac. I’ve seemed not to have time since to do extra writing or computer learning, but I am newly determined now to make writing, and learning good use of my computers, top priorities in my life. This will entail sacrifices in other activities. Moving into the future and letting go. And with difficulty, for the fixed sign square of this Moon means we make shifts in our deep, dearly-held power centers.

I am also carrying through my Scorpio New Moon intention, which was to speak out. Using my voice is what I am carrying into the future from this month.

The World

This Last Quarter Moon conjoined Pres. Clinton’s Leo Sun, and he is visiting Vietnam. He is the first President to go there, and is accompanied by Hillary and Chelsea. The Communist government of Vietnam gave no advance notice of his visit to the public. Nevertheless throngs of people crowded into the streets to give him an enthusiastic welcome wherever he went, as though he were a rock star.

It was at the August 1998 Eclipse when Pres. Clinton told the truth to the Grand Jury. The February 1999 Eclipse marked the culmination of the public shame of the President’s Monica affair, with his standing for impeachment before the Senate. Hillary began to publicly talk about running for the New York Senate about the same time. This is a completion time for her as well.

It is likely that this triumphant family visit to Vietnam—criticized by many in Washington as consorting with the enemy—closes a chapter in the Clintons’ lives, and at the same time brings them together in a new way.

Perhaps this visit is also a preview of a new role for the President as goodwill ambassador and peacemaker around the world. And for Hillary’s new role as well. When the Vietnamese learned that she has been elected a Senator, and is not "just" a President’s wife, they gave her great honor and importance.

It just dawned on me: "Hillary" is spelled with two "l’s". She was destined to go to "The Hill"!

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues. It spans every important transit and eclipse throughout the years, and is a microcosm of the worlds’ peoples struggle for human dignity. Now we see a new realism about the stakes, and bandaids will no longer suffice. It is surely no accident that Jesus’ gospel of love arose in that land.

BREAKING NEWS: Today Alberto Fujimori promised to resign—again—as President of Peru, and fled to Japan with a great deal of money. His conflict-full third inauguration occurred on the Solar Eclipse of last July 30, conjoining his Leo Sun. Scandal and corruption have overwhelmed his regime—which was strongly supported by the U.S. In fact his chief accomplice, Gen. Montesinos, who was head of Peru’s Intelligence operations, was an employee of the CIA when Geo. H. Bush was its director.

Another dictator falls, and it was instigated by Peruvians themselves, who seek democracy.

Sausalito, Nov. 11, FULL MOON in Taurus. Scorpio-Taurus is the polarity that deals with resources and energy. How do we tend the garden that is Earth, and how do we use her abundance? Growth, regeneration, and transformation are now the modus operandi.

This is an auspicious day. For one thing, we are partaking of one of the two most powerful Full Moons of the year—perhaps the most powerful, for Moon is considered exalted in the sign of Taurus, ruler of her beloved Earth.

Secondly, 11-11 is always a day with high vibrations. Both 11 and 22—the sum—are considered Master numbers.

Thirdly, Uranus—now prominent—brings enlightenment. It is joined by Juno, concerned with all disenfranchised groups.

And finally, Mercury has just turned direct. The wing-footed messenger is on the road again. And he has as his partner, Pallas, the Warrior Queen, the strategist, the protector.

Mercury always has revelations when he turns direct. Now he is letting the cat out of the bag about the dirty laundry which he has been investigating on his retrograde trip through Scorpio.

Mercury usually takes about 3 weeks to fly through a sign, planting ideas and connections. However, due to the retrograde period, Mercury slowly plows through Scorpio for 9-10 weeks, from the end of September until Dec. 3. We dig deep during retrograde times, and nobody digs deeper than Scorpio.

Messenger Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio every six years. The last time was in October 1994. Israeli-Palestine issues dominated the news then, along with the upcoming election. When Mercury turned direct at the end of October 1994, like this year in Libra, someone with an assault rifle fired on the White House. White House security was then greatly beefed up, and remains that way.

A week later the famous reactionary Republican Congress, under the leadership of Newt Gingrich, was elected.

Is history repeating itself?

We now have an assault on the electoral process itself, as the truth slowly emerges about irregularities, including racial harassment, in Florida. The even split between party preferences also presents obstacles for the next Administration. This mess is like an assault on the White House. The credibility of the U.S government has taken a big dip around the world.

