November Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. Money has been a particular concern for the last couple of years, and this month will see a focus on it. Cooperating with others is the key, and again, this is a peak month for such sharing. You begin now a four-month period of expanding your life, and Lady Luck is right beside you. Just remember to work with her and not against her. Your habit of seeing everything as a challenge helps you push through obstacles on the one hand, but on the other hand you lose valuable allies with that kind of tunnel vision. And you do have much support now.

TAURUS. Your life is about being a good gardener, partnering with Mother Earth to help her be productive and inviting. This includes taking good care of your own body, your own finances, your own possessions, your own work, your own family, and your own territory. Taskmaster Saturn has returned to your sign to hold the stick while you do your final mop-up of loose ends. This is a good time for business—to buy and sell, to make deals, and to reorganize work partnerships. Travel for business could be productive now.

GEMINI. You’ve been undergoing a lot of personal growth this fall—perhaps at times feeling like you’re in a pressure cooker, and the pressure is easing off. What’s emerging is a revitalization of all of your relationships to give you more freedom. By mid-month you have a new awareness of who you are, and a new sense of your power with others. Communication, your forte, is easy now. Ideas flow like water, and your creativity with words is enhanced. Protect your high-energy self against burnout.

You receive a lot of support this month on your current journey of enhancing your security. Some of it comes through loving relationships, perhaps family, some through far-sighted business situations, and some through your own creative efforts, which are featured for the next few months. Your focus is on reorganizing your home base or your work foundations, probably in tandem with your partner. Through expansion and communication, you are making a big personal realignment in preparation for your next life phase.

LEO. Your creative efforts of the last few years really bear fruit this month. You become not only more you, but a much deeper and stronger you. At the same time, you encounter new situations which test you (in fact, your story of the last three years!). One of them regards unusual people and situations in your life which you are finally getting a fix on. Another is about new responsibilities and directions in your work life, which you will be able to ground next month. By mid-month the value of friends shines out. All month you are very busy.

VIRGO. Dear Virgo, what a busy busy autumn this has been for you! You are regenerating your foundations as you reach for more success in your worldly goals and responsibilities. This month you get it together, and you can see clearly what your tools are and where you’re going. Money is important now—both coming in and going out. You might have conflicts with your partner about how to allocate your resources. Let human values have top priority. Family, especially children, bring you happiness.

LIBRA. You’re thinking about new possibilities this month—and may be making moves to actualize them. Solidity is important. You want your own solid foundations as well as a secure place in the world. At the same time you want your freedom, especially freedom of thought. How do you juggle your resources to meet your varying needs? Communication is an issue. You may renovate your daily routine so that you can speak out to a wider audience. Conditions at home are loving and supportive.

SCORPIO. You are aware of yourself and your great ability to strategize in a new way. Your life is in your hands this month, and your quotient of self-worth rises. Others respond with support. You are deepening all your relationships, and they are serious, productive and perhaps business-oriented. Something might come out of the blue to give you more freedom at home, perhaps a relationship shift. Distant family may call on you emotionally. Communication can be filled with love.

SAGITTARIUS. It’s your time! Your power is rising and your canniness makes a huge jump this month. You shoot your arrows, and you know exactly where to aim them. The world responds, and you are successful. However, inner anxieties continue to gnaw at you, particularly about home, money, and security. Although money comes in, you are concerned about finances—and with some reason. This motivates you to be a go-getter about drawing in what you need. Integrity is your strength.

Venus moves through your sign and brings you love and kisses. Perhaps just as importantly, she moves through your house of money and lovingly cares for your resources. Goddess knows you’ve been working at it and can use her help. All autumn you’ve been undergoing a huge inner alignment, and now it is set in motion. Your subconscious messages are both more realistic and more optimistic than they’ve been in a while, and you are set to launch into some major changes in your life next year.

AQUARIUS. On the one hand you’re set to launch. On the other hand Saturn in Taurus is holding the lid down again, and you feel stifled. Just hold the light, work hard, and by April you’ll be out of the box. Your long-range ideals have been changing the last few months. Now you’ve got them pretty well set, and this is the month to clarify your vision. During 2001 you will be undergoing changes which release your voice, so you can speak those ideals out. Social connections are a special source of satisfaction this month. Let them nurture you.

PISCES. You’re in the midst of a several-year very strong growth period. During the last six months, issues have revolved around home and social goals, such as your niche in the world. This month you are establishing a new sense of how you establish your power in the world, as well as a new security at home. Children, or your creations, attract your energy. A conflict in a business or intimate partnership may upset your sense of security, but it may also pull out of old worn-out dependencies. Friends are important.

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