by Maya del Mar

ARIES. All kinds of new arrangements are stirring in your studio or workplace now. You'll never have a better time to reorganize it, so make the time despite your busy social life. Relationships seem to fill your plate this summer, and travel with friends, teachers, and/or lovers is big. A few weeks in a foreign land could do wonders for your perspective. You are building a security base now, although with your energies so dispersed you may not realize it. Mid-October will be a time of new clarity.

TAURUS. This is a super-creative period for you, particularly in the area of money and resources. Perhaps you're spending a lot on a child or on a work-related project. Or your investments may be giving you the jitters. Focus on cleaning up your health--diet and exercise and whatever else your body needs--and work routines. A like-minded partner, or a support group, could help you maintain the necessary discipline. Others may insist on your cooperation. Give it.

GEMINI. Your vaunted ability to straddle both sides of the fence at once is being put to the test now, Gemini. You may feel perfectly fine about embracing both sides of an issue at different times, depending on the circumstances. Makes sense. Life is, after all, a big playground. But it can throw more serious types for a loop, and now they're shining Pluto's powerful laser light directly at you and asking you to account for yourself. Tell them that variety is the spice of life. It is!

CANCER. You're subtly weeding out those people who don't contribute to your life. At the same time you and your partner are being enormously creative in remaking a comfy nest for yourselves. This is a time for powerful problem-solving. You can make many changes for the better in your life now. Helpful connections will come through casual meetings in daily life--and your daily life will be very busy, as you run around taking care of things. Mid-October will be a turning point.

LEO. You're super creative, Leo, and now you're getting a very strong and powerful response to your gifts to the world. You'd like to just stay centered and create your thing, but the world is calling you from all sides. Relationships flow beautifully, and are filled with stimulating ideas and opportunities. Make an effort to pin down the most important ones for future development as you rush through a kaleidoscope of connections. You'll have to fight for the solitude you want.

VIRGO. Your life is coming to a head, Virgo. It's birth and death--regeneration--at home and in your work life as well. In addition, you take new charge of your resources. It's fortunate you're a problem-solver, for you're dealt a complex hand which will require your skill and attention to play well. Watch out for impulsiveness in early October. Things may not be all they seem. This is an unsettled period for you with, at the same time, incredible opportunities for growth and new responsibilities.

LIBRA. You swing into action in your new year, Libra, with a new consciousness of your need for security and grounding, and of how you personally can implement it. Your power now lies in the information and communication industry, and there are great growth opportunities for you there--in sales, promotion, teaching, or using your computer skills in any number of ways. Your subconscious is being stirred up now. Pay attention to it--journalizing, meditating, etc.--so you can channel it constructively. Partnership issues may climax in mid-October.

Your deep subconscious realms are perking now, and your psychic antennae are vibrating rapidly. You have a renewed idea of who you are and what you want, and you're willing to do what you must to get it. You could have either a major windfall, or loss, in regard to money and resources. Pay attention to others' promises, and evaluate them carefully. Mid-October will see a reorientation of your stance towards life. You have a renewed outlook just in time for your New Moon on Oct. 27.

SAGITTARIUS. There's no stopping you now, Sag. Your power is out in full force, and you find important people happy to cooperate with you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime rebirth in your career and in your aspirations. You will be independent and on the move, perfect for you. Your only problem might come from home base; perhaps somebody doesn't like to be left behind. Your intuition, always excellent, serves you especially well now. Mid-October brings an accounting of your resources.

CAPRICORN. Much comes together for you now, Capricorn. The road will be like a roller coaster, but you end this period with a brand new ease of operation. You do have severe challenges during this period, which at the same time give you great opportunities for spiritual growth. Release of your need for control is your big big challenge. "I surrender to a higher power" should be your mantra these months, along with "I remain balanced in the midst of stress." With them use Bach flower remedy cherry-plum.

AQUARIUS. You're one of these lucky air signs this month, swept along on the lilting breezes of sweet--and not-so-sweet--talk. You're Miss Independence, joining groups and fighting for justice. You're a teacher, a preacher, a writer, a traveler, speaking up for the downtrodden at your every foray into the world. And the world listens. Your power in moving groups to action has never been so great. Mid-October brings you a glimpse of a new future--one where Aquarius has a welcome niche.

PISCES. Your life goals are being regenerated during these two months. Big things, which once may have seemed impossible, are opening up for you. It's other people that lead the way, and make the breakthroughs. All you have to do is respond, a special talent of yours. At the Aries Full Moon in mid-October, you do get to see where you come in. And, in fact, your choices then are crucial to your destiny. There will be much activity with partners, including perhaps disagreements.

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