Will "security" precautions be taken behind the scenes to preclude future election "errors"? Perhaps greater computer control of elections, or eliminating the electoral college? Will reactionary forces try to have a tighter rein on the federal government as in 1994?

But now we have some new influences. Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius both want reform. Pluto in Sagittarius is regenerating politics. And the four major asteroid goddesses are now in crucial positions. They all work for the bettering of practical human life, and can speak to the hearts of each of us.

I have said often before that the old order is dying, and fighting to hang on. System change takes time, but the cracks are getting larger. Across the land, from Seattle to Florida, we see people beginning to speak up amidst the fog of denial in which we are living.

They are asking questions about values, about our use of resources, about government corruption, and about justice at many levels.

This gorgeous Full Moon in Taurus illuminates the current issues with which we must grapple. Before this day is over, Moon will pass over Saturn and Jupiter, as well as over the sensitive point where they made their fateful conjunction in May. Look at the three of them in a splendid row across the sky tonight. Saturn and Jupiter refer to our work and our social connections, and those areas are energized by the light of this Moon.

There are two fateful aspects to that Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May, a conjunction whose importance I have been emphasizing for the last year.

The first is that it occurred near the fixed star Algol, considered the most disastrous of the fixed stars. (Princess Diana’s Venus conjoined Algol. So does Israel’s Sun.)

The second notable thing about the conjunction is that its 20-year cycle always places it in a year in which a U.S. President is elected—even-numbered decades. Historically, the President elected that year dies in office. Pres. Reagan was an exception, but the conjunction in 1980 was in Libra, an air sign. All of the others have been in earth signs. This is the last earth sign conjunction for 600 years—and the earthiest.

In 2020 we begin a 160 air sign cycle, with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.

My personal Full Moon day has been delightful. I began it early this morning, at sunrise, with a consecration of my favorite food store under new management. Real Foods has great vibes. They are dedicated to organic foods and to supporting life, and the Sausalito store is only one block from where I live. Jerry Burt, the new manager, is talented at promoting community and healing. It was a privilege to share in the rebirth of this great store.


Mercury is normally hard to see, because it hangs out so close to Sun. However it’s been retrograding away from Sun, and now rises early enough in the morning to see. Look low in the East between 6:30 and 6:45 a.m. It is very bright, brighter even than the bright blue star Spica, which can be seen to the upper right. On the morning of the 24th, just before New Moon, the razor thin old crescent moon slips to the left of Mercury. This will be a rare and elegant sight.

Venus has now become an evening star. At the end of both November and December we can see the goddess of love embracing the Moon. Look southwest 45 min. after sunset on Nov. 29, and catch your breath.

Jupiter and Saturn continue to make their majestic trip across the night sky, with Saturn (close to Algol) leading the way. They are both in slow retrograde, almost seeming to stand still.

SAT. NOV. 4. First quarter Moon in Aquarius. With Aquarius, reform is in the air. With Scorpio, we’re challenged by practical reality. These energies are playing out with a peak of indecision about who’s voting for who, and why.

Even though Gore’s lead in California seems to be uncertain, I am still voting for Ralph Nader. Whoever wins the Presidency, we need to build a progressive movement, and this is a great opportunity to establish a foundation of support and encouragement to grass roots activists—which is the only source for political change.

Vice-President Gore could, with one swoop, capture the Nader vote by promising to appoint Ralph Nader to an influential post, such as Commerce Secretary, or Attorney General, or any of a number of other posts for which he’s qualified. Ralph Nader has 30 years of experience working within the government, and this is invaluable to the nation. Obviously Mr. Gore doesn’t consider Mr. Nader enough of a threat to make such a drastic proposition. (This is something that is routinely done in other countries.)

Thus, in my view, we need a large Nader vote to give hope to change, both as a stimulus to the new administration, and as a nucleus for a protest movement which must grow to be effective.

Our election system, which gives no room to preferential ranking, forces voters and candidates into contorted positions. It’s a winner-take-all system. Most other nations use some kind of a ranking system in voting, so that there is no "wasted" vote. The result is that all votes, and all parties, become important.

In those nations, parties often need to cooperate in a coalition to create a governing majority. Minorities, then, are much better represented than in the United States. Politics becomes much more creative, flexible, and responsive to changing public opinion. And it becomes more difficult for a special interest to take over the government. It’s no wonder they tend to have much larger voter turnouts.

