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Daily Astrological Forecast for March 2001
by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.

First Quarter Moon in Cancer occurs early this morning. First Quarter is where we make breakthroughs which set our month’s Moon Journey on its course.

Moon now conjoins the North Node of the Moon, a point of destiny. Moon refers to the public, the people, and to specifically Cancerian issues of home, family, and country. This is the point of the Eclipse of Last July 1, the one which set into motion the Bush Administration. Whatever began then, for any of us, can make a breakthrough now, at this first quarter.

We have a close conjunction of Venus, Vesta, and Sun in Aries. This gives a focus of self-interest, commitment to one’s own direction, and protection of one’s turf. Juno is also in Aries, and with three goddesses here, so-called women’s and family issues will take center stage. Aries is a warrior sign, and Cancer is defensive. The two together show that fighting to defend our interests is the mode of the times.

The Cancer and Capricorn nodes are featured, and thus human interests vs. business interests is a major theme: people vs. profits. Fast-moving emotional Moon is on the people side, and steady Great Mother Ceres is caring for the business and structural side. Aries is caught in the middle, simply wanting to go for personal goals.

Vesta in Aries is central now. Vesta entered Aries just when the NY Stock Market crashed, Mar. 13-14.

There will be some conflict in cutting through security and caution needs, but well-supported Aries will simply move ahead. The drive is for independent action. With Venus retrograde, issues now are apt to be long-standing, and with Venus, relationships are prominent. With Venus retrograde, they are undergoing changes.

Planets now clearly set the stage for our year’s new personal start, as we are "born again" in Aries.

MONDAY APRIL 2. Communication flows magically this morning, particularly about things that are dear to our hearts. At 10:26 a.m. EDT Moon goes VOC. Enjoy a long, confidential lunch with someone to whom you can pour your heart out. At 1:54 p.m. Moon enters fire sign Leo, and we are on the march again. A grand fire trine for the next two days will keep us alert and active, including well into the nights. April is not a month for catching up on sleep.

TUESDAY APRIL 3. Moon is in dramatic Leo, and the month’s fire energy burns quickly and brightly. We are super creative today, and nothing can hold us back. Transformation is flowing easily into place at a very deep level during the next few days. Ask for special inspiration from your dreams tonight.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 4. We may feel restless and anxious this morning. Take action—use last night’s inspiration to solidify something in your life. At 12:46 p.m. Moon goes VOC for a few hours. At 3:46 p.m. it enters Virgo, and we begin a fast-paced ride to the Full Moon on Saturday. Tonight’s energy is deep and serious. Virgo is great at problem-solving, and we can go to work on fixing a serious problem.

THURSDAY APRIL 5. Lots of changes happening today, including a push for technology. Our outlook is expansive, perhaps inflated and illusory. At the same time there is pressure to ground our ideas, to make them real and practical. This is a last hurrah for Saturn in earthy Taurus, and Virgo will support its building work. Pallas Athena turns retrograde today, and Pallas themes will be apparent. Demetra George calls Pallas Athena the Warrior Queen, and she describes her with some lines from Homer:

I’ll start this singing with
That grand goddess,
Pallas Athena,
So shrewd,
Her heart inexorable,
As virgin, redoubtable,
Protectress of cities,
Whom shrewd Zeus himself
Out of his sacred head—
Bedecked in that
Spangly gold war armor
She wears.

Pallas is inventive, resourceful, and self-determined. She was the ruler of Athens and efficiently managed and defended her city. We find her in urban life, involved in research, design, strategy, the legal system, for instance. All issues of defense are under her purview. Let us call on our reserves of wisdom and strategy today. Again, Virgo moon will help us use them wisely.

FRIDAY APRIL 6. Mercury entered Aries last night, and Moon spoke with Mars. There is lots of testosterone in the ethers, and assertive drives may overtake us. However, that energy can be directed productively, towards establishing something solid. Finish by 2:18 p.m., when Moon goes VOC. At 4:57 p.m. Moon enters Libra to begin an exciting and sociable weekend. Tonight is good for intellectual and loving sharing with someone special.

SATURDAY APRIL 7. Full Moon at 19 Libra occurs at 11:22 p.m. EDT. Aries is about going it alone, heading directly for your star, brushing away obstacles. Libra Moon reminds us that to accomplish anything lasting we need to listen to and cooperate with others. This Full Moon gives us an oasis of sociability in the midst of a very self-centered month. Libra is also about beauty. We may find our creative ability enhanced, or we may appreciate beauty in a special way.

