by Maya del Mar

Communication, meetings, travel, ideas, and development of principles and plans are top activities now. Air signs dominate these two months, and air signs relate to everthing that moves through the airwaves, and especially human connections. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the three air signs, and with all three of them occupied during this entire period, there will be a great flow of words and of all of those things which link people.

The focal point for all of this hubbub is our great Pluto-Chiron conjunction in Sagittarius, our marker for the year, the century, and the millenium. These energies are extremely transformative. Pluto is Lord of Evolution, and Chiron ups our amps. It opens us to dormant parts of ourselves. The essence of their joint impact is dramatic shifts in human evolution.

Consciousness, then, can take a giant leap during these two months.

Pluto and Chiron both turned direct in mid-August. They are fresh and strong from their long rest, and their energies are very potent now as they surge forward. They are in fire sign Sagittarius, focussed on exploring, expanding, promoting, and widening horizons. Sagittarius is a universal sign, concerned with society as a whole. Some Sagittarian fields are education, religion, politics, advertising, publishing, travelling, law, sports, and drama. There is now an emphasis on growth and change in these fields. Pluto orbits around the Sun in 250 years. Historically, our periods of greatest world expansion come when it moves through Sagittarius. The last time was in the mid-1700's. Now, with Chiron, is prime time for exploring new worlds, both inner and outer.

Electronic connections provide both new worlds and new highways for exploration. Human relationships are another fertile area for discovery now. Our energy fields during these two months are vitalized by Virgo and Libra, both strong relationship signs. Virgo's focus is good health and right work, and there will be a strong push for improving ourselves and for relating to those routines and work situations where one's potential can be explored.

Libra's concerns are balance, harmony, artistry, fairness and justice. Above all, Libra wants fair and equal partnerships. All partnerships can be re-evaluated in the light of equality--having a voice at the table--and support of human dignity and individual needs.

This is a world-changing period, both our individual worlds and the wider social world which is our context. In May we began our new 20-year cycle of establishing a new grounding in our lives, during the summer we had three eclipses which opened new doors for us and helped us let go of the past, and now in the autumn we can move ahead in new directions.

We shall do so with gusto. Sagittarius is also a sign of enthusiasm. In fact, we may get carried away, for during this entire two-month period Jupiter in Gemini opposes Pluto and Chiron. These three planets operate well together, and indicate enormous, powerful, perhaps ruthless change.

Jupiter is King of the Gods and believes he can do whatever he wants--and generally can. Pluto is that hidden power which moves the deepest transformation, and Chiron throws us into new dimensions. The tools now are words and ideas, and the context is relationships. Masses can be greatly moved now by persuasion and propaganda. All trade issues are energized, for both Gemini and Sagittarius are promoters and traders. With oppositions there can be opposing factions, and religious and philosophical oppositions may intensify. Mars' involvement could aggravate them.

Virgo's ability to discriminate, and Libra's natural urge to balance will be much needed during these two months.

Pluto with Chiron can be a great healing force. With Pluto we can go into the depths of the subconscious, and with Chiron we have the courage to reach for healing old wounds. Jupiter can help us bring problems to light, and to know that it is all OK, that the Force is with us, and that we will grow through this work.

Each of these planets has a dark side. Pluto is the urge to power. It was discovered only in 1930, and we are just beginning to learn to use it well, individually and collectively. It was discovered as Hitler was rising, and as the elements needed for putting together the atomic bomb were being defined. Correct use of power is very much in the ethers, and could make great progress now. Or be greatly misused.

Chiron is an energy of technology, and it can be detached from the human condition and the needs of real human beings. The proper use of technology is a major question now, and we can call on Libra's humanistic energy to put humanity in a central position.

Power and technology received an enormous thrust the last time Pluto and Chiron conjoined, in 1940, as WWII went rolling into place. The power of technology will receive an even bigger push now, in the company of expansive, often arrogant, Jupiter--in the sign of dispassionate information, Gemini. On the other hand, we can combine information with wisdom now, and develop new ethics for new conditions.

This is truly a time of major, major evolution, and it is important for each of us to pay attention, to think, to discuss, and to make our voices heard above the din of the public media. We need to speak up for life.

One of the hidden issues which this planetary combination supports bigtime is space warfare. The failed anti-missile testing which has occurred is only one small layer of the plans as outlined by the U.S. Space Command in "Vision 2020," which is an outright plan for U.S. military domination of space in order to rule earth, "as Europe did in the days of gunboat diplomacy."

Much of the thinking and development for Vision 2020 came from Nazi scientists who were welcomed into the U.S., so we can see the connection to the last Pluto-Chiron conjunction. Many quotes, from this document and others, show the U.S. looking to turn outer space into a war zone. At a recent vote in the UN to affirm outer space as a zone of peace, there were 130 in favor and two abstentions--the United States and Israel.

Visualization and thoughts are very powerful, and the energies of this time give them wings. We can each continue to visualize health and peace in ourselves, our relationships, on the earth, and in space. "Star Wars" has powerful, compelling images. But it is time to change those images to "Star Peace." We can do that now. And we must.

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