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Daily Astrological Forecast for May 2001
by Maya del Mar

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Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.

TUESDAY MAY 1. I am surprised at how often the first day of the month is a particularly significant day. May 1 is not any first day. In the northern hemisphere it has a tradition going back to antiquity as a celebration of spring, the beauty of the earth, and the rising of the light. Throughout the many celebrations of this day run the themes of the union of Sun and Moon as they fertilize the Earth. Beltane, the pagan name for this celebration, comes from "Bel," an ancient name for the Sun, and Tanit, a Phoenician Moon Goddess.

The ancients recognized the morning dew as a magical substance bearing the essence of the Earth. Relating to that dew was a part of many May Day customs. We can renew the essence of that custom by simply going out among growing plants early in the morning, and putting our faces in the dew. Even if it’s not a dewy morning, kissing the Earth is a fine idea on this special day.

There are many aspects in the sky today, and this means lots of action. Much of the activity now will set the tone for the entire month. Be aware and conscious as you move through the day.

Moon is in flamboyant Leo, and since yesterday has been inciting passions. Some things move into place as Moon goes VOC at 7:43 p.m. EDT. At 10:16 p.m. Moon enters Virgo, and after that we take a more serious approach to life. Moon squares Saturn tonight, indicating special responsibility. Moon squares Saturn twice each month, but this is the first square since Saturn entered Gemini in late April, and Moon helps us feel what Saturn in Gemini is about. Pay attention to communication tonight.

The major event of the day is Mars conjoining Chiron at 29 Sagittarius.

Because of the slowness of retrograding planets, this conjunction lasts for the entire month of May. It is very potent both because of the slow speed of the planets and because of the long endurance of the conjunction.

All of the elements here are active and outgoing. Mars is goal-directed energy, Chiron is a bridge into new spaces, and Sagittarius is a mover, a traveler. Picture the centaur: the archer on his hoofed steed firing an arrow towards the distant hills, and then galloping after it.

This is a reckless situation, and there are some unknowns. Where has the arrow landed? How do we get there? What is the journey like? What do our hooves trample on the way? It behooves Chiron, the Centaur, to have some foresight here, but with action-oriented Mars as his companion that is unlikely.
Chiron thrusts us into new, unpredictable situations in which we’re forced to expand our consciousness. It is an energy of transformation, of initiation. Sometimes those situations are wounding, and in healing them we become more whole. Sometimes they simply show us new worlds. With Mars, we are apt to experience some darker sides of aggression—for the purpose of healing.

Those people with planets at 28-29 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, or Virgo will undergo a special transformation process during May. Charts with those degrees include California, San Diego, Canada, Mexico, Dick Cheney, and Colin Powell.

Most importantly, 29 Sagittarius is the degree of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at the end of November 1994, which began a 12-year expansion cycle. On that day Congress okayed GATT, which established the WTO and opened the U.S. to a new level of "free trade."

Chiron and Mars conjoin for the final time on August 23 at 23 Sagittarius, a sensitive eclipse degree. May’s activity will have a resolution then.

WEDNESDAY MAY 2. Moon in Virgo continues to stimulate the major Gemini-Sagittarius polarity of these times. Our interest in social causes is strong, and true to Virgo we want to do something to clean up or improve conditions. The urge for catharsis is also strong, and we may want to make changes in our own home, work, garden, or relationships. Our thoughts are about reform, and we may be wakeful tonight as our minds open to new ideas. This is an active, problem-solving day with larger social connotations to our personal activities. Sleep may be restless.

THURSDAY MAY 3. Yesterday’s constructive—and unusual—activity continues, and it revolves around the Mars-Chiron conjunction, energized today by both Sun and Moon. The last degrees of a sign give a strong push to finish up the work of that sign—with Sagittarius the work is expanding our understanding. The theme of the day is Mercury square Uranus, an aspect of nervous energy, and of electronic communication. We may have a flurry of activity around 10:40 p.m. Don’t let super-sensitivity rile you.

