by Crystal Pomeroy

The first Harvest Moon of the New Millennium is a ripe time to consider what each of us is harvesting for ourselves and the planet as a new era begins. Maya underscores stellar influences which accent, "reshaping our communications and connections to make them deeper,...more practical and useful, more geared to real problem solving."

Her predictions for this full-moon window of opportunity bring to mind the Buddhist tenet of "right speech," an element of the eight-fold path to Nirvana, or enlightenment. Right Speech is "to abstain from using pernicious or erroneous language, from speaking negligently, lying, slandering or hurting others, while cultivating kind, benevolent, pleasant, sweet, significant and useful words." The power of the spoken word is so connected to the consciousness of the speaker that Buddhism clearly signals its discriminate use as decisive in freeing the soul from the weight of the ego or earth plane. This principle is also reflected in the metaphysical teaching about the power our words contain to create whatever we decree. From either perspective, we cannot escape the eventual harvest in our own experience and spiritual growth of the words we repeatedly speak. With the current astrological emphasis on restructuring communication, this full moon window can give particularly luminous clarity for assuming a more empowered relationship with our verbal expression: what it's creating in our lives and consciousness and those of the planet.

Metaphysically speaking, Nirvana can be considered more than an ultimate destination. It can be compared to the "queendom of heaven," accessible now in increments as we move along the spiritual path. Our earthly experiences in fact become heavenly as we align our awareness and behavior with spiritual principles. One of the most universally held among these—taught in mystical traditions worldwide—is that of the creative power of words. Human perception is highly creative and tends to multiply that which we behold, when we also affirm our perceptions verbally, our words focus, reiterate and consolidate our perceptions, thus magnifying the amazing creative power contained in our beliefs and feelings.

The energy theme of recovering our mystical relationship with spoken words around this Harvest Moon is further underscored by the Sabian symbol for its astrological degree that Maya has shared. Describing a "prophet carrying tablets of the new law," it speaks of "the need to bring down to the level of everyday existence ... formative and structuring power, a divine revelation." Maya adds: "Saturn (the law) in Gemini grounds and structures information." (Italics mine.) If we heed the messages of the stars and take out some time to compare our common conversing with the Buddhist precept of Right Speech—or the metaphysical practice of affirming only that which we would create more of—most of us are apt to discover just how carelessly we squander our verbal energy in futile, or often destructive comments.

Such reflections have ominous practical application in our lives now. If some circumstance appears to rise before us like a formidable wall, a deep restructuring of how we use our words can help us bring Nirvana into them.

In my teaching, practice and studies, I have noticed that many are inspired or intrigued by metaphysical information, but the persistent tendency to remain unaware (Freud would call it resistance) of what we are really saying, thinking and feeling, keeps them stuck in those same belief and communication patterns that put up those walls of adversity in their lives in the first place. The following exercises are designed to move us beyond the theory and into awareness of our accustomed ways of commenting about different areas of our lives. This will in turn shed light on where we're really placing our faith, as, "the mouth speaks from what fills the heart." (Luke 6, 45.)

You may choose one or more of life areas below, putting a check by those comments that sound like something you might say in casual conversation (vs. to a counselor, advisor or minister in a specific, problem-solving context). If there's a specific situation we have not accounted for in these lists, you may read through them carefully and apply a similar questioning to that area. It's really worth printing these out, or using a notepad and doing this in writing, since even apparently simple interaction really facilitates awareness more than reading alone. These are meant as reflective tools and will work best if you are flexible and honest with yourself on identifying your habitual way of speaking and thinking about conditions or people. It is our hope that you will thus see more clearly what your words are sowing in those situations, and how you can choose them to more consciously support what you'd prefer to reap. Note that those remarks directed towards the conditions or situations of others will also come back as part of your own experience.

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"I can't afford it."
"That's so expensive!"
"I'm really low on funds."
"We're having a tough time."
"My financial situation is improving."
"I just can't seem to make ends meet."
"Things are tight these days."
"I'm grateful for what income I have."
"I can't think big because I don't have the funds to act on my dreams."
"I'm on a restricted income."
"Those guys are really creeps, they sure like money."
(Other habitual remarks about finances you might have observed yourself making or thinking:)


"I'm really worried about this pain I have."
"I'm afraid it could be something serious."
"I'll tell you about some possible dangers of your condition."
"I'm afraid it could be something serious."
"I'm basically strong."
"This illness runs in my family."
"I'll describe the symptoms to you...."
"I praise the health I have."
"I've been feeling better."
"You know how your body changes with age."
"I know you'll be fine, because you're body is wonderful."
(Other habitual remarks about health you might have observed yourself making or thinking:)


"I could tell she was being manipulative again."
"He's really got some macho hang-ups."
"He never tells people all I contribute to our work together."
"I can tell she's jealous of me."
"She's so stubborn."
"I have such wonderful people in my life."
"He seems to enjoy letting people think he's the sole mastermind in our operation."
"I really resent her attitude."
"I'm so happy to be in this relationship."
"All my children are talented and loving."
"He tends to resist listening to me."
"My mother's a wonderful person."
"I tend to attract envious people."
"We get along great in my family."
"My life is full of wonderful, supportive people."
(Other habitual remarks about others or about your relationships you might have observed yourself making or thinking repeatedly:)