The Libra and Aries Full Moons, in the spring and in the autumn, are special moments of balance during the year. They occur close to the Equinoxes, and represent their spirit of rebalance as we shift to the other half of the year. They are the two most dynamic Moons of the year.

Libra-Aries is also the war and peace axis. Both signs want justice and are willing to fight to achieve it. Aries will fight first. Libra and Pallas will fight after they have tried negotiation.

This Moon conjoins George Bush’s Jupiter, and he will be high as a kite, ready to grab the moon and more—although with his twelfth house Sun and Saturn, we may not see where he’s headed—nor may he.

Fire sign Sagittarius is the major energy now—the sign of traveling, exploring, spreading wings, gambling, taking big risks with the faith that they will pay off. All four bodies in Sagittarius are moving very slowly now, and thus their impact is strengthened.

Both Pluto, Lord of Evolution, and Pallas, the Warrior Queen, are now joined like twins. They recently turned retrograde, and thus are caught together in a change of direction precisely at the time of this rebalancing Full Moon.

Assertive Mars is slowing down now, getting ready to turn retrograde in a month. In many ways, Mars is the strongest energy at this time. Mars has no hesitation in taking action, and in Sagittarius is ready to set off on new adventures and explore new horizons in a second.

And last but not least Chiron—Sacred Warrior, Wounded Healer, Teacher of Heroes, stops still in its tracks, at the end of Sagittarius, and begins to turn retrograde today. We entered the new millennium with Chiron and Pluto conjoined in Sagittarius. It seems that Chiron has not yet finished its Sagittarian work. Today, at this sensitive Moon of balance, Chiron will give us important teachings. Listen to Chiron’s message.

Chiron is a bridge. It helps us move from inner to outer realms, from the mundane to the cosmic. It does this by throwing us into a new space where we need to draw on unused parts of ourselves, and align ourselves in new ways, thus becoming more whole. The process is one of realignment or adjustment. Chiropracty is named after Chiron.

Chiron leads us through an initiation process. In Sagittarius our initiation is into our higher mind, or higher self. We still have work to do here, and events today will show us much about the nature of that remaining work.

Chiron turns direct in mid-August, exactly on the sensitive point of the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in mid-December. He returns to today’s place in early December. Chiron’s inspirational Sagittarian journey, which began in 1999, will then be completed, and topped off with the mid-December Eclipse.

Jupiter works with both Sagittarius and with Chiron. Expansive Jupiter is now in Gemini, enhancing communication, connections, and technology. Gemini, The Twins, is a dual sign, expressing indecision between contrasting options. The challenge of Gemini is to make wise choices.

Today, Jupiter sits exactly on the U.S. Uranus in Gemini, providing special opportunities for the wise use of will by this nation—and at the same time the temptation to overdo, to carry will too far.

The Aries Sun-Libra Moon opposition of this Full Moon sits across the Aries Chiron and the Libra Juno of the United States chart. Issues of justice and equality, war and peace, are now prominent for the nation.

The balance will be tipped now. In many ways, this is truly the moment of decision.

The Sabian Symbol for 19 Libra is

"A GANG OF ROBBERS IN HIDING. Protest against disharmonic social privilege. The protest against an unbalanced society with its rigid stratification into classes can be seen as a positive factor, even if it challenges the principle of order, for it reveals dynamic qualities in individuals and the will to transformation. Resistance to the momentum of crystallized institutions should be organized if it is to be effective. GROUP PROTEST."

Wow! Check out April 20, the day Venus turns direct.

Energy is potent now throughout the world. Full Moon is especially strong in Brazil, eastern Europe, Moscow, Israel, eastern Africa, the Koreas, and Indonesia. News will come from Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Washington, South America, Europe, Africa, Beijing, and Indonesia.

SUNDAY APRIL 8. This is not a stay-abed morning. Moon has vigorous early morning aspects, and we will want to be up and doing. At 8:30 a.m. it goes VOC. Relax and enjoy friendship and good company for the remainder of the day. This is a day to think about your values and your priorities. What have you learned in the month since Venus has turned retrograde? Vesta is involved, so in part it may be connected with money. Whatever it is, we start now to plant seeds in a new cycle of achieving our desires. A friend from the past may turn up. Let the memories roll! At 7:01 p.m. Moon enters Scorpio, and we can delve deeply into our psyches.

