by Maya del Mar

Moon not only reflects Sun’s light, it also reflects our life on earth. Plants, animals, tides, we humans all correspond to Moon’s positions. Moon is intimate. It is close. Except for that moment of the New Moon, it is always visible somewhere on earth. It is big enough to dominate the sky, of the right brightness to look at easily, and not so dark that it looms as a threat. The importance of Moon’s rhythms is what almanac writing was all about in the early days.

We notice the Full Moons especially. That is when Moon is brightest and reflects life most clearly. Although less dramatic at other times, Moon is always reflecting life. Following Moon/Sun/Earth monthly cycles helps us to tune into ourselves and to all of life.

The plant metaphor works for us as well. At New Moon we plant seeds, at First Quarter the seedlings break through the ground and meet the full force of the light. By Full Moon the plant blossoms and begins to scatter its seeds. At Fourth Quarter the seeds are scattered and the plant can rest and renew itself for the next cycle. Many gardeners do, in fact, use this cycle as a guide.

My daughter, Crystal Pomeroy, also works with Moon’s cycles. In fact, she is a Cancer Sun Sign, very much in tune with Moon. Whereas I write about the astrological energies in the Calendar, and am giving you an example in this column, Crystal is an expert at putting together meditations and exercises which can help everyone to grow with the Moon. Her column appears as Crystal’s Moon Meditations.

This column is intended as a demonstration of one person’s effort to be aware of the monthly cycles in her life. I will make personal reports on New and Full Moons, and at times on the quarters. As readers tune into Moon’s cycle in their lives, I would love to hear from you.

My hope is that as we pay attention to Moon, we can learn to live more in harmony with ourselves, with each other, and with all of life.

Published by Maya del Mar. Copyright © 2000, 2001 Maya del Mar.
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