by Crystal Pomeroy

Last month’s Moon cycle pointed to astral assistance for breaking through the learnt beliefs that bind us to limited conditions, freeing our imagination to new panoramas of possibilities in relation to our hopes and dreams.

For the November 25 New Moon, Maya’s messages give us two-fold direction in our inner work: On the one hand, we are guided to contribute significantly to planetary healing in order to open the way to receive ourselves the consolidation of blessings we’ve been praying for. On the other, her stars assure us of Divine Assistance as we strengthen the faith and freedom of consciousness we’ve been working to develop over the past weeks (new readers may wish to see the column in Daykeeper Archives for October).

Is there some desire or need you’ve sought to satisfy with inner and outer means, without yet seeing the breakthroughs you long for? This December is a great time to get your manifestation energy moving by taking initiative to contribute, with no strings attached, to assisting world healing.

Search your heart and memory to identify some collective call for help whose response you have left pending. Has an inspiration crossed your mind or feelings to give more support or resources to a spiritual service movement you believe in (or initiate one yourself)? Is there an environmental or community cause or project that has pulled on your heartstrings—though you still haven’t joined the dance? Has it occurred to you more than once to share your time, skills and/or resources with a particular group or type of those in need—but you just haven’t gotten around to it for one reason or another?

Putting off the implementation of our inner calls to service can respond to a number of apparent obstacles. Sometimes we feel we are doing more than we can already within our current limitations of time or funds. We may doubt whether our efforts will really make a worthwhile difference. Many of us feel like our current capacity to give isn’t strong, refined or perfected enough to make contribution we dream of. And maybe it isn’t.

However, as we overcome our resistance to freely sharing our gifts as they now are—in order to help heal the world around us— we will automatically be supported by many invisible entities. The astrological benefactors Maya has portrayed as characterizing this New Moon: Ceres, Neptune, Hygeia and Jupiter, in turn represent entire groups of archetypal beings who are moving in to facilitate and optimize whatever initiatives that are made towards planetary healing at this time. And such divine energies will also assist the healers: in turn facilitating answers to our previously frustrated prayers or dreams, and fortifying our ability to thrive as we serve.

It is a Spiritual Principle that we often must give in order to receive. This New Moon is a perfect time to get on the wheel of Universal Good by elevating your seasonal giving to its highest octave, as you defy all apparent obstacles and say yes to the call of active support or service to planetary healing which best suits your deepest values and strongest resources at this time.

The following tools are designed to facilitate accessing celestial assistance for clarifying and carrying out your particular healing ministry, as well as consolidating your freedom from limited beliefs and appearances (a process we concentrated on last month).


These symbols are to add to or create seasonally and astrologically sychronized altars and ceremonies.

  • Earth. The earth element can be present as green boughs, strips of kindling or firewood, dried sticks, a dried or fresh wreath, an Advent wreath (fresh greens with four candles to be lit one per Sunday till Christmas or Solstice), hand-made Christmas or Solstice decorations (especially emphasizing the healing color, green), apples, potatoes, or yams.

  • Water. You can use melted snow, rain water or wine (red or apple) in a festive goblet, or a bottle of wine, cider, brandy or champagne (to be opened during year’s end festivities).

  • Fire. Timely symbols of fire could be lit in your hearth, with a large, thick, warm yellow or green candle or candles, green and red candles together, or green candles which have been decorated by winding them with red ribbons.

  • Air. For the air element, you might select pine incense, add fragrant greens or stick cinnamon to your fire, sound a rather heavy bell, and/or play spirited music.


Those who wish to call on guides and angels at this time to assist in prayer focusing and receiving of divine direction, may choose to include any of the following:

  • The Angel of Independent Attention and Beliefs

  • Rafael (Archangel of Healing)

  • Ceres (Mother to the Needy)

  • Hygeia and Asclepias (Masters of Healing, working on the etheric plane of the Fifth Ray of Green Flame. If you choose to call on them, you may wish to use the symbol of the Caduceus on your altar, and/or play the aria Una Furtiva Lagrima from Donezetti’s Opera Elixir of Love (both are associated with these healing beings), before or during your prayers at this time.

  • The Christ Mind

  • The Divine Healer

  • Agni and Swahá (God and Goddess of the Cosmic Fire, parents to the three fire types: Electric-I AM; Solar-The Christ; and Friction-The Body)

If you wish to summon such helpers before beginning your own prayers and meditations, and/or your own angel(s) or guides, and any other beings "of the high white light alone" (a good phrase for protection when summoning spirits or guides), you may call on them out loud or in writing.

Before initiating or intensifying your healing service as suggested above, you might say or write something like, "I greet you and bless you for your work of divine service and guidance, and request your assistance in my own initiatives towards healing service and support."

Before prayers to consolidate the freeing of your beliefs and attention from limiting, collective programs (whose initiation is outlined in the last New Moon cycle), you may wish to modify your greeting and request to say something like,

"I greet you and bless you for your work of divine service and guidance, and request your assistance in the definitive freeing of my belief nature from collective illusions and limitations."


"All cosmic forces are now collaborating to guide my will to help and heal. I heed their signs and messages and freely contribute now in the ways which I am being shown."

"I dare to defy completely the world’s erroneous belief in trouble and limitation (lack, etc.). I steadfastly hold to my vision of Spiritual Truth, and receive the complete freedom that Spirit has for me now." (This affirmation can be used to conclude last moon month’s prayer suggestions, or combined with same).


Whether we choose to create an elaborate altar or ceremony, or spend a few minutes daily in prayer, the results are not proportionate to the information we possess, but rather to its active and regular implementation. We invite you to share your testimonies of results from the application of this lunar month’s suggested spiritual tools and initiatives (or your adaptations of them), and to continue to synchronize with the elite, though growing group of those around the world who are sincerely applying themselves to the magical path of Spirit-centered living, thus creating new paradigms for the accelerated healing of the planet and each of its inhabitants. Membership is by applied free will alone.

Happy Healing Holidays!

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