This may be a strange day. Neptune dominates, and clarity may be difficult. It may feel a bit isolating, like a brooding fog. The energy favors meditation, creativity, and spending time in nature. Take your time.

TUESDAY APRIL 10. Mundane life moves much more easily today. Opportunities arise and things come together well. Around noon there may be a surprise. Moon in Scorpio intensifies feelings, and reactions are subjective. Joint work, such as business, is favored. If you haven’t already done your income tax, this is the day to do it. Constructive aspects occur until Moon goes VOC at 9:43 p.m. Moon enters Sagittarius at 11:47 p.m. to begin two days of love and good fellowship.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 11 and THURSDAY APRIL 12. Go for it! Energy flies these two days. Not only are all lights green, but these are healing days as well. Moon in Sagittarius gives us enthusiasm, desire for adventure, and independence. Ideals and ideology are both important now. The search for truth is on, as Moon checks in with all the intense Sagittarian planets. Moon touches in with Pluto at 3:46 a.m. on Thursday, and we may feel a jolt of power. These days end energetically, as Moon meets Mars late Thursday night.

This exciting time sets in motion a two-week period of non-objectivity.

All of the planets, even Moon, are contained within one-half of the heavens, which is defined by the fast-building opposition between Jupiter in Gemini and the Pluto-Pallas duo in Sagittarius.

This opposition sits right across the Ascendant-Descendant axis of the U.S. chart, and it refers to the transformation which the nation is undergoing. This is that same opposition which has been in effect since last summer. It is a political and promotional opposition. Fundamentalism is one of its hallmarks, and we see it operating throughout the world.

FRIDAY APRIL 13 and SATURDAY APRIL 14. These are serious days. Moon is in Capricorn and we get down to business. The fire trine is working well to give us momentum. We continue to move ahead with our projects and activities, and now we can make them real and solid. We can work hard and accomplish much. We may complete some old task or issue. These days are perfect for finishing up your income tax return. With Moon in Capricorn, tradition, family, and the known and familiar draw us.

Juno, the marriage partner, now enters Taurus, the sign of money, desire, territory, abundance, and appreciation of earth. She shifts from supporting raw aggression to supporting maintaining, protecting, and growing one’s possessions.

SUNDAY APRIL 15. Moon in Capricorn squares Sun in Aries to create Last Quarter Moon at 11:31 a.m. Voila! We are beginning to complete our Aries Moon cycle. Now we ask ourselves what has been most meaningful during these last three weeks. What do we want to carry ahead into the future? The focus today is on balancing our personal projects, goals, and desires with our security needs and with the demands of family, country, and business. The personal directions have an edge now, and we have built a reservoir of courage and enterprise during this month to help us feed those goals in the coming months.

This is Easter Sunday, the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after Spring Equinox. A renewed spirit within us rises today, ready to acknowledge a fresh new season of life. This requires letting go of winter’s heavy baggage, which we can do during this next week. Capricorn Moon now helps us make solid evaluations. Capricorn is always attuned to the practical, to what really works. So still, it is our goals that are the key to the choices we make. Capricorn is now in service to Aries.

This day, too, is serious. But it works well, and by 7:00 p.m., when Moon goes VOC, we will feel a sense of completion. At 8:11 p.m. Moon enters Aquarius, and the evening is for celebration, likely with friends.

MONDAY APRIL 16 and TUESDAY APRIL 17. Moon is in freedom-loving Aquarius. This is an air sign, and ideas are now the coin of the realm. This Moon picks up the major social currents of the time, and politics are in the air. We are thinking of new futures and of how society—and our own lives— can be better. Discussion with others is important. Power is abroad, and we can harness it well. Tuesday evening will be long and lively.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 18. Night may have been restless, and rising may be difficult. At 8:26 a.m. Moon goes VOC, and just after, at 9:00 a.m., it enters Pisces. Now we dive into the Piscean waters of the future. Intellect is absolutely brilliant today, and combined with the intuition of Pisces, we can see, and sense, what lies ahead. Today meditate. Tonight share with people who understand your vision.

THURSDAY APRIL 19. Indeed, change is coming. We can taste it. Moon in Pisces gives us the ability to flow with it, and the faith to know that all is well. At the same time this is a day of empowering. We take the future into our hands, and release the past with the dying moon.

During these next few days we begin new cycles which position us for the New Moon in Taurus in a few days. We begin the Taurus cycle tonight as Sun enters Taurus, and Venus turns direct. As we make this turn, our heads are full of ideas, our feelings are intense, and our bodies are busy. It is a time of preparation.