Libra Moon brings us May’s Pleasure Special—a grand air trine containing five of the ten major planets. During these two days we are high on sociability, communication, and enjoyment of one another. These are the most lively, fun days of the month, and they occur within the Beltane power window, when Taurus is at her peak of power and glory. Cinco de Mayo is one pretext for a grand spring celebration. We will create others. Love and beauty are in the air.

SUNDAY MAY 6. Scorpio Moon is intense and brooding, and we turn serious. Perhaps we pour our feelings into a religious gathering, or an assembly for social justice. Perhaps we just want to be alone and communicate with spirit. Or perhaps we’re just hung over from too much partying. This is a passionate, mystical day. On the one hand we want to gather with others with similar values; on the other hand we want solitude. One way to combine both urges is by joining telepathically with a chosen group.

A major aspect occurs today for the third and final time: Jupiter in Gemini opposes Pluto in Sagittarius. This is an aspect of the magnification of power. It can be great empowerment, or it can be power in excess. Jupiter with Pluto is the Magician, but now, with opposition, power struggles are likely. With Sagittarius, the larger society is the arena of action.

Again, the U.S. is featured, for this opposition sits across the Ascendant-Descendant axis of the U.S. chart.

This Pluto-Jupiter opposition is the midpoint of a 12-year cycle which began in late November 1994, when the U.S. Congress passed GATT, which provided the legal framework for the WTO, NAFTA, and the FTAA, those instruments of de facto world government by corporations. (Did you know that these regulations supersede all individual choices, as well as local, state, and federal laws? Here are actual examples of each: a farmer is prevented from planting his own seeds and is forced, for example, to plant Monsanto’s genetically engineered seeds. Community water systems are taken over by such corporations as Bechtel and Enron. California is being successfully sued for outlawing the noxious toxin MTBE in gasoline here, and the U.S. Clean Air Act has been successfully attacked.) Shortly after the Jupiter-Pluto opposition there was a barrage of huge corporate mergers. Jupiter-Pluto is BIG.

This opposition occurs three times over the course of a year, and thus there is ample time for us to review this cycle and now, at half-time, make changes.

Jupiter opposed Pluto for the first time last September 4. That day there was the largest gathering yet of world leaders at the U.N. for the purposes of peace. At that conference President Fujimori of Peru–heretofore obedient corporate representative–spoke out very publicly against "out of control" IMF-World Bank debt around the world. Less than two weeks later he suddenly resigned as President, amidst shady allegations against his right hand advisor, CIA-connected Louis Montefinos.

The second opposition was on October 13. That day there were marches around the world demonstrating for human rights: for amnesty for immigrants, against the death penalty, against hate crimes, and in 138 countries the World March of Women Against Poverty and Violence.

Power organized for a cause suits this opposition. Choose your cause!

This aspect can also represent a heavy propaganda barrage, and during those autumn months the U.S. public was inundated by a media barrage of political campaign trivia. An expanded Sag-Gemini influence can make the truth hard to find.
Truth is an issue now. Mercury has just entered Gemini. It can flit quickly there from one idea to another, but tonight it conjoins Saturn, the reality principle, to ground our thinking in facts.

Mystical Neptune is also strong today, and it is possible to get a new, integrated, overall take on current social processes. Take time tonight to meditate on the upcoming Full Moon. It will show us much.

Full Moon at 18 Scorpio occurs at 9:53 a.m. EDT. Taurus-Scorpio is the resource axis. Earth, energy systems, physical power, and financial systems are now illuminated. Scorpio is about deep transformation, crisis, and birth and death. This is the most powerful Full Moon of the year. Buddhists call it the Wesak Moon, and celebrate earth’s abundance now.

We now have a compelling fixed grand cross in the sky. Shocking Uranus is part of that pressure cooker. Change is inevitable, but it meets much resistance. We feel pressure from several quarters, and committing to one course of action is difficult. Under those conditions, explosive action is possible.

This Scorpio Moon occurs at a degree that is historically sensitive, particularly during the last few years, including degrees at the potent August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse. This means that a great deal of influential history is brought to bear on this moment, both worldwide and in our personal lives.

