December Features

Election Aftermath: Pluto's influence opens many cans of worms

Stars over Capetown Maya reflects upon the southern constellations

Virgo Sign of the Month: Sagittarius Leader, teacher, entertainer

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December Highlights

Moon Report December 18, Last Quarter Moon in Virgo tells us it's time to let go of what we no longer need

Maya's Daily Astrological Calendar—day-by-day guide to an active and intense December

General Astrological Influences for December: Benificent influences upon institutions which reform now...
Sun Signs Maya gives the monthly lowdown for your sign.
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December 2000
Table of Contents
Election Aftermath
Daily Forecast
General Astrological Influences
Maya's Musings—Stars over Capetown
Quarterly Moon Report
Crystal's Moon Meditation: Nov. 25 New Moon—planetary healing
Open Your Love Channels by Richard Allen, D.C.
Sign of the Month: SAGITTARIUS
General Sun Signs for December 2000
Book Review: Rare Earth—is life too complex to have arisen elsewhere in the universe?

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