FRIDAY APRIL 20. Moon is still traveling through Pisces. This is the most universal sign, and we are at the most universal time of the Moon cycle. Our connectedness to all of life sweeps through us. Pisces unifies. It helps us know that life is a web, and that we are all part of it. With Sun and Juno now in Taurus, we can especially appreciate Earth herself, and how she is the source of our earthly abundance.

Venus is Taurus’ ruler, and at 12:34 a.m. EDT she turns direct. Since March 8 we have reviewed and re-evaluated our impulses, desires, priorities, and relationships. There has, in fact, been much to review, and we are now more clear about what is most important to us. We begin now to shift our attention to those things, and to let go of other, less essential, things.

Those qualities at the top of our list are a new form of grounding, emphasizing mind and spirit rather than the material, fulfilling our own personal needs and goals, open communication, and a pleasant environment.

Saturn moves into Gemini this afternoon, to travel there for the next two years. We will probably feel this as a lifting of energy. It seems like Saturn has been in Taurus for years, insisting that we manifest our dreams as well as showing by what we do manifest what our dreams and desires are—many of them unconscious.

Saturn puts the pressure on—toe the mark, follow the law, be real. He now shifts his domain from gravity-heavy earth to the light, whimsical air of Gemini. We’ll learn to say what we mean and mean what we say—through lots of errors and obstacles, because that is how we learn with Saturn. We have to pay attention now to our thoughts, perceptions, and communication. Because of this focus, we will build something solid in those fields.

Eventually, for instance, high tech stock will be valuable and well-grounded. With Saturn in Taurus the focus was on the money. Now in Gemini the focus will be on the tools of communication and technology themselves. Newt Gingrich has Saturn in Gemini, and he built a genius-quality communication machine which now is seeing victory.

There are two important qualities about Saturn. One is that it builds for the long term. It is the time-keeper. The other is that it must build correctly, step by step. If it makes a mistake, the whole edifice will crumble. Bill Clinton has Saturn in his tenth house of career, and for all his successes, he is known for his mistakes. Thus caution works best with Saturn, wherever he is functioning.

Saturn in Gemini, along with our celestial Aquarian planets, will team with all planets in Libra to make various grand trines for the next two years. The element here is air, great on ideas but not always practical. Saturn will make something practical of these ideas and aspirations, and all planets in Libra will have a very constructive two years. Libra Sun is particularly favored—those birthdays which run from about September 23 to about October 23.

The United States already has planets in all three air signs, including Saturn in air sign Libra—the sign of justice and equality, of war and peace. This nation was founded on ideals of social justice, but that social compact was among and for white male property owners only. Gradually that elite circle has grown, at least in concept, but only on the outer edges and only with pressure from outside. During the next two years we have an opportunity to ground a more inclusive social justice in the United States.

Vision and values both have extra clarity this day of Saturn’s move into Gemini. And we are in the release phase of the moon. All three of these qualities at this time give hope that we can build a more inclusive future for the United States.

What counts is the content of the vision which we hold, the values that we want to promote, and what we are prepared to surrender to achieve that new vision.

Venus stations and turns direct at 2 Aries, making this a sensitive degree. It conjoins the U.S. Transpluto, stationery at the base of the U.S. chart, a powerful location. Enormous power and energy is available to the nation to do whatever it wants. The timing is right and the planetary support is here to do it. Are we the people the nation? Or is it the corporations who speak for the nation?

The Sabian Symbol for 2 Aries is

"A COMEDIAN REVEALS HUMAN NATURE. The capacity to look objectively at oneself and others. Reflective consciousness—the ability to see oneself reflected as if in a mirror, and eventually to laugh at the in adequacy of the form one sees. OBJECTIVATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS."

Things happen around planetary stations. With Venus it has to do with money and things which we value.

Pluto and Pallas Athena conjoin again in two days, both retrograde at 15 Sagittarius. They represent expert strategy in exploring new horizons, promoting transformed ideas, and defending against attack. They first conjoined on March 22, and will have their final meeting on October 6.

Jupiter opposes them both from May 1-6. There will be big conflict then. Can the opposing forces come together? With good will it is possible. The conflict centers around ideas, beliefs, and philosophy. Compromise could come through negotiation.

