Loving Your Dreams to Life, 2/23 New Moon Meditation
by Crystal Pomeroy

Dear Readers, some of you have asked about Crystal's Meditations for March and April. Crystal gave birth to her first child, Christopher, on April 8, 2001. She looks forward to resuming her column as soon as she is able. We hope you will join us in sending love and blessings to the new family!

Late February’s New Moon is an excellent window for deepening your daily work with both waking and sleeping dreams. An excellent beginning for this Moon cycle is to review your New Year’s intentions and goals (if you made a list in January, go back over it now) and clarify your current desires as you put them into an effective format for visualization. Translate your goals into clearer pictures in your mind so that you can visualize them as tangibly as possible. This is also a great time to create or renew visualization tools such as a treasure maps and imaging in the alpha state (go to this column in September Daykeeper Archives for simple, more detailed pointers).

Dreams are one of the most powerful of all spiritual and psychic mysteries. Bringing our divine dreams into our waking, and our awareness into our nighttime dreams can open many connections with Higher Powers, including our own inmost wisdom. Those who are interested in intensifying their nighttime dream work at this lunar power window, whether to seek messages or simply for healing or experiential purposes, will also enjoy the guides, prayers and other practical suggestions we’ll now share for that purpose.

Besides being associated with dreams, Pisces relates to unconditional love and forgiveness. Indeed, there are few prayer combinations that are more effective than daily visualization, dream recall and forgiveness. As you refine or establish your visualization practice, its well worth devoting a short time each day to a practice suggested by metaphysical healers throughout the last century: review all the people and circumstances which still cause you uncomfortable feelings or memories, or who appear now in your dreams to remind you of their need for release, and send them thoughts of love and release.


These symbols are to add to or create seasonally and astrologically synchronized altars and ceremonies.

  • The earth element can be present as driftwood, dried algae, dried fish, fish skin or sea fossil, sand or stone from the beach. (If you choose Morpheus from the guides suggested below, you may place a series of pebblesŃpreferably though not necessarily from the beach- on the side of your altar near the door.)

  • You can use tap or sea water in a shell, shell-like vessel or goblet, or a fountain on or next to your altar, or a bowl with water and floating candles (as suggested for your fire element).

  • Timely symbols of fire could be either lit in your hearth, or as pink, purple, coral and/or turquoise candles floating in a large bowl, or large, standing candle or candles in these hues, especially in the shape of angels or fishes.

  • For the air element at this time, you might choose some inspiring music (either your own favorite or chosen from guide-specific selections as suggested below), select lavender incense, heat potpourri (which would also cover the fire element), or sound delicate bells.


Those who wish to call on guides and angels at this time to assist in prayer focusing may refer especially to:

  • Astral-plane Archangel Varuna, Lord of Waters (associated with Pisces ruler Neptune)

  • Archangel Anael (who concedes the dreams of the heart)

  • Archangels Chamuel and Charity (facilitators of Divine Love). Opera fans can complement these angels' tonal key, as they represent the air element for their altar and New Moon prayers, by playing Regina Coelli from Mascagni’s Cavallería Rusticana.

  • Archangels Zadquiel and Amethyst (facilitators of Mercy and Forgiveness)

  • Kwan Yin (Buddhist Emanation of Compassion and metaphysical Goddess of Mercy. You may also choose to integrate her musical theme of the Japanese song "Sakura Sakura" into your ceremony.)

  • The Angel of Dreams Come True

  • Rowena and Victory (Divine complements that together guard the principal of Divine Love)

  • Psyche (Goddess of Love)

  • Nepthys (Egyptian Goddess of Dreams)

  • Nodens (Celtic God of Dreams and Sleep)

  • Morpheus and/or Hipnos (Greek Gods of Dreams and Sleep)

  • Bormanus (Celtic God associated with secrets revealed through dreams)

  • The Christ Mind

  • Jesus Christ

If you wish to summon such helpers before beginning your own prayers and meditations, and/or your own angel(s) or guides, and any other beings "of the high white light alone" (a good phrase for protection when summoning spirits or guides), you may call on them out loud or in writing.

Before initiating your Aquarius New Moon ceremony or prayers, you might say or write something like,

"I (we, if summoned by a group) greet you and bless you for your work of divine service and guidance, and request your assistance in developing our connection with the Divine Dreamer within and lighting the flame of Unconditional Love in our hearts."