In the United States, some cities are beginning to put ranking systems into effect in municipal elections. After this election, we may see public opinion move towards using ranking systems in elections.


Jupiter, big and bright, now graces our viewing the entire night, as it crosses the sky from east to west. Saturn, to its right, is also in a bright phase. They are both in full phase, for Sun will oppose them at the end of the month.

This once-a-year pass illuminates new social directions, for each of these big planets. Now that Jupiter and Saturn are so close together, that awareness will be combined around similar themes. We’ll know where we stand and where we’re going. The election is timed to bring us into this new awareness.

Jupiter and Saturn appear in the constellation of Taurus, near the Pleiades and near Orion. The reddish star close to them is Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull. This is a major sky area, and it indicates the major historical importance of this month. On Nov.12 we can see the Moon sliding between Jupiter and Aldebaran.

OCTOBER 27, Sausalito, California, NEW MOON IN SCORPIO. Halloween is in the air, that time when the veils between worlds are thinnest. Rains here signal the beginning of winter, and we turn inward, where we can explore some of those other worlds. There we can find feelings and desires which have been stuffed inside, while we have gone about living our lives, doing what is expected of us.

Scorpio is not afraid to face those hidden depths, and engage with them. This is particularly true now, with Mercury—our minds and communication—retrograde in investigative Scorpio. Mercury retrograde is a time when we let go of others’ expectations, and instead probe our own perceptions. In Scorpio we can reach into the truth of ourselves.

This search is facilitated by planets now in Aquarius, looking for truth. One of them, Uranus, opens us to flashes of enlightenment. The other, Neptune, requires us to use analysis and discrimination. Neptune is very idealistic, but at the same time it can cloud our vision (it rules clouds—the clouds the angels step out of—or the devils). Fanaticism, denial and addiction are all associated with Neptune. So are oil and chemicals.

Perhaps Halloween costumes allow us, most importantly, to step out of the masks we wear every day.

The mask I try to create as an astrology writer is one of some objectivity. I feel my role is to describe energies, not to evaluate them. I know that my liberal philosophy does color everything I write, but I’ve tried not to push it.

For instance, until you read the Nov. 7 Calendar entry, you may think that I support Al Gore for President. I do not.
I feel compelled now to remove my mask of semi-objectivity.

At this New Moon the financial oligarchy is removing its mask and going all out to attack Ralph Nader—as a traitor, of all things! This means the establishment is truly frightened of Ralph Nader. He is, indeed, a traitor to them. The New York Times, public voice of the powers that be, went so far as to get hysterical—which they just don’t do—and called him "ego run amuck."

Party officials were so frightened they excluded him from the "debates" and wouldn’t even allow him in the debate listening room in early October, even though he had legitimate tickets.
What they fear is Mr. Nader’s lifelong work of promoting the right to live humanly—for everyone.

The two parties have sold our government to corporations. For example, one tenth of one percent, i.e., 0.001, of all Americans gave $1000 or more to the two candidates. Yet Gov. Bush received 71% of his contributions from that level, and Vice-Pres. Gore 61%.


Ralph Nader has consistently fought this corporate stranglehold for 35 years, working behind the scenes for a more livable America. Despite lack of media coverage, the public now is listening. The time is right, and cracks, big ones, are appearing in the system.

The spotlight is on Ralph Nader as spokesperson for reform. Tens of thousands are paying to attend his rallies all over the country. He speaks truth to power, and his audience is growing. Through Ralph as a centering point, people are making connections for a new social movement, a grassroots movement of the people.

Green is the fresh new life of spring, bursting forth.
Green is Ralph Nader’s party. Grass and trees are green. Green is spring, green is growth, green is the garden, green is the manifestation of fertility, green is healing, green is a heart color, and green is money as well. Green is also a Taurus color and we are freshly into a 20-year Taurus cycle of grounding society.

You can bet the oligarchy is scared! They know the stakes. They are not worried whether it’s Al Gore or George Bush in the White House. They have both parties in their pockets.
Now that Ralph Nader is gaining ground, both parties are unified in attacking him. What they are worried about is a Green party gaining power and challenging their hegemony down the road.

Their extreme reaction shows that in this election we DO have a choice, and that a vote for Ralph Nader DOES count for something. We can vote for a candidate with courage, integrity, and dedication to the public good, and begin a new deal in American politics.

