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May 2001 Moon Report
by Maya del Mar

LAST QUARTER MOON IN PISCES. Sausalito, Ca. June 21, 2001. Refer to Calendar for June 13. With Pisces Moon in a Gemini Moon cycle, the urge is to move and flow and communicate. George W. Bush did exactly that as he headed into his first trip to Europe (ever!). He covered a lot of ground and talked with a lot of important people, very Sagittarian—our main sign now. Maverick Chiron stood out at this last quarter moon, and GW was definitely a maverick. He did not find ready agreement on his major desires— to abolish the ABM Treaty, create a missile defense shield, expand NATO to Russia, and scrap the Kyoto Treaty.

Pisces Senator Joseph Lieberman took the reins as chairman of a panel of inquiry about the Bush energy policies. Governor Gray Davis testified about price gouging in California, asked for federal price caps, and asked that certain energy companies refund $7 billion to the State of California. Looks like both things are happening.

The first federal bill mandating student testing passed the Senate.

Gays did well, just in time for Gay Pride Week. The Presbyterian Board backed the ordination of gays. And the popular new Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, came out of the closet.

So what Gemini thing is Pisces helping us leave behind? In the case of GW, the European fantasy of him is gone. They got to communicate with the real person. In the case of energy, the public has left behind the fantasy that the energy companies acted fairly. In regard to gays, the fantasy that they are not part of the community of our best and most respected leaders is being laid to rest.

As for me, I spent special time with my daughter Penelope, and finished writing the Calendar.

FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS. Check Calendar for June 5, 2001. This Full Moon is the midpoint of the Gemini Moon cycle. Gemini is the word, Sagittarius spreads the word. Gemini is the neighborhood. Sagittarius is the wide world. Gemini is the facts. Sagittarius is the meaning.

At New Moon Sen. Jeffords resigned from the Republican party. Now, at Full Moon, the Senate shifts to Democratic control.

At New Moon, the Senate passed the tax cut. At Full Moon GW Bush signs it, to give it the effectiveness of law.

At New Moon, fossil fuels and missile defense are being pushed by the Administration. At first quarter, Europe rebuffs the U.S. on missile defense, and GW comes to California to promote his energy program. At Full Moon Sec. Rumsfeld tells Europe that the U.S. is going ahead with missile defense. GW requests a special briefing on global warming before his European trip.

In California, at New Moon many investigations of power companies brought up evidence of price gouging. The State was preparing to prosecute, and creating legislation to support public ownership of power. At First Quarter, GW visited California. Now, at Full Moon, power prices have mysteriously plummeted. There seems to be no more power crisis.

This Full Moon was the reverse of the Gemini Full Moon of December 11, 2000, which was when the Supreme Court decision came down for Bush. Now we have published the U.S. Civil Rights Commission Report on the Florida Election. It was critical of Jeb Bush and Catherine Harris, and basically said that in many ways, African-American voters got shafted.

As for me, I celebrated both New and Full Moons at small neighborhood get-togethers, both of which enlarged my worldview. Gemini and Sagittarius were both expressed.

Now my Gemini Moon—Sagittarius Venus daughter, Penelope, is visiting. And at the same time I find myself renewing old neighborhood connections, and making new ones. I feel like a gadabout instead of the hermit I’ve been. It’s fun!

FIRST QUARTER MOON IN VIRGO, JUNE 4, 2001. Sausalito, CA. First Quarter Moon in Virgo occurred May 29. Check Calendar for that date. I mentioned influences of Virgo grounding, Saturn concentration, Neptune spaciness, and Plutonian power—adding up to possible confusion.

George Bush came to California then. There was certainly confusion in seeing the purpose of his trip. He gave a short, scripted talk in Los Angeles, talked with Governor Davis for 20 minutes, and spent a few minutes hugging a mountain sequoia, a jaunt which used up an enormous amount of energy. His net impression was a big minus.

In San Francisco, shameless PG&E asked the bankruptcy court to let them double the pay of top executives, and raise others’ pay 50 to 75%, 74 in all.

In California, electricity usage is down 11% during May! This is just through people trying to save, no big government campaign or help.

In Europe, the long-awaited NATO statement refused to approve missile defense, despite U.S. cajoling.

The movie "Pearl Harbor" debuted.

In Idaho, six children held off the law, fearful that they would be separated by government intervention. A truce was reached.

In Tel Aviv, a suicide bomb killed 17.

In Nepal, the entire royal family suddenly died amidst mysterious circumstances. No investigation allowed, and the slain king’s brother now becomes king under clouds of suspicion.

In Peru, Alejandro Toledo wins the election for President. He is considered a "clean" neoliberal, quite acceptable to transnational corporations.

First quarter is breakthrough time. My breakthrough was getting the June issue of Daykeeper completed!

May 27, 2001, Sausalito, CA (Gemini new moon of 5/22). Reread Calendar entry for May 22. I noted that this New Moon was the halfway point of the Sagittarian year which began last Nov. 25, the day that Katherine Harris certified George Bush as winner in Florida, and he declared himself President-elect.

Sagittarius is about philosophies and beliefs. Gemini is about facts and information. After noting the facts of the Bush Administration, Senator James Jeffords of Vermont resigned from the Republican Party, saying it was too ultra-right for him. This will mean a huge realignment of Congress and of national politics. The Republicans’ unprecedented capture of the 3 branches of government was short-lived.

Pluto in Sagittarius transforms politics, and Chiron in Sagittarius realigns it. Mars now retrograde in Sagittarius is doing some political repair. Sagittarius is a sign of politics, and it is being thoroughly stimulated as we move into this new century.

This was a Saturnian New Moon. Saturn refers to business and government—as well as all structures. Saturn concentrates and builds With Senator Jeffords’ defection, the structure of Congress is changing radically.

Congress passed an enormous tax cut. For all the propaganda, it is another way of transferring the peoples’ money to the rich. It’s a 10-year program, and it is certain that the consequent structural changes in government will hurt the little guy and help the big one.

The other major New Moon move was Citigroup buying Banamex to create (1) the biggest bank in the world and (2) a direct route for a U.S. corporation to gain leverage to acquire Mexican assets, such as savings which amount to $42 billion, as well as other bank investments.

Citibank is one of the largest banks in the U.S.—perhaps the largest—and it is well known for laundering drug money. (High profile cases were the Salinas brothers, Carlos—one-time President of Mexico—and Raoul.) (Other large well known U.S. laundering banks are North Carolina’s Bank of America and Florida’s Bank of Florida.)

Saturn is also about creating foundations. Saturn starts at the bottom, and builds soundly, step by step. Its structures endure. The two cornerstones mentioned above, tax cut and bank merger, are laying a foundation for another giant step in the ongoing transfer of wealth and resources to the most wealthy.

Hopefully Senator Jeffords’ defection is laying another kind of foundation for reconsideration and slowdown of the nation’s pell-mell rush over the cliff.

In California the frustration level continues to rise in regard to the power situation. Perhaps this is a foundation for the people to take charge, as they watch their money disappearing along with gouging power companies and fearful legislators.

As for me, this Saturnian New Moon squared my Pisces Mercury, and I’ve just been working away—writing and reading. Gemini is my North Node sign, and immersion in the information highway in all its forms is clearly my life path.

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