Health Through the Seasons
by Dr. Richard Allen

In my practice I often see deep inner self-doubt. Clients question, "Am I worthy and deserving of being loved?"

Imagine the alternative. What if your worthiness was never in question? In spirit, it isn’t. We are born from creative essence—pure, innocent, divine, and enthusiastic to explore, discover, and experience.

Confusion sets in when we break through into third dimensional reality. Here we face the polar opposites: good/bad, right/wrong, and God/Devil.

To balance these dualities, consciousness must be present to play the part of the witness who is detached from reaction and can view objectively with compassionate interest and love. As we continue to balance the polarities in life, this awakened self will become more and more apparent. Sometimes it takes years of practice, meditation, introspection, and self-analysis to reach this place of the loving, objective witness.

Why is it such a struggle? Simply put, we need challenge to grow. And challenge arrives the moment our soul comes into physical form.

At that moment we need a caring person to bestow upon us love, blessings, and high value to support our inborn feelings of worthiness.

If these blessings are not given, then confusion, inadequacy, low self-esteem and guilt will follow. If this has been true for you and you have felt slighted, you can give yourself the initiation into love.

Sit down and start praying that divine love awakens within you. In truth we already are divine love. You can say something like the following:

"I give appreciation and thanks for my body. I bless my body with love."

As you sit, let grace descend upon you. It may feel awkward at first, but keep doing it. Do it every day for 40 days.

It takes 40 days to break old habit patterns and to set in new and healthy behaviors. Do this and I guarantee that in 40 days you will see and feel the results: lightness, freedom, greater trust, clarity, and a depth of love that will be new, exciting, and very nurturing.

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