With sorrow and gratitude, we recently bid goodby to the print version of Daykeeper. Now, in keeping with Daykeeper's mission as a journal of consciousness and transformation, we welcome you to Daykeeper's new incarnation as an online journal.

Here you will find the Daykeeper features you count on: Maya's astrological calendar, periodic musings, and inspirational writing, as well as book reviews and monthly columns by Crystal Pomeroy, Richard Allen, D. C., and accupuncturist Joseph Odom.

You will also find new features. September's sign is Virgo, covered in depth by Maya in this issue. Maya also begins bi-monthly moon reports centering on each new and full moon. Please check back often—we will be updating and adding new features frequently.

September Highlights

Maya's General Influences and Daily Calendar Communication, meetings, travel, ideas, and development of principles and plans are top activities now...

Moon Report September 20 Last Quarter Moon in Gemini Changeable Mercury sets the tone

Virgo Sign of the Month: Virgo Virgo, Isis, Ceres, Demeter, Corn Mother, Potato Mother, Kwan Yin ... the Great Goddess Virgo archetype.

Sun Signs Maya gives the lowdown for your sign.
September 2000
Table of Contents
General Influences and Daily Calendar
Quarterly Moon Report
Crystal's Moon Meditation: Harvest Moon 2000
Sign of the Month: VIRGO
General Sun Signs for September - October
The Glamour of Martyrdom: Richard Allen, D.C., uses a patient's dream as a healing tool
Health Through the Seasons: Accupuncturist Joseph Odom reminds us to ground ourselves and enjoy the earth element in late summer
Book Reviews: Summoned: Encounters with Alien Intelligence, by Dana Redfield
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