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December 2001
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Pluto and Saturn, Messengers of Reality
Crystal's Metaphysical Solstice Tree Ceremony
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Daily Success Guide
General Astrological Influences for December
General Sun Signs,
December 2001
Last Quarter Moon Report
Using Wisdom to Transform Fear
December Skywatch
Sissy Blue: How Astrology Helped Me Realize I Wasn't Crazy
Maya Recommends: Planetary Containments
Book Review: Robert Kaplan's Soldiers of God
Sign of the Month: Sagittarius. Learn about your sign in Maya's Sun Sign Archives

December Highlights:

Pluto and Saturn, Messengers of Reality pushing us to our limits--and for those born 1965-66, a special power-blast

NEW! Metaphysical Solstice Tree (or Sprig) Ceremony for the Solstice Eclipse-New Moon cycle

Winter: Using Wisdom to Transform Fear with Joseph Odom's Health Through the Seasons

Skywatch Jupiter and Saturn, the "big guys who run society," are both visible and eclipsed this month

Sissy Blue How astrology helped me realize I wasn't crazy

LibraSign of the Month: Sagittarius
Learn all about your sign in Maya's Sun Sign Archives
Maya del Mar photo Maya's December Daily Success Guide—we're off on a dynamite month--subscribe now!

Astrological Influences for December: What will your new beginnings be, this dynamic, communicative month?
Sun Signs Sun Signs The monthly lowdown for your sign.
Moon Report Last Quarter Moon in Virgo, what did you visualize for this cycle?

Book Review: Robert Kaplan's powerful, light-shedding Soldiers of God: With Islamic Warriors in Pakhistan and Afghanistan

Maya Recommends Learn how adjacent planets influence each other with Sandbach and Ballard's Planetary Containments.

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