What kind of pattern can you observe when you really pay attention to your habitual remarks about finances, health, relationships or self? If you note pessimism, unkindness, or insistent reiteration of the negative "facts" as you see them, you are more likely to keep harvesting limitation in those areas of your life. What to do instead? I do not suggest you go around saying things are great if at this point you don't believe it. Decrees need to be connected to our innermost beliefs in order to create powerfully. With creativity we can invent or discover affirmations that connect us with spiritual truths, capable of prying our attention out of self-defeating ruts. (Some are suggested below.) Such prayers can be very effective when used regularly with full attention. However, the importance of creative awareness in our casual conversation cannot be overstressed. Precisely when we are chatting with dear ones or acquaintances we tend to be most relaxed, and mental relaxation multiplies receptivity to the power of words. Good, affirmative prayer work can be counteracted or even neutralized by negligent conversation. On the other hand, habitual daily reference only to the best in our experience can indeed be a powerful type of prayer life in itself, accompanied by miraculous changes in conditions.

For the time being, we can practice refraining from any comments that are not "useful" or "benevolent" and focusing on describing that part of appearances which we already believe and which we would also like see grow or multiply.

For instance, if a health concern were our wall to tumble down, on a day we feel good or better, we could describe the improvement, without adding how sick we've felt other days, nor emphasizing how we're "just a little" better.

Someone wishing to overcome financial limitation could refrain from reporting to others that part of their experience, while making a point of remarking on any blessing they may have or receive. Again, avoid the tendency to qualify your positive financial observations by tacking on the negative "facts," "It's improving, very slowly," or, "That money came, but then it went and didn't help much with all the debts and pressures I have." If we have had work—even if the money doesn't yet appear to be rolling in as we'd like it to—we can limit our remarks to "I have had clientele." The clients will grow more steady (in which case we can add the word "steady" to our description), and the financial limitations we've stopped decreeing and advertising out loud will vanish for lack of our attention and that of those who hear us.

May our remarks about others focus only on what we might like or appreciate. This represents a special challenge to those many who've grown up in atmospheres of criticism, sarcasm or verbal abuse. Such early atmospheres (which actually prevail in society at large) have often put us in defensive, fear-based modes of interacting. Below the threshold of conscious awareness, we are apt to replay defensive/aggressive communication mechanisms.

The metaphysician knows, however, that the secret thoughts of his or her heart will attract like experiences. He or she will be happy to embrace another Buddhist tenet. "Right Mindfulness" includes, "diligent attention to the emotions, mental activity ... ideas," and "thoughts." Diligent attention to the mental patterns which erupt into our way of responding to, thinking and commenting about others can certainly facilitate the deep "reshaping of communications and connections" that Maya's Harvest Moon phase calls for now. A deeper level of awareness from which to exercise our free will also gives us access to the inner power point of the creative word, a dynamic way to integrate, "Divine Revelation into daily experience." Those of us who apply this diligently discover the Prophet Within. He or She wields the consciously accumulated force of the command, "abracadabra"—which in Aramaic means, "it is created as I speak." So may we accelerate the planet's harvest in the New Millennium, by prophesizing our personal and collective good by the light of September's Golden Full Moon.

Sample decrees for recovering the conscious power of words:

Right words are the seeds I sow to multiply the harvest of good in my awareness and experience.

The Divine Speaker is expressing Itself through me and around me. No habit or influence of the past or present can keep the Divine Speaker from communicating Her perfect messages to me and through me now.

I see my words surrounded by the white light of the Divine Mother Who lives in me, into which nothing negative can penetrate, and out of which only good can come.

This last affirmation is derived from work in our Effective Prayer Ministry. A friend of the Ministry remarked that she could not help but love her brothers and sisters, "because my mother lives in each of them." For apparently challenging, slow, or difficult people, we have been affirming, "I love you because my Divine Mother lives in you." This simple thought, held in the depth of its meaning along with the image or name of the subject of prayer, has led to amazing testimonies of vastly improved attitudes and even intelligence in those prayed for. You may choose to join us by including such affirmations among your own empowering words for yourself, others or relationships.

You may also wish to join us this September and October in some of our prayers for:


    I see my finances (contracts, etc.) surrounded by the white light of the Divine Mother Who lives in them, and I am sure of the great blessings which are radiating from and through them now.


    No condition or influence can limit the expression of Divine life through (name) now.


    I see you surrounded by the white light of the Divine Mother who lives in you, Who always succeeds, and Who is victorious in your mind and affairs now.


The white light of the Divine Mother who lives in you shines forth to go before you and illuminate every step on your path. Your guidance is in you and around you now.

Note: The volunteer-and-donation-supported Effective Prayer Ministry is devoted to teaching and applying effective prayer. It is a division of Milenio Crystofer ... discovering Your New World Within©, affiliated with Daykeeper©. If you have a specific prayer request or experience you would like to share, please direct it to the Daykeeper website.

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