Not only that, but we can vote for a third party, NOW, which is the hope to break the corporate stranglehold in the years to come. I ask myself, "What kind of world do I want for my grandchildren?"

Ask yourself, "Do I want to vote out of fear?" Fear is the tried and true technique of persuasion used for centuries. E.g., do this or you won’t go to heaven, buy this or you won’t be sexually attractive.

For me, it comes down to making choices which promote health. Every choice we make can lead us towards, or away from, our true selves. Olga Kharitidi (see book review in the Nov. issue of Daykeeper) gives us wise criteria for making choices: beauty, truth, health, happiness, and light.

There’s simply no contest. Ralph Nader is the only candidate who deserves our vote for President of the United States.

Here you have it. Taking my courage in hand and speaking from the depths of my heart is my personal Scorpio New Moon seed.

Crystal’s Moon Meditation gives each of us tools to do exactly that. Crystal has developed her wisdom and techniques over many years of study, meditation, practice, and seminar work with thousands of people. Her work comes out of light, and gives us light. The time spent in following her teaching always brings rewards.


The Libra Moon cycle, where we seek balance, tends to sharpen imbalances, and bring them to our consciousness. The Oslo Peace Agreement (1993) returned some Palestine land, but all of it dotted with Jewish settlements, connected with Jewish roads, all patrolled by Israeli security. This situation makes it impossible for the Palestinians to have any kind of a cohesive, governable state.

I saw this settlement process happening 17 years ago, and was appalled then at those guardian fortresses. Israelis have continued to expand them, and now hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers live in these imposing settlements scattered all over Palestine. This has been a slow creep method of creating squatters’ rights on Palestinian territory. The settlements are on higher ground, made of stone, and look like impregnable fortresses guarding the surrounding land.

Libra calls for justice, and Palestinian frustration with injustice has resoundingly broken through. The Israeli provocation was purposeful. Ariel Sharon, a noted warhawk, took 1000 of his security troops and walked on the Temple Mount, one of Islam’s most sacred sites, at the Libra New Moon.

Battle lines have been drawn, and now at the Scorpio New Moon the violence continues. Scorpio is passionate, and we will see the deep feelings of both sides emerge as the month moves on.


Throughout October, hundreds of thousands of people marched for peace and justice both in the United States and all over the world. The causes were many, from the World March of Women 2000 Against Poverty and Violence to regional marches for Amnesty for Immigrants. Demonstrations by Muslims against Israeli violence, as well as Jewish people for peace turned up throughout the globe, including Capetown, where I was.

During Scorpio time we process these feelings at a deep level, and figure out how to make change happen.


Bodies in the Kursk are being recovered by Russian divers with Norwegian help. So far we have a note from one survivor. Speculation of the cause centers on another submarine hitting the Kursk. We have learned that U.S. subs routinely tail Russian subs in these northern waters, and that there have been at least 19 collisions in the past between U.S. and Russian subs. These cold, murky waters can be dangerous when secrecy is the rule! How Scorpionic!


This relentless destruction of the Iraqi people is not new. It has been occurring since the imposition of sanctions by the U.S nearly 10 years ago and aggravated by the regular bombing of Iraq by U.S and British planes. It has been reported in the news during these years.

However, the condition of the Iraqi people is now becoming more prominent in the news due to a document newly obtained by Professor J. Nagy of George Washington University which was prepared by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

This report, hidden by the government for 10 years, outlines plans for a water-borne genocide of the Iraqi people. Professor Nagy intends to pursue, under International Law, criminal indictments against those responsible.

Iraq has fallen from the star of the Middle East—with a 90% literacy rate, superb medical system, equal treatment of women—to become a land of suffering, deprivation, starvation, disease, and radioactivity. Humanitarian coordinators have resigned in protest when they see conditions on the scene.

Says one of them, Denis Halliday, "I went to Iraq to administer the largest humanitarian challenge in UN history. I didn’t realize the level of complicity in the suffering…it is to the point of madness. One day we will be called into account."

This is Scorpio stuff.

And I ask the question, "Do you want to vote for a Party which has perpetuated this kind of cruelty?"

I am reminded of the massive denial of the German people which allowed Hitler to proceed with his madness.

"Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."

— John Donne

Scorpio is the season of regeneration. Each one of us has a huge opportunity in the election booth to begin to regenerate this nation in a new mold of caring for the dignity of each person.

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