Israel, with its birthday in May, is often featured at this Scorpio Full Moon. Scorpio is the sign of its South Node, which represents the past. And Taurus, then, its North Node, the future. Israel’s development is from Scorpio’s challenges and crises to Taurus’ peaceful garden.

There are many aspects in the heavens now, which mean action, and turning points in cycles. Closest to Moon are Pluto, Jupiter, and Juno–Pluto, King of the Underworld, Jupiter, King of the Gods, and Juno, Queen of Married Women and of the Heavens. Quite a pantheon. Widespread power, together with victimhood and disenfranchisement are likely manifestations. Some earth or weather disturbance is a likely consequence, and it could include land and sky.

The Mars-Chiron conjunction is now supported by a grand fire trine, and it will sweep ahead, like fire, consuming all in its path. Vesta is part of this trine, and sudden shifts in money and investments may occur. Venus still squares the nodes to further indicate financial challenges.

Mercury conjoins Saturn to begin a new one-year cycle in how we think about structures, and how we structure reality. They are in Gemini, and the focus is communication. Saturn-Mercury is the scientist who looks for evidence to support his/her ideas.
Remember that most of the planets are moving slowly and heavily now, and thus have a great deal of influence. Neptune and Mars, who turn retrograde in a few days, are particularly impactful. Together they can cloud perception and confuse action.

This Full Moon has a strong impact on Attorney General John Ashcroft’s chart. Suns are conjunct. He has Sun opposite Juno, just as the Full Moon now is opposite Juno. Mr. Ashcroft has Mercury conjoined with Saturn in early Gemini, as does this Full Moon.

This time is thus a 29-year Saturn return for Mr. Ashcroft, as well as a one-year Mercury return. Tomorrow he has his one-year Solar Return. Mr. Ashcroft’s next year (and next 29 years as well) will be strongly tied into events at this Full Moon.
The Sabian Symbol for 18 Taurus is:

"A WOMAN AIRING AN OLD BAG THROUGH THE OPEN WINDOW OF HER ROOM. The cleansing of the ego-consciousness. This symbol suggests that the real enemy is within the mind; it is the ego and its attachment to possessions. PURIFICATION."

This Full Moon is strongest in the western Americas, and throughout Asia–the Pacific Rim.

TUESDAY MAY 8 and WEDNESDAY MAY 9. Moon moves through adventurous Sagittarius, adding to the restlessness and idealism of the dominant Sagittarius-Gemini polarity. Gemini gathers information; Sagittarius searches for understanding. Gemini is daily life common sense; Sagittarius deals with abstract principles. Together they can develop and share wisdom, beliefs, and philosophy. They can also become the fanatic who wants everyone to be a true believer, or the propaganda expert who knows how to manipulate minds.
The Sag-Gemini polarity is also the trader and the salesperson par excellence. They can talk about anything–goods or ideas–and make it appealing.

Variety is the spice of life for both of these signs. They must be on the move, checking out this fascinating world. Expect to be on the go during these two days, physically and/or mentally.
All of the Sag-Gemini planets mentioned during the preceding days of May will now be ticked off by fast-moving Moon for expression. On Tuesday Saturn-Mercury mental discipline is featured, on Wednesday the expanded power of Jupiter-Pluto dominates, and on Thursday morning the volatility of Mars-Chiron is primary.

These are peak days for any type of promotion, teaching, sharing of information, and gatherings of fraternal groups. Traveling is also favored.

THURSDAY MAY 10. The energetic, free-wheeling Sagittarius influence continues this morning. At 3:19 p.m. EDT Moon goes VOC. Be prepared to get down to business this evening after Moon enters Capricorn at 5:10 p.m.

The featured area of business today can be the arts, particularly communication as an art, or communication of the arts. This is because Cosmic Channel Neptune turns retrograde, and at the same time aspects Messenger Mercury and Beautiful Venus.

Psychic receptivity rises with Neptune. We can become more attuned to such spiritual qualities as beauty, truth, and goodness. At the same time we are open to all psychic vibes, and many of them are lower level, and /or confusing.

