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September 2000
Moon Report

by Maya del Mar

NEW MOON, AUGUST 29, 2000, SAUSALITO, CA.Tune-up time! For the next month we get to use Virgo’s fine analytic powers in the service of cleaning up our acts. We work on improving our health, our homes, our work, and our lives. At New Moon we begin to set a new course for the next year.

It’s a new deal for DAYKEEPER, and my work now is to learn to write for the Web, in every way a far different process than writing for print. I begin now to learn, under the expert guidance of my webmaster daughter, Susan Pomeroy. (Mothers and daughters are Virgo too!) On New Moon day my mailman knocked at my door with a heavy box. "Don’t you lift this," he cautioned. It was full of the leftover print copies of DAYKEEPER from the last 2 _ years! The end of one work era, and the beginning of another has commenced.

As if to emphasize the shift, the hard drive in my old trusty Mac went out, and I am forced to learn how to use my PC—which is not nearly as user-friendly. Virgo is also about learning to use one’s tools skillfully, and I have a lot of work ahead of me in the computer department!

Health is also a daily work for me. On Tuesday, first day of the New Moon, I skimmed a borrowed enzyme book, and ordered a copy from my bookseller. That same day she also delivered to my door 3 copies of ELECRICAL NUTRITION (see book review). In the mail was an excellent report on chelation therapy. This has been on my mind for years, and I was delighted to pick up the phone and order these nutrients.

I got a haircut on New Moon day—best one ever, see the dermatologist this week, and get my teeth cleaned next week. Monday I got a bone scan. I’ve also had a slight stomach upset (Virgo), enough to keep me eating very lightly. It feels like a good cleansing.

My home needs organizing help. My New Moon client, Becky Price, has developed passion and skill in feng shui since I last saw her. She was happy to make a trade of astrology for feng shui. Serendipitous!

Virgo is the major sign of the Great Goddess, and I was affirmed as a minister of her blessings. Jerry Burt, who will be the new manager at my Real Foods store, asked me to do a blessing for the store as he takes over. I am honored, and told him that my dad would be there, too—for I grew up in Dad’s little grocery store, a perfect Virgo place.

Virgo is also about connecting with the earth spirits. On Sunday we had our plant shaman apprentice meeting in the fields. Thanks to Susan, we’ve been discussing the magical properties of Coyote Bush over the e-mail ever since!

My special intentions for this month are to write more and to walk more. I’ll keep you posted!

LAST QUARTER MOON, AUGUST 22, 2000, Sausalito, CA. We begin the last lap of our New Moon in Leo month. Sun is just about to leave Leo, and Moon is at the end of Taurus. This is the letting-go quarter of the cycle, and these fixed signs are not about to do it easily. Besides, Leo is about enjoying our lives and who wants to release that?

It’s time to look back on the last three weeks, and notice what attracted us and what we found pleasurable. And then to evaluate what we need to release to make those activities and feelings a central part of our lives. Leo is the center, the heart.

I found myself pulled towards direct connections with people, especially my children, and with nature. I’m also beginning to write for the web instead of for print, and finding it an enjoyable challenge. I’ve been writing for print for 60 years, and this is a huge inner turning for me. It’s freeing in many ways.

But the printed word is sacred to me. I save way too many papers—of all types—and I need to let go of the mass of papers in my home. This is very clear, and very difficult for me. To enjoy the freedom I’ve given myself this last month, I need to release my burden of papers. I’m starting now.

The healing of Earth and the healing of myself have both been major subjects in my consciousness this month. Now, at last quarter moon, I’m learning to let go of some old personal wasteful habits, in little ways, like bringing my own bags to the store, and my own dishes for takeouts. I remember how in the sixties and early seventies, we did much more than that to live more in tune with nature. (Not to speak of WWII, when nothing was wasted, not even a gum wrapper or a piece of string.)

Quarter moons pinpoint changes in consciousness as we journey along the spiral of life. The event which marked this last quarter turn was my reading of the exciting book, Electrical Nutrition, by Denis and Shelley Hiestand. It shifts me into a far more holistic way of seeing the body—as an electrical system rather than as a chemical system. (See review elsewhere.) It enables me to let go of my old way of viewing physiology, a big release. Out of this will come a new cycle of personal healing, as we move into the Virgo New Moon, which is all about healing.

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