This morning there is much sensitivity, energy, and perhaps anger. Moon goes VOC at 1:40 p.m. During this undirected drifting Pisces afternoon, Saturn enters Gemini. The heavens are leaving open the direction which this Saturn takes for the next two years. It is up to us to steer it.

At 8:18 p.m. Moon enters Aries, and we are immediately back in the game. At 11:09 p.m. Moon conjoins Venus to tell us more about its special meaning today. And to stir up love and passion. Enjoy the night.

SATURDAY APRIL 21. Moon in Aries emphasizes our current fire-air drama of creating a new world. We are idealistic and enthusiastic, but at the same time Mercury moves into Taurus to turn all our great ideas into practical channels. It’s a good day to garden, but weed, prune and pull. Save the planting until after New Moon. Or start the camping season early. This is a perfect weekend to spend outdoors.

SUNDAY APRIL 22. High energy continues, and yet directed towards practical goals. Again, play outdoors. Explore someplace new. Have a grand adventure. Pallas and Pluto make their exact retrograde conjunction today. They are rethinking their big joint venture in promoting their brand of truth. Activity continues until late tonight. This is Earth Day, and there could be a big conscious-raising about the state of the earth. All the occupied fire signs in the heavens promote both global warming and a consciousness of it.

MONDAY APRIL 23. New Moon at 4 Taurus occurs at 11:26 a.m. Taurus is about being good gardeners of the earth and caretakers of her abundance. In Aries we plant the seeds. In Taurus we water them and feed them and help them grow. We ground ourselves now. We walk the earth, and feel its energy course through our bodies. We connect with our projects, our homes, and with others in a substantial way.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and it adds stability and persistence to planets travelling there. Desire and possessiveness are also Taurus qualities. We use them, after all, to stay connected to earth. Greed can be a Taurus pitfall, perhaps arising from the basic instability of the earth plane, which Taureans in particular sense. They naturally have one ear tuned to the earth.

There is a huge jump in consciousness now and all during this Taurean energy cycle. It is about the earth, the things which she produces, and the money which represents those things. It is also about power and about who controls the fruits of the earth and who controls the labor which brings them to us. It is about the destiny of the earth, and its victimization through greed. It is about the food chain and how we need to take a fresh look at it. It is about pollution and U.S. responsibility.

The asteroids are all prominent, showing that "women’s work" and issues which affect daily and family life (which all humans live—not just women) are especially important. We may ask what responsibilities business and government have in supporting the family. Worker strikes are likely.

This New Moon is at the degree of Chiron’s discovery. Now Mars conjoins Chiron, energizing the drive for healing, perhaps setting in motion new, earth-friendly technologies. Chiron was an ecologist, with knowledge of and caring for all of nature. Chiron is also a holistic principle, and we may begin now to open our consciousness newly to the web of life

The Sabian Symbol for 4 Taurus is

"THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW. Riches that come from linking the celestial and earthly nature. In mythology the rainbow represents the bridge used by divine beings to connect with mortals. This is a natural kind of COMMUNION, involving a transubstantiation of matter."

This evening energy is dreamy and idealistic. A video, movie or music would be appreciated.

This New Moon rises in Hawaii and Alaska, and is on the midheaven in Brazil. It sets in Russia, Israel, and eastern Africa, and is on the nadir in all of the far East, indicating new foundations there. It runs right through Japan and the Koreas.

The Sagittarius-Gemini opposition runs through western United States and Mexico, all of Europe and western Africa, India-China, and Micronesia and Australia. There is a lot of ocean involvement, perhaps indicating climate change as we speak.

TUESDAY APRIL 24. Moon continues in practical Taurus with no aspects. Appreciate Mother Nature today, and participate in her beauty and abundance. The nature spirits bring us all of our life nourishment. Acknowledge and thank them.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 25. Moon goes VOC at 1:08 a.m.—with a jolt of nervous energy. In fact, you may still be awake. If necessary, sleep late—if your schedule allows. Moon is VOC in luxury-loving Taurus until it enters quicksilver Gemini at 11:11 a.m. That will wake you up! We shift into air mode now, and work with ideas. Saturn gives them structure, and this is an excellent day for any kind of design where we include structure and artistry, e.g. this website and this writing. Ideas and inspiration flow well, and we are able to capture them. This is an extremely creative day.

THURSDAY APRIL 26. Yesterday’s expansive energy continues, and we feel great. Ideals have the spotlight now, and we feel the power to pursue them. Our urge is to communicate, and all kinds of connections and communications can be very helpful, especially those with powerful people.