Neptune is called the veil of illusion. It rules the world of glamour and images. Iridescence (as in oil and in sequins) is a Neptunian quality. Neptune serves as a smokescreen to obscure deeper realities. It is hard to pierce Neptune’s glamorous overlay and find the layers of substance behind it.

Often it takes experience, such as the "betraying" lover or the horrors of addiction, to make us look behind seductive appearances.

The United States has Neptune elevated in its natal chart, and thus we are particularly susceptible to its allures and subject to its difficulties—as well as being strong in Neptune’s expressive arts, which are particularly movies and music.

Venus is associated with whatever has value for us, and as well as love and beauty, it is a primary money planet. Money itself is also apt to be a subject today.

Other active planets put electrical energy in the forefront, and Venus and Mercury could represent problem-solving in that arena. Neptune itself is in the energy sign of Aquarius. There it encourages imaginative solutions and renovation in technology.

Transpluto aids change by turning direct at 26 Leo. Transpluto is a very slow-moving alchemist, who changes the nature of material substance, Taurus’ domain. Its 500-year orbit clearly defines historical cycles. In Leo its matrix is ego and rulership.

For each of us, it is time to restructure our ideals and values in a practical manner. With Neptune strong, meditation and visualization is a good way to start that process.

FRIDAY MAY 11. Moon travels through practical Capricorn, and we apply ourselves to the tasks at hand. Moon passes over South Node in Capricorn as Mars turns retrograde, and we are able to release, or turn inward, an old goal or ambition.

Stationary Mars jars us into a change of direction. Something very important is afoot here, as Mars stations and turns retrograde at the sensitive Jupiter-Pluto degree of November 30, 1994. In addition, Mars now conjoins Chiron, who opens us to new dimensions. Furthermore, this degree opposes the Total Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2001, and eclipses set a change point which is active both before and after the eclipse.

Today we embark on some major changes of direction, just as Saturn has entered Gemini to ground our thinking. We begin to manifest those changes when Mars turns direct on July 19. By September 8 Mars has returned to its original station, and we are ready to make a truly fresh start in how we apply our energy.

In sum, we have a 6-month renovation period for correcting how we direct our energy—from Spring Equinox to Autumn Equinox.

This day ends successfully.

SATURDAY MAY 12. Moon goes VOC in Capricorn at 12:17 p.m. and remains so for the entire day. Capricorn tends to be a work day, but you can choose your own projects and your own pace rather than fulfilling outer expectations.

SUNDAY MAY 13. Moon is in Aquarius, and our desire is to be social. Lively discussions with friends, or in congenial groups, may appeal. The energy is great for Mother’s Day. In the morning companionship, tradition, and the experience of elders is welcome. The day moves into a strong idealism, empathy, and receptiveness to beauty and to nature. Unconditional love can mark this day.

We have three active days clustering around Last Quarter Moon, which occurs early tomorrow. Moon continues in gregarious Aquarius. We can be brilliant today, and inventive. Thought ranges widely, and solutions to both personal and social problems may flash into our minds. Discussing important issues with others can be super helpful today. At the same time we may run into power struggles with authority.

Power is the central theme, particularly social power. Analyze everything you see and hear today in those terms. What is the power being expressed? Where does it reside? How is it being used? For what purposes? During these three days, Mercury joins the Pluto-Jupiter opposition to communicate the Pluto-Jupiter essence, to give us awareness of its meaning in our daily lives.

The ultimate goal is self-empowerment. Are we giving our power away? If so, how can we take it back?

Mercury can help us understand and communicate power. We may have X-ray vision during these days, and see through layers of illusions. On the other hand, Mercury can simply spread and enlarge the propaganda side of Jupiter-Pluto. Be aware.

Aquarius Moon today can help us think for ourselves.

TUESDAY MAY 15. Last Quarter Moon occurs at 6:11 a.m. EDT at 25 Aquarius. A Uranian explosion has been building up since New Moon, and now it’s Uranus all the way. Uranus in Aquarius exactly conjoins Moon, and squares Sun. Whatever needs to explode, rebel, or break out of restrictions does it. The timing is appropriate—even though the action may be sudden—for at Last Quarter it’s time to let go.

