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April 2001
Table of Contents
Earth Changes II
April Retrogrades
Sky Watch
Quarterly Moon Report
April Daily Forecast
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General Astrological Influences
General Sun Signs for April 2001
Sign of the Month: Aries
Crystal's Moon Meditation: Feb. 23 New Moon: Loving Your Dreams to Life
Letter from Capetown
Health Through the Seasons with Chinese Medicine by Joseph Odom, L.Ac.
Don't Let Those Rising Signs Fool You!
by Sissy Blue
NEW! Maya's Book Corner: Maya recommends her favorite astrology books
Book Review: Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight —Thom Hartmann's wake-up call on the state of the earth
Earth Changes II The United States' Plutonic transformation—where is it taking us?

Retrograde Watch Pallas Athena and Chiron go retro; Venus turns direct

Sirius, bright Mars, meteor showers and other treats this month

Pisces Sign of the Month: Aries Goal-oriented Aries, the Warrior

Letter From Capetown: Time with the birds!

Don't Let Those Rising Signs Fool You! warns Sissy Blue
Moon Report Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn finishes off the Aries New Moon cycle

NEW! Maya's Book Corner Maya recommends her favorite astrology books

Maya del Mar photo Maya's Daily Astrological Calendar—day-by-day guide to April 2001

General Astrological Influences for April: Expect passionate, dynamic fire energy as Mars marches ahead, overseen by powerful Pluto
Sun Signs Sun Signs The monthly lowdown for your sign.
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