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April 5
Athena turns retgrograde in Sagittarius.

April 7
Chiron retrograde in Sagittarius.

April 20
Venus direct in Aries.
Blackout Blackmail
by Maya del Mar

Each month we will give the dates of the month’s planetary "stations" in this spot.

From Earth’s standpoint, planets periodically reverse their direction. We call this a retrograde period. It is a time to assimilate that planet’s energies, to bring them home to us and work with them on inner levels. During retrograde times, people are idiosyncratic—more true to their natures—in their expression of the retrograde energy.

On the days surrounding a planet’s "turn," it is moving very slowly or standing still in the heavens. We call this a station. Energy is very pronounced then, and events on earth reflect that emphasis.

During the few days around the directional change of a planet, its action manifests more strongly. We can see its principle more clearly then. Pay attention to the station days. They’re always significant.

Pallas Athena turns retrograde in Sagittarius the night of April 5. Pallas Athena is a strategist and defender, the warrior goddess. She stands up for her rights and takes care of her people. Now she turns inward for the next three months. Pallas and Pluto are traveling together now and they are, in fact, in very close conjunction during the last half of March and most of April.

This shows deep transformation in strategy. Many social patterns begin a change process now. Pallas is a thinker, and in Sagittarius she sees the broad picture. With Pluto, ideas will be deeply transformed. Sagittarius includes politics, religion, and ideology. Retrograde times are idiosyncratic, and righteousness and intolerance can prevail then. Whatever is the focus of Pallas-Pluto now, energetic Aries Sun will push it right along. Arming, defense, war, and trade are all possibilities. All adventurous endeavors are favored. Pallas turns direct in July, and conjoins Pluto for the last time on October 6 to complete the process.

Chiron, also in Sagittarius, follows close behind. He turns retrograde on April 7. Healer Chiron will open our eyes in a new way. One of his issues now is abuse, disenfranchisement, and powerlessness. Another is our grounding in reality. Chiron turns direct in late August, along with Pluto and Pallas. During these months these three heavy hitters are working as a transformational team. They will transform consciousness, particularly in and about the United States.

Hooray! Venus turns direct about midnight on April 20. She emerges into the dawn to become a morning star now. We have clarified our values on this journey into the dark, and now we set forth to announce and share them. Venus before the sun is considered a light-bearer, and Aries Venus will not be shy. Notice what attracts you now.

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