New Moon In Pisces: Time to Make Your Dreams Come True

After summoning your chosen guides, you may wish to create or renew your list of intentions for the New Year and/or New Millenium. Give thanks for those goals that have come true, and make a new list now (or your first one, if you didn’t in January). Some of your goals now will probably be those that have not yet manifested from what you wanted 2 months ago, others may be new. Still others that you desired in January may no longer excite you, so you can let them go, as you give thanks for the new understanding that has moved you beyond those intentions.

Use this powerful dream vortex to refine your list of chosen desires in, vivid, colorful graphic terms which will serve you for your visualization program (as detailed in this column in September Daykeeper Archives).

Unleash the Power Within You by Releasing Bonds to the Lower Emotions

As suggested above, to further empower your dreams, now is a perfect moment to invite the Angels of Forgiveness and Divine Love (named in Angels and Guides section above), to assist you in making a CLEANSING LOVE LIST of the people and situations you have some resistance or resentment towards. At the top of this list, you may write a strong to "en-loven" your connection with each one, like:




The idea of Unconditional Love sounds a chord in our souls, and most of us find it enchanting. The real work comes in allowing Love to continue flowing through us, while remaining involved in day-by-day relating to ourselves and others on this plane of fallen human nature. We slide into habits of condemning ourselves, others and circumstances. Daily contemplation of the forgiveness principle unblocks the stoppage such habitual reactions cause in the flow of Love. When we regularly include forgiveness in our inner work, we keep the channels open that allow Omnipotent Grace to work through us to heal, bless and prosper all that we touch.

There are many reasons to start or renew your exercise of forgiveness and High Love now, as such meditations are one of the most powerful keys to spiritual development, healing and success at any time. They will also help the planet make a vibrational shift associated with the second, or true coming of the Christ, which will result as a change in popular consciousness while the message He represented is finally being understood by large numbers of people.

Tap the Magic of Your Nighttime Dreams

Maintaining a prayerful, forgiving state of mind will lighten the vibrational wavelength in general, tending to awaken universal, but dormant extrasensorial faculties, such as intuition and premonition. Premonitory dreams will often become more frequent as a byproduct of an intensified prayer or meditation practice.

However, virtually anyone can have access to hidden knowledge and greater insight through some simple methods of dreamwork. Several years ago I was led to develop a disarmingly easy way of receiving messages from the Higher Mind through dreams, which you may want to add to your own nighttime magic during this Dreamy Moon Cycle. Before sleeping at night—either after laying down, or, if you can’t stay awake more than 30 seconds while prone, sitting on the edge of your bed—focus your imagination wholeheartedly towards your specific or general guides, and say aloud with strong intent, "I request a Power Dream." Some people may need to repeat the request up to ten times. The results of the information revealed through this simple method are apt to surprise you. Like all oracles, Power Dreams are not to be abused. If you ask too often or begin to take this practice lightly, dream images will tend to twist in what seems to be a mocking fashion.

If you wish to develop or sharpen recall of your dreams, or access nocturnal healing energies for body or mind, a simple decree like this, repeated for five minutes or more before dozing off will also render surprising results: "As I go to sleep, Spirit within remains awake and active, bringing forth my healing throughout the night." If you’re interested in improved dream recall, make sure you write your dreams down, tape them or tell them to someone as early as possible on the following day. It’s also wise not to reveal the prayer methods you are personally applying, unless someone else is joining you in the same practice.

Another important final point for any dream work is to bear in mind that we always have freedom of choice to accept or create any future probabilities, even when we’ve received premonitions. The most interesting facet of dream work may be its potential to facilitate our role as co-creators of reality, working with information received to understand, but also to give shape to those unseen forces which metaphysically weave our eventual experience. When we receive information, we can choose to deny its necessity or reality, or to otherwise choose how we are going to decree or visualize in relation to the revelation. The buck always stops with the Christ within.

As we have now inarguably entered the New Millenium, and there are an ever-increasing number of high vibrational beings and forces released among us to assist the Earth’s healing transition to a more spiritual wavelength, this Pisces New Moon is indeed an apt time to focus on our own higher faculties. These range from creating realities through visualization and related tools, to broadening our understanding of reality through activating unconditional love, contacting our guides and accessing our mysterious, dormant senses and knowledge, prayer and dream work, as well as any related new dimensions you may wish to explore or deepen, such as a self-hypnosis program, spiritual healing or metaphysical studies. Maya has reminded us that Aries influences are up now too, so let’s stop dreaming about our Dream World, and actively begin to bring it forth as we awaken the Divine Dreamer within!

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