Taurus Sun wants to maintain the status quo, but independent Uranus with Aquarius Moon is insistent on making breakthroughs. Possessive Taurus will be forced to release an old way of being.

Again, this is an important historical degree, and thus is a continuation of important events. Some issues are Israel-Lebanon fighting, news of the U.S. designing nuclear arms, and the State of California leasing hundreds of electric cars from Honda.

The chart set for Washington DC has a wheel just like the chart for the Inauguration, with foggy Neptune right at the top. Furthermore, Taurus Sun now conjoins the Inauguration Saturn, invigorating the authority of the Administration. And Moon and Uranus now square that Saturn position, waking it up to change.

Pluto returns to its exact Inauguration position, showing hidden power in the area of partnership. Pluto will make its third, and last, return to this spot in mid-November, which will be another volatile month.

Other indications of the deep involvement of the U.S. with this explosive Quarter Moon show in the matching of the current Midheaven-IC axis with the natal U.S. Lunar Nodes. They are both destiny polarities, referring to purpose and direction.

In addition, the U.S. progressed Moon in Taurus is close to the current 25 Taurus Sun, and the U.S. progressed Sun in Aquarius is very close to the current Moon at 25 Aquarius.

The exact square between the U.S. Progressed Moon and U.S. Progressed Sun occurs at Full Moon on June 5. (Look for more about its meaning in the June Calendar.) At this Last Quarter, we get a preview of the future.

Surprises which will continue to have repercussions are occurring now in government.

Moon goes VOC at 2:53 p.m., and enters Pisces at 5:01 p.m. The evening is serious and thoughtful. We may have much on our minds.

WEDNESDAY MAY 16 and THURSDAY MAY 17. Moon in Pisces stimulates the big Gemini-Sagittarius polarity until late Thursday night. Pisces is psychic and impressionable, and we may receive spiritual insights about the meaning of these times. Pisces also encourages us to see the big picture, and this is the focus for Wednesday. For the whole time, big power is featured, both directly and indirectly. Awareness is heightened, and we will be restless. Sleep may be difficult Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. We may be confused about our actions. Ask for guidance in your dreams.

Ceres turns retrograde today, and we get to see her principle in action. Ceres is the Great Mother, caring for the earth’s abundance. Everything to do with food and with labor is in her domain. She is traveling in earth sign Capricorn now, and is at home in the earthy Taurus energy field. However, she cannot like the way things are going for her beloved earth, and we may see some form of disruption in the food or labor chain.

Release is the key now, for both Pisces and this final moon phase.

FRIDAY MAY 18 and SATURDAY MAY 19. Hopefully we have released some of our excess baggage. Now we can plunge into something we really love, just for the sheer pleasure of it. This is the perfect weekend to surrender to our heart, to do something special just for ourselves.

SUNDAY MAY 20. Moon goes VOC in Aries at 10:48 a.m. At 1:29 p.m. Moon enters Taurus to call us into the garden, or into nature. Active enjoyment of the out-of-doors is favored today. Tonight Sun enters Gemini, and we may want conversation and stimulation. A good movie would be much appreciated, especially one which helps us envision future possibilities. Ask for guidance in your dreams tonight, perhaps for the Gemini New Moon cycle which begins Tuesday night.

MONDAY MAY 21. Moon is in Taurus today, and we’d probably like to be free to continue our sojourn in nature, whether it be taking care of our garden or hiking the trails. Our inner life is most important now, and we want peaceful surroundings which support it. This is the time to give everything up to spirit, and know that we are taken care of. Let the stress go.

TUESDAY MAY 22. This morning’s energy is reminiscent of that need for independence of Last Quarter Moon a week ago. Solitude may please us this morning. At 7:06 a.m. Moon goes VOC, still in Taurus. Mellow out during this vulnerable dark-of-the-moon time. At 7:12 p.m. Moon enters Gemini to begin countdown to New Moon.

