by Richard Allen, D.C.

A patient came to see me, troubled by a dream. In the dream she was in battle, and both legs were severed. This, obviously, disturbed her. I remarked that her subconscious was relating valuable information.

We began our session, and the phrase "glamour of martyrdom" appeared. Immediately, a past life was shown to us in which she was a Christian. Rather than give up her faith, she was hacked up by the Romans in the Coliseum. Her faith was unyielding until the moment of her death.

At this time of grisly death, was she truly dying for her own beliefs or was she following someone else's ideology? Was her salvation really to be found in the afterlife? This moment, frozen in time, was still with her in today's lifetime.

Was there more to this physical embodiment than she was aware of? This left her feeling trapped between two worlds. Is it better to stay or better to leave? This left her feeling uncertain and ungrounded.

This deep pressure in her psyche put a stress on her kidneys, nervous system and solar plexus. The silver cord which connects us to the other realms when we die was already very activated and pulling large quantities of energy from her physical form.

I connected with my healing guides and we reached deeply to start healing her ethereal grids. Drawing in the power of the Great Divine Mother Earth, we grounded her. Opening the Emerald Body, we connected her solar plexus to her heart chakra, creating acceptance of true self and bringing passion back with her heart's desires.

Bringing in energies of the Neutral Observer, we re-calibrated her ray of light, inter-weaving it with all dimensions for a greater sense of unity and alignment with the creative intelligence. Then hooking in the Apanic Body, we helped her system eliminate the old negative thought patterns. Lastly the Blue Pearl Body at the sixth chakra came alive, creating her connection with her ascended master self.

Then the true energy of all these spiritual qualities came alive and a great peace descended upon her. She inhaled a healing breath of calm and relaxation. Her aura radiated with the light of knowing. She had come home to her own true heart, capturing the power and freedom of the present, the now, where true spiritual love and fulfillment can be found.

Richard Allen, D.C. helps people release and transform subconscious patterns and habits into healthy attitudes and behaviors for body, mind, emotional and spiritual integration. Contact him at 415/927-4995.

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