FRIDAY APRIL 27. Watch out for burnout this morning—in our frantic pursuit of…what? Lunchtime means time’s up, for Moon goes VOC at 12:12 p.m. Take time for stimulating conversation over lunch—or maybe go home. Moon enters Cancer at 3:49 p.m., and home is where we want to be for the next two days. Tonight is social, although there may be some argument about who wants to do what. Flip a coin.

Financial undermining of Japan’s economy has been growing, and it is apt to come to a head now, as Neptune squares Japan’s Sun and Juno conjoins it. Japan’s independence birthday is tomorrow, and thus she begins her new solar cycle with strong Neptune’s dissolving and Juno’s disempowering influences. Japan is the second largest economy in the world, and the repercussions of a meltdown will be devastating worldwide.

The "King of the World" Leo North Node of the United States will be stressed, as will Dubya’s Ascendant, Mercury and Pluto in Leo—his hypnotic persona.

SATURDAY APRIL 28. Moon is in Cancer, and we will want to stay close to home. We are acutely aware of the value of family and strongly motivated to care for it. Mars conjoins Chiron exactly now, throwing us all for loop, and pushing us to change our attitudes and transform our understanding regarding values. Moon goes VOC at 5:53 p.m., and the exact Sun-Neptune square occurs two hours later, again under a VOC moon, undirected by the universe.

This is the first turn of a cycle of idealism/denial which began on Jan 25-26. Much happened then, but I think the signal event was the killing of a San Francisco woman by two killer dogs—trained to kill—whom the owners still insist are "gentle." It is a metaphor for the killer Administration, and the denial around its destructiveness.

We also had many earthquakes then. Neptune can undermine things that are rigid and concrete.

What began for you then? (I came down with my respiratory virus—still with me. It has fogged my life, a very Neptunian effect.)

Neptune and Cancer both have an affinity for water. Try to spend some time in, on, or around water this weekend. Energy is receptive and intuitive, a healing antidote to the massively outgoing air-fire energy of the preceding weeks.

SUNDAY APRIL 29. Moon is VOC in Cancer for most of the day. We find ourselves making adjustments in our activities for the sake of security, such as cutting down our freedom of action. At 7:25 p.m. Moon enters Leo, self-confidence returns, and we re-organize ourselves. We also realize anew the importance of our close relationships, and begin a new four-year cycle in partnership. This can be a romantic night.

First Quarter Moon at 11 Leo occurs at 1:08 p.m.

Neptune is the featured movie now. It is connected with both of the Lights, Sun and Moon, and Juno as well. Remember that Juno does show up in situations where there is powerlessness and perhaps victims. And watery Neptune dissolves situations, like waves rolling up on the beach. All of these planets are in fixed signs, and will hold fast to their power positions. Until the waves come crashing in. It is Taurean resources and values that are being dissolved now, and the fixed T-cross shows that it is a stressful process.

Moon now is exactly on GW’s Pluto. His sense of royal control of the situation is being energized, and most likely destabilized.
Mercury conjoins the natal U.S. Vesta in Taurus. This Vesta placement means that the nation finds security in dedicating itself to Taurean values—land, money, investments, things, and resources—the consumer society. We are very aware of these values now, and there is a major change in them, perhaps the stirrings of a rebirth of priorities.

This is echoed by Venus in Aries conjunct the U.S. Transpluto, which I call the energy of resurrection.

Eclipses of the last two summers are re-activated now. Those Leo eclipses represent changes in command centers—within all bodies, including our own.

Jupiter and Pallas exactly oppose one another. The Warrior Goddess, now on the United States Ascendant, squares off against the King of the Gods, the "other."

Mars and Chiron are still conjoined, as they combine now to initiate us into a higher consciousness.

First Quarters are breakthrough periods. They push through obstacles to set us clearly on our new path. We have two first quarters here: Sun/Moon, and Neptune/Sun, which coincide to have a powerful impact. However, with Neptune being so chummy, things will not be entirely clear!

We have one—and almost two—oppositions. Things are clear with oppositions, but we often deny one side of it and project it on a handy target. Oppositions are turning points, like full moons.

And we have two—almost three—conjunctions. Two of them, both in Sagittarius, are triple conjunctions. They both run through the summer and finish in the autumn. Conjunctions are seed-planting times, like new moons.

This is an incredible number of turning points in one day. Big big day!

The full moons of November 1, 2001 and January 28, 2002 will both illuminate developments set into motion now.

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