New Moon at 3 Gemini occurs at 10:46 p.m. EDT. Gemini is a sign of making connections, of relating, perceiving, and thinking. It is associated with the hands, arms, and lungs, major organs of exchanging energy with the world. It is also connected with the nervous system, where we process stimuli.

In Taurus we found our sustenance. Now in Gemini we exchange that sustenance, and its products, with others. Gemini is the consummate trader.

With this New Moon, the Gemini half of our major celestial opposition is invigorated. Five of the ten major planets are now in Gemini–Sun and Moon, the heart of all action, Jupiter and Saturn, the overall social influence, and Mercury, the messenger.

This New Moon is the mirror image of the New Moon of last November 25 in Sagittarius, the other half of the dominant polarity in the sky. Both sides of a polarity operate together (although sometimes the form is opposition–which is nevertheless a working connection). The Sagittarius side is about belief, philosophy, creed. The Gemini side is about information, connections, perception. They can be called higher mind and lower mind.

At last November’s new moon, Katherine Harris, Florida Secretary of State, certified George Bush as winner in Florida, and Mr. Bush called himself President-elect. Dick Cheney had a heart attack. At the Gemini Full Moon two weeks later the Supreme Court selected Mr. Bush as President.

As each lunar month has its phases, from new to full and back again, so does a solar year have its phases. The Sagittarian year, which began last November, now has its full phase in Gemini. The Full Phase is a time of fulfillment, illumination, and awareness. It often signifies a turning point in the activities seeded at the New Phase.

Sun and Moon now both conjoin Saturn, freshly into Gemini, where it will travel for the next two years. Powerhouse Pluto, the great transformer, dominates Sagittarius from 1995-2008. Saturn, the lawgiver, dominates Gemini from May 2001 — June 2003.

Saturn and Pluto will have a long, close opposition from the end of July 2001 into November 2001, and again a year from now, during May 2002. This lunar month beginning now is when we plant our fresh seeds for Saturn in Gemini.

Saturn is the principle of concentration. In a particular sign it helps us to focus on the job of that sign, and slough off related trivia. Gemini’s job is exchanging information with the environment, and we will now want to structure that information, to create something lasting, to put our focus on all kinds of communication.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins. Duality will become an issue, such as saying one thing while doing or meaning something else. The Orwellian doublespeak of politics may become more recognized, or it may grow–or both

There will be a focus on sibling relationships, and on childhood education.

With Saturn in Gemini, we want our thinking to be thorough and logical, and we will be willing to work at it. We work at organizing data. We can be a good student. Language learning is a quintessential Saturn in Gemini activity. (If you’ve ever wanted to learn a foreign language, now is the time!)

Communication may change its character. It may become more serious, less spontaneous. Saturn is cautious and authoritative, and in Gemini may make communication more brusque and closed-minded. Dispassionate discipline in thought and word might be a good communication goal for the next two years.

Examples of people born with Saturn in Gemini are Newt Gingrich, Copernicus, and Freud. Many musicians have that signature, such as Jerry Garcia, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Joni Mitchell. Music provides the variety and communication matrix that Gemini needs, and Saturn gives the ability to structure and ground.

This New Moon most closely connects with Vesta, newly into Taurus, and the mental paradigms which commence now will relate to ownership of money and resources. The United States has natal Vesta in Taurus, a placement which shows how it attracts abundance. (In 1994 there was a Solar Eclipse across the U.S.–and a bit of Mexico and Canada–right on the U.S. Vesta. This was the year in which GATT-WTO and NAFTA commenced.)

Vesta in the sky will return to the 19 degree Taurus U.S. placement in early July to begin a new four-year financial-resource cycle for the United States. At the same time a releasing Lunar Eclipse opposes the U.S. Sun. That new Vesta cycle actually starts now, and will build throughout June.

The Sabian Symbol for 3 Gemini is:

"THE GARDEN OF THE TUILERIES IN PARIS. The formalization of collective ideals through the application of reason and order to newly discovered aspects of nature. The warm family circle celebrating the birth of the Deliverer from wintry darkness is now the Court of the king ruled by rigid rituals. There is clarity, but there is also ego-centralization and the worship of FORMALISM."

