Sky Shows
by Sissy Blue

Have you ever noticed that people do not act like their sun sign? How many times have you been challenged on the validity of astrology, because you do not fit the scenario of your sun sign?

The sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth is called the rising sign. People act like their rising sign. It is only when you pierce through the facade of the rising, that you get to the true heart of the person, the sun sign. (On occasion, the rising sign and sun sign are the same, and then the person will seem true to the scenario.)

The following conversation could occur between several different combinations, for instance, a Gemini rising and a Capricorn sun, or an Aries rising and a Taurus sun, or even an Aquarius rising and a Cancer sun. No matter what your combination of rising and sun sign, you may see yourself in the following dialogue.

Sun challenges the Rising: "Why do you pretend to be something I am not?"

Rising answers: "I'm not pretending. I'm the Personality. I have to go out into the world every day, while you just hide."

Sun argues, "I'm not hiding. I'm simply not stomping around out there showing off like you do."

Rising argues back, "I'm not showing off. I have to keep up my public face so no one will really know what you're up to."

Sun sighs. "I'm too tired to be up to anything, after you got us involved with the neighbor."

Rising shrugs his shoulders. "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Sun asks "Aren't you supposed to be watching out for us? After all, you're the one out in the front."

Rising answers, "It sounded reasonable when the neighbor wanted to work together and build a nice fence between our two properties. He promised we'd share the expenses and the work. He make a valid point when he said it would improve the value of both of our properties."

Sun asks, "But how did it turn out?"

Embarrassed, Rising looks down.

Sun continues. "He talked you into buying all the supplies."

Rising says in defense, "But he said he would write a check later."

Sun: "But did he?"

Rising, meekly: "Well, no."

Sun asks, "And what did he do while we were slaving away digging post holes and stretching the wire?"

Rising clinches his lips, but doesn't answer.

Sun pursues. "Why don't you answer? Well, I'll answer for you. He suddenly came up with a fake illness and couldn't help us."

"He was out there in the heat with us part of the time," Rising protests.

Sun agrees. "Yeah. You're right. He sat on the tailgate of the pickup, drinking a soda, and watching us sweat."

Rising wipes his forehead with a handkerchief, remembering the event.

Sun continues, "I just think that since you're a rising sign, you would know better than to fall for the neighbor's rising. He fooled you. You thought he was a nice person, so enthusiastic that he would jump right out there and start pounding that post hole digger into the ground."

Rising says "Well, he seemed so honest and sincere."

Sun shakes his head. "There's a lesson here. Look at yourself. You are so different from me. You run around out there in the world and people think you're me. You're not."

Rising falls silent.

Sun says "And you get us into all kinds of situation that I can't handle."

Rising asks, "Like what?"

"Like building this darned fence, for instance. Or like flirting with that blonde at work. You're just playing around, but what if she called our bluff?"

Rising says "I was only teasing."

Sun warns "But she will make a date with you, then when I show up, which I have to do sooner or later, she'll be disappointed."

Rising chides. "Maybe you should get out more."

Sun glares at Rising. "We need to work together. Before you jump into something, you should stop and think about me. Check your memory banks and be a little more careful about what you get us into."

Rising relents. "All right, I guess you've got a point."

Sun adds, "And one more thing. I think you should be a little more alert to other rising signs. When you meet a new person, you should know that you are talking to their rising, not their sun. You, of all people, shouldn't fall for the mask they wear."

"I know you're right," reluctantly agrees Rising.

Sun goes on. "Remember that time in 1978 when you..."

Rising buries his head, knowing Sun won't run out of energy for a very - very - very long time.

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona.