by Crystal Pomeroy

Maya’s predictions for the current New Moon energy vortex show this time as especially apt for clarifying whatever images we are holding in relation to our "dreams and ideals," and our partnerships especially. Present help from the moon’s vibrations would concentrate the potency of any steps you may choose to take to get in touch with and visualize more concretely your highest aspirations.

The first of such steps could be to recall the power of visualization, and examine what we are doing to participate in consciously creating those visions and images we wish to project into our lives and the world. Then we could use the days around the New Moon to move onto a new or renewed focus in our daily use of imagination.

Towards the end of the 19th Century, Emma Curtis Hopkins, considered the Mother of the American Metaphysical Movement, wrote about the power of the imagination to create whatever pictures we hold in our mind. In the amazingly informational century since that time, the creative power of the imagination has become a universally acknowledged resource for improving our world. Not only have scientifically controlled studies proven its efficacy, they’ve even identified two repeatable factors which, when combined, increase visualization’s effectiveness up to five times. On the one hand, the images held in the mind should be as graphic as possible. On the other, the creative force of visualization is potentialized when done in a relaxed state (while the brain emits "alpha" waves). Below you’ll find suggestions elaborating on practical applications of these principles with your own inner work.

Before further exploring the technicalities, however, let’s define something more essential: what are we aspiring to? As adults, most of us have gotten lukewarm—to say the least—about our "dreams and ideals." While remembering the fact that the pictures we hold in our minds influence our experience powerfully, it’s worth taking some meditative moments to reconnect with the Divine Dreamer which still lies—though usually dormant—at the heart of our inner child.

Can you remember that sense you had as a little girl or boy that somehow there was a promise of magic and joy ahead on your path—that you could someday make a great or special contribution to life? Slowly but surely, the hard opinions and appearances of the world around you convinced you that things couldn’t be so easy, that your great intuitions were unfounded fantasies. By the time you grew to adulthood, you had probably more or less forgotten what it was to really let loose when defining your aspirations. Most of us get to a point we no longer create our goals, but rather look to circumstances to do that for us. For instance, we may vaguely focus our hopes on some apparent problem being resolved, or "at least" being able "to make it through the month (or week)."

Dealing with limits and integrating our own reality in the manifest world around us are part of the life process, not bad in themselves. But most of us have let our life experience knock the wind out of our aspiration act. Even those of us who’ve had some extraordinary dreams come true, may find ourselves slipping into a rut of thinking that "this is all there is," as though it were somehow taboo to consider going in a new direction, onto something different, which could be much more exciting to who we’ve become since we last defined our dream life. Either way: whether you’re latched into the problem/solution mode for goal setting, or living your past dream come true, or any combination of the above—this New Moon will help turn the light on what you really want to use the unlimited power of your visualization for now.

The following exercises are life changing whenever you do them, but the September 29 New Moon is a starship of energy you won’t want to miss, as well as being as good a reason as any to focus on the messages we receive from the invisible plane and ground them in our experience without further delay!


Have on hand: a note pad or several clean sheets of paper and your favorite writing instrument.

If you wish to do a more extensive New Moon/Autumn Equinox prayer session or ceremony, you may enjoy opening with all or any of the following activities:

Symbols of the Elements for the September 27 New Moon Ceremonies

These are to add to or to create seasonal altars. (Checkboxes are nonfunctional and for your convenience only, should you wish to print out this page.)

The Autumn earth element can be present as dried grass, flowers, or rose petals, a basket with dried whole grain.
You can use tap or sea water in a goblet. Red wine in a glass goblet would also be beautifully apropos.
Timely symbols of fire could be a metallic gold or orange candle.
For the air element, you could choose sage, copal or East Indian incense, sound a bell or wind chimes, or heat potpourri (which would also cover the fire element).

Guides and Angels

Some guides and angels for those who would call on such prayer-focusing assistance at the September New Moon Vortex:

  • The Angel of Dreams Come True.
  • The Angel of Unlimited Aspirations.
  • The Angel of Life Purpose.
  • The Voice of the Child Within.
  • The Angel of "Ask and it shall be given."
  • Archangel Anael (who concedes the dreams of the heart).
  • The Divine Artist Within.


You may also choose to do the following, very powerful affirmation for 5-10 minutes to open your circuits to the Highest Desires which are ready to express through you:


Such affirmative invitations have brought forth amazing results when done with a Spirit of putting one’s personal aspiring and visualization capabilities at the service of the Christ, or Higher Power.

Explore Your Aspirations

Next, in a place where you can devote at least half an hour exclusively to this exercise, pen and page in hand, explore your wildest aspirations. Lift your inner gaze above whatever limited appearances seem to lie on your path, and dare to imagine what your life would be like if it were a thrilling picture—thrilling personally to you, of unlimited fun, joy and well-being.

Some questions you might ask yourself to facilitate this:

What can you see yourself doing in a dream life—professionally, creatively, spiritually?

What would your daily environment be like? What is the financial scenario that seems absolutely wonderful to you?

How can you imagine your dream relationships could be? (This last area of your life is especially emphasized in Maya’s stars now, and would of course include your relationship with yourself.)

Other points to consider may include:

my part in the direction of the planet
love life
personal and academic development
travels and recreation

While you profiles your heart’s desires in writing, should some lower level of your unawareness try to make you think you should rush though this or that you are wasting your time, turn your back on the trap of doubts and remember: the images that you dare to hold in your mind sooner or later will materialize in your experience. Writing the description of the changes you would love to live can be one of the most decisive actions of your life. It is also a powerful first step towards clarifying your dreams and ideals which optimizes Maya’s New Moon prayer potential. What started as your list of heart’s desires becomes a command around which circumstances unfold to deliver that which responds to the image and likeness of the Creator working in and through you.

Once you have written a description of ideal possibilities, the energy generator you are is now mobilized on the wavelength of enthusiasm, a word derived from Greek, originally meaning, "inspiration by a god or other superhuman power."

Those ideals which really move us, floating above the field of that which seems probable or proper into the stratosphere of the wondrous, are in fact necessary solvents to release the superhuman power which alone can defy the weight of our spiritual gravity and carry us on to supposedly impossible feats. When you let the images of your new or renewed dreams well up within you you’ll be feeling this joyful lightness I’ve described. It will signal your readiness to put your dreams to work for you by making your dream work concrete, with some of tools shared below


Studies prove visualization to be one of the most effective tools for creating desired circumstances. They also show that there are two repeatable factors which, when combined, increase its effectiveness up to five times.

First, the images you hold in your mind should be as graphic as possible. Get your physical senses fully involved, so that you really feel that you are tangibly experiencing your dream come true. While keeping your heart on your highest, most opulent current aspiration, keep your mind’s eye on the accompanying details. If you want to go to Paris, for instance, see yourself inside a sidewalk café; look at the dark, varnished wood of your table top and then out at the street, where the gray pavement is lined by close-laid sidewalks in a lighter gray. Smell the rich fragrance of European coffee, hear people speaking French around you, and savor the taste of a dry Chablis. Effective visualization could also be called sensorial imagination.

The clarity of physical images is so effective, that many people enjoy making treasure maps (poster board with pictures of your desired good pasted on them), which provide a cartography for the power of your imagination to follow and thus create your dreams. These are most effective when the pictures are color photograph type, carefully chosen from magazines, catalogs, etc., to reflect all you want and nothing you don’t want, as everything you look at, you tend to get with this method. (If you’re visualizing a house, and there’s a guy in the picture, don’t use that one unless you want him in your picture, too.) Other tips: take your time to find and choose quality pictures, don’t crowd many or diverse images together.

Keep this practice to yourself, don’t show your map to other humans or talk about it until it’s a three dimensional, completed fact. When you use your map, feel like you’re already living what you’re seeing in a relaxed, joyful manner, without worrying about how or when it might appear in your life (or that of a loved one).

The other element for optimal visualization is to be physically relaxed, so that the brain emits alpha waves. You are naturally in the alpha state when awaking, before getting out of bed; and when in bed, before going to sleep. These are two very powerful times to visualize your clearly imagined images, with or without your treasure map. Doing so regularly for a few minutes in the morning, and again at night, will bring forth seemingly miraculous blessings.

You are invited to see for yourself, using this New Moon window as described by Maya to join the Divine Dreamers of the Universe in recreating a definition of reality, one which takes our powerful inner presence into account, opening unlimited paradigms for all of Creation.

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