April Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. This is a gung ho month for you, Aries. You tap into an enormous energy for change. Yet at the same time you review your whole life, your whole self—your relationships, your values, your goals. Who are you? How do you use your great energy? What do you really want? Principle and direction are important to you, and you may change and deepen both. By the end of the month you will be much more conscious of self, and hopefully of others. Your self-confidence, too, gets a big assist this month. Full Moon on April 7 may show up inequalities in your relationships. Do control your impulsiveness and listen to others.

TAURUS. Saturn in Taurus continues to keep your nose to the grindstone. Venus is your planet, and it’s busy reviewing the past, using its raw material to make a new priority list for yourself. Old things and old friends may be passing out of your life. You may be feeling sadness. On April 20 your whole picture changes. Saturn moves into the airy realm of the butterflies, and you will feel lifted, perhaps into the sphere of the angels. Venus turns direct, imbued with assertive Aries energy, and you are empowered to move ahead. And Sun moves into Taurus, energizing that energy field to begin a new cycle.

GEMINI. Jupiter in your sign opens up new growth pathways for you. You are an idealistic type, and your ideals will soar. However, you’re apt to get carried away with flights of fancy and go chasing rainbows. If you stop and pay attention long enough to ponder your real priorities, common sense can filter in. Listen to your friends—they may have good advice. On April 20 Saturn enters Gemini to throw a good dose of reality into your dreams and endeavors for the next two years. While Saturn and Jupiter share your sign from now through June, you can set a foundation for a new direction in your life.

Your goals are like quicksilver this month, as a host of Aries planets stimulate you and set off the sensitive points of the current eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. Important new things are coming into your life, but paradoxically they are from the past. In fact, paradox is your middle name now. You’re still dependent on others for long-range action, and through them the universe is setting up new challenges for you. At the same time, you are very protected and loved. Faith is your greatest ally.

LEO. Go, go, go! You, of all signs, pull in all the splendid fire energy of April. Fire means action, and you are literally running with the ball during the entire month, as your dynamic Leo energy continuously creates harmonious grand trines. This is a charmed month for you, Leo. You don’t burn out easily, but do use some common sense. Special areas are creativity and promotion-publishing-teaching, an excellent combination. This is a major, major growth month for you.

VIRGO. Your course of transforming your foundations will continue strongly this month and throughout the summer. Transition comes in the autumn, and by 2002 you’ll be set with a new base. This month the focus is on your deep relationships—those where you share resources, as in intimacy and business. How do other people value you? And what do you do with those valuations? These are your questions of the month. Is a relationship abusive? Do you deserve a raise? Old contracts can be transformed now.

You have a new start—in fact several new starts—in relationships this month, and this time you get it right. Or at least fix some mistakes of the past. Old relationships and situations will come into your life as mirrors. You also have enormous energy to push through a step on a special long-range project involving communication. Teamwork can help you with it. Inspiring others is your special forte now, perhaps through teaching or the web.

SCORPIO. You can see the prospects of some money coming in, perhaps a big chunk. Or you do something major which raises your own value. This process is part of a general cleaning-out and makeover. You take a good look at your working conditions, and remodel them to better suit your needs as you move towards greater autonomy. Watch your health. An old condition could make itself known now. And give yourself some breaks.

SAGITTARIUS. You’ve been pushing forth mightily, but now things beginning to slow down for you until late summer. You’re not much for introspection, but do take a breather and reassess who you are and where you are. This is a creative month, and you may find yourself redoing a past project. Women and children are important in your life now, and you are asked to take a new look at equal rights for all. Pleasure is a principle. Enjoy the people in your life.

CAPRICORN. What is going on in your complex underground caverns, Capricorn? Something deep and profound is simmering there. Taking care of yourself and/or others is your theme of the month. You may have new dependents at home, or old ones returning to the nest. You are completing something now, and this ending is a spiritual passageway for you. Saturn moves into Gemini April 20, a big adjustment for you.

AQUARIUS. Friendship has never been more important. Friends are healing for you, but at the same time you re-evaluate your priorities In regard to what they give you and what you give them. You’re super super busy this month, taking care of old business and new. Days are not long enough as you rush about hither and yon. You’re a frequent traveler now, and your traveling may include a long-distance trip. Stop and smell the flowers.

It’s time to take charge of your investments, whatever they be, and rely on your own considerable perspicacity and intuition. What are your priorities? Rearrange your life so that they get top billing. You’ve been setting in motion changes in your life direction, and this month you’re thinking about practical things like money. It’s a good time to make a new budget.