This description certainly fits the times, as well as the Saturnian New Moon in Gemini.

Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East are congested with energy now. Japan, Beijing, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the United States are also highlighted.

WEDNESDAY MAY 23 and THURSDAY MAY 24. These are lively days. Moon traveling through Gemini makes harmonious aspects with each of the planets in turn. On Wednesday our communication is deep, thoughtful, and perhaps therapeutic. On Thursday it is loving and spontaneous. Gemini Moon favors picking up the phone, writing, using the computer, and taking care of odd tasks and errands. Thursday night we are apt to be out and about.

FRIDAY MAY 25. Relationships are a bit iffy today. On the one hand, people are extra-sensitive. And at the same time, they’re ready to split at the drop of a hat. Best to give yourself, and everyone, some extra space today. Aside from these influences, there is no excuse for abuse. If you’re not being treated with respect, leave. Saturn and Sun conjoin to begin a one-year cycle of taking our own authority unto ourselves. Communication is the focus. Moon is in Cancer, and we may be homebodies tonight and tomorrow.

SATURDAY MAY 26. This is a free home day. Putter around. Moon is VOC in Cancer for the entire day. Just make yourself comfortable.

SUNDAY MAY 27 and MONDAY MAY 28. Our drive to be up, moving and accomplishing returns. Moon is in Leo and hearts are warm. We tend to dramatize our lives, and like to be recognized and appreciated. Neptune is strong now, and we may have a special interest in church, music, nature or video of some kind.

Mars and Chiron conjoin, and there may be some strange action. We’ll be quite aware of Mars-Chiron, for Mercury connects with them. Those three energies together indicate a possibility of vehicular accidents. If you drive, drive carefully.

You probably will know what you’re doing, for Sun lights up Pallas Athena on Sunday to show strategy at work. All told, there is much energetic, enthusiastic, skillful energy loose on these days. You might want to create a performance piece, or work of art.

Both days are long and pleasurable, and this is a perfect time to get a new project going.

TUESDAY MAY 29. Moon is in practical Virgo, and we can push through with the manifestation of our creative efforts. Grounding is today’s keyword, but it will be difficult. For there are spacey influences as well. Very early this morning there are strange doings in the heavens. Super-assertive energy mixes with victims. Perhaps someone is rescued.

And then we have Uranus stationing and turning retrograde today. Uranus is an energy of surprise and disruption, and it dominates this day and, in fact, the week around this day. Uranus is associated with the nervous system, and we may feel restless, without specific content. Sleep may be difficult. Saturn wants to maintain. Uranus wants to change. And we’re feeling them both at the same time. Things might be a little crazy.

First Quarter Moon occurs at 6:09 p.m. EDT at 9 Virgo, just after Uranus has turned retrograde. At this time Sun trines Neptune to give Neptune special power. Neptune has been especially strong ever since the new Administration has come in, and it has generated a fog of denial and illusion over the United States.

Neptune is essentially about dissolving into the cosmos, into the All, where spirit lives. As such, it has a great power of unification, e.g., everything dissolves in the Neptune-ruled sea. One of the things it means now is the U.S. taking the lead in world unification. Both the corporate takeover of the world, and the resistance against it are unifying forces.

Saturn will be led in its grounding by Neptune.

Tonight power is in the air, and power struggles are possible. This confusing day, together with many late nights, can induce irritability.

WEDNESDAY MAY 30. Moon continues in hard-working Virgo, and we are ready to go to it. We have a lot of energy and can accomplish much. The only problem might be overdoing. Energy continues high throughout the night, and sleep might be difficult. As our body tires, our mind might use that energy for anxiety and worry, a tendency of Virgo. Either relax, or use your mind constructively.

THURSDAY MAY 31. Moon enters Libra early this morning, to begin two days of good-feeling grand air trines. We find ourselves chatty and sociable, but wanting to talk about work or something serious. We appreciate the unusual and mystical, and may be drawn to metaphysical studies or classes. Evening flows with good feeling, and music and video appeal. Games